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Davey takes on Osborne over wind farms

"We are not deaf to the controversy around onshore wind. Indeed, we are sensitive to it. We don't want communities to feel that onshore wind is damaging their way of life; rather, that they are playing a vital role in meeting the national need for secure, clean energy. And we certainly don't want hostility to local onshore wind farms to poison a wider debate that is critical to the UK's energy security."
16 Sep 2012

France seen turning to renewables in policy shake-up

Ministers, NGOs, unions, industries, parliamentarians and consumers will converge for conference to agree on how to conduct a six-month national debate that will reshape the way energy is produced, consumed and taxed in France. Its new Socialist government is expected to announce immediate measures to help the crisis-hit renewable energy sector.
15 Sep 2012

Germany hits brakes on race to renewable energy future

At issue is the German Renewable Energy Act, which requires power companies to buy wind and solar energy from producers at fixed prices, which are much higher than electricity produced by traditional methods such as coal- and natural gas-fired power plants. At the same time, power-hungry industries receive generous subsidies ...German consumers have to cough up the difference.
28 Aug 2012

Merkel's green shift forces Germany to burn more coal

Germany's largest utilities RWE and EON AG (EOAN) are shunning cleaner-burning natural gas because it's more costly, while the collapsing cost of carbon permits means there's little penalty for burning coal. Wind and solar projects, central to Germany's plans to reduce nuclear energy and cut the release of heat- trapping gases, can't produce electricity around the clock.
20 Aug 2012

The great wind delusion has hijacked our energy policy

Anyone impressed by the efficient way in which Britain has organised the Olympic Games might consider the stark contrast provided by the shambles of our national energy policy - wholly focused as it is on the belief that we can somehow keep our lights on by building tens of thousands more wind turbines within eight years.
11 Aug 2012

Brown coal makes a comeback amid protests

In an interview with German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Altmaier said “with 35 percent of power from renewable sources, that still leaves 65 percent to be covered. It makes sense to replace old brown and black coal-fired plants which aren't good for the environment with modern and efficient coal and gas-fired power plants.”
1 Aug 2012

Osborne offers deal on wind power

Mr Osborne said he was “content” to accept a reduction in subsidies of just 10 per cent in the short term. ...some in the Treasury had been pressing for cuts of up to 25%. ...But the compromise offer came with a list of demands aimed at securing a big role for natural gas in Britain’s energy mix.
23 Jul 2012

Davey warns on wind power subsidy cuts

With Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, representing Britain at the Rio environmental summit this week, Mr Davey is fighting to maintain the government's green credentials in the face of determined Conservative lobbying against onshore wind farms.
18 Jun 2012
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