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As Britain freezes, wind farms take power from grid to prevent icing

Roger Helmer, energy spokesman for the UK Independence Party, who want to see wind farm subsidies scrapped, told Breitbart London: “We’re familiar with the layers of subsidy necessary to make wind farms viable. We’re familiar with the inefficiency of the necessary back-up fossil fuel generation, for when the wind doesn’t blow. Now we learn that on windless days these wind turbines are cannibalising power from the grid merely to help maintain them. Will the folly never stop?”
2 Jan 2015

Pickles throws out wind farm appeal

An appeal for four wind turbines in Dorcas Lane, Stoke Hammond, has been refused by the Secretery of State Eric Pickles. Mr Pickles agreed with the planning inspector’s recommendation to refuse the appeal.
31 Dec 2014

East Heslerton wind farm appeal rejected by judge

“I am obviously delighted at the result. It has been all about the money for them and millions and millions of pounds have been thrown at it. “Everyone around here is very pleased we just hope that this is the end and that they have finally taken no for an answer.”
24 Dec 2014

Firm paid to halt wind turbines plans expansion

​Falck says the existing wind farm generates 65MW of power. The extension would add another 35MW. It is understood a development on the scale of the Millenium Wind Farm would earn £85 per MW per hour when it is operating - and £121 when it is not producing electricity.
22 Dec 2014

Community action triggers government review

The Government has announced a review of wind farm noise after a long campaign by a Devon community. Neighbours of the planned Den Brook project, which will be the third biggest in the Westcountry if built, brought a judicial review after concerns over the amplitude modulation noise (AM). The noise from "wind shear" is said to be the cause of most complaints but is not included in planing law.
14 Dec 2014

Judge quashes permission for Cork wind farm

Mr Justice Peart, while rejecting the residents’ argument that the environmental assessment for the turbines was flawed, said he was satisfied the grid connection was an integral and fundamental to the overall project. Without it, the turbine development would serve no function, he said.
12 Dec 2014

Wind farm objections ‘doubled’

A parliamentary question from Murdo Fraser found that there have been 5,942 complaints about developments of 50 megawatts (MW) and over this year, compared to 2,951 complaints last year. ...Mr Fraser, the party’s energy spokesman, said: “The fact these objections have doubled in the last year shows the sheer strength of feeling among the public. “This isn’t people complaining about a single turbine in someone’s back garden.
8 Dec 2014

£36m windfarm plan is rejected by Inverclyde councillors

After airing arguments both for and against the major proposals, councillors voted 14-3 to refuse the application in front of a packed public gallery in the town’s municipal buildings. Concern over the development’s possible impact on air traffic radar was one of the key factors behind the decision.
5 Dec 2014
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