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Delay for controversial wind turbine plans

​A protest group has vowed to fight the construction of four wind turbines on the Herefordshire border until the bitter end. A decision on Reeves Hill was due on Thursday from Powys County Council – but has now been put back until November 20.
3 Nov 2014

Audience rejects wind farm plan at public debate

The developers debated with community opposition group Turbine Evaluation Group - Helensburgh and area (TEG-H) and answered questions from residents on a number of topics. All parties involved were pleased with how engaged the audience were and the turnout at the event, and TEG-H won the debate with 45 people voting against the plans, 21 in favour. The remaining 37 abstained.
30 Oct 2014

Wind farms can 'never' be relied upon to deliver UK energy security

It is widely recognised that variable wind speeds result in actual power output significantly below the maximum level – on average between 25 and 30 per cent, according to Government data. However, the report from the Adam Smith Institute found that such average figures were “extremely misleading about the amount of power wind farms can be relied up to provide”, because their output was actually “extremely volatile”.
27 Oct 2014

Homes missed by wind farm survey

As reported in last week’s Advertiser, 62 per cent of respondents opposed the plans – although just 402 householders of the 7,767 homes sent surveys back. The survey was designed to gauge public opinion, and was part of an ongoing campaign by Helensburgh to inform and engage with the local community regarding the community wind farm.
26 Oct 2014

Speed limit imposed on windfarm to stop scaring sheep

A High Court judge has imposed a 3mph speed limit on vehicles operating on a mountain windfarm project in a bid to stop sheep being scared. Mr Justice Deeny also ruled that a renewable energy firm should only drill bore holes at Ballymongan Hill in Co Tyrone when flocks had been taken off for winter.
26 Oct 2014

Tilting at windmills: the blowhard debate over new wind farms

McCarthy and other critics of wind energy policy, such as the Irish Academy of Engineering, say that other costs will also be incurred with further deployment of wind, through extra transmission infrastructure needed to cope. The academy has called on the Government to “rebalance” policy away from renewables towards gas-fired plants. It says emissions targets can be met through conservation and other policies.
24 Oct 2014

Kerry windfarm rejected as 1,000 voice opposition

Kerry County Council has refused planning permission for a 10-turbine wind farm proposed for the Ballyhorgan area, near Listowel. More than 1,000 people signed a petition opposing plans, while objectors attended several public meetings locally as well as staging protests
10 Oct 2014
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