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Expert warns: Wind turbines could disturb your sleep

Campaigners fighting proposals for wind turbines in Dorset have welcomed expert advice saying they shouldn't be built within a mile of homes. An expert on sleeping disorders says the turbines should not be built closer than that to avoid major noise nuisance. Dr Chris Hanning also says noise levels should not be louder than 35 decibels.
15 Jun 2010

Wind turbines' impact on Montgomeryshire

A report for Powys council in 2009, by consultants Capita Symonds, said lorries measuring 180ft (55m) long, 16ft (5m) wide and weighing nearly 130 tonnes, would travel through Powys five days a week for five years, making more than 3,000 journeys. The report said the delivery of turbines and other components had the "potential to cause significant disruption to residents along the routes and other road users".
26 Apr 2010

Ill wind behind village meeting

Cllr Gaskill says the 832 turbines, will mean more than 2,796 exceptional lorry movements through the villages, five days a week, for five years, each one 55m long, 5m wide and 130 tonnes in weight. "Welshpool's town clerk, Robert Robinson has been researching this closely as Welshpool is likely to be the worst affected on the route," said Cllr Gaskill.
20 Apr 2010

Rethink on Waddington wind turbine scheme

Plans for a 12metre-high wind turbine in a Ribble Valley beauty spot have been withdrawn following protests from councillors and residents. But applicant Stephen Tasker, who runs green energy company Energever, has vowed to resubmit the application for the alternative energy source within the Forest of Bowland, a designated Area of Natural Beauty.
16 Apr 2010

Belgian anti-wind campaigners vent fury at EU

A group of citizens from the Belgian town of Estinnes near the French border have appealed to the European Commission to stop a wind farm being developed in their backyard. The local residents, supported by Belgian anti-wind organisation 'VentdeRaison', wrote to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso on 13 April arguing that the wind farm is making the inhabitants of nearby villages suffer from insomnia, migraines and even depression.
15 Apr 2010

Home rule blown away

What unites these localities in our long nation? Yes, wind power opposition. Sometimes it's the residents who protest, but all the more frequently even the municipalities themselves resist, and say no to planned wind power construction. Earlier this spring, Tingsryd municipality halted, for the time being, plans for a wind power station south of Växjö. In Klippan, the Conservative politicians put the brakes on. In the north, in Ragunda and Strömsund, the municipality, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, a Sami village [translator note: Sami are Laplanders; many make a living by raising reindeer], and several private individuals joined to block a planned wind power park consisting of 450 turbines.
12 Apr 2010

PM: Put wind turbines in conservation area

Lars Løkke Rasmussen has not endeared himself to opposition parties in his first year as prime minister, but his most recent move may alienate him from his allies too. Rasmussen has proposed that a giant wind turbine test centre should be placed within the boundaries of the protected nature area of Østerild Plantage outside the northwest Jutland town of Thy.
7 Apr 2010

Wind turbine noise, sleep and health

Wind_turbine_noise_sleep_health_thumb This paper is based on proofs of evidence produced for several UK Planning Inquiries. As such, it concentrates on the regulatory system in the UK. Other jurisdictions will have different systems.The aim is to inform those seeking to regulate the siting of wind turbines close to human habitation. It will be updated regularly as new information comes to hand. Users are encouraged to check the Society for Wind Vigilance Website for the latest updates.
1 Apr 2010

Davis v. Fenland Windfarms LTD et al, Particulars of Claim

Daviscomplaint_particulars_of_claim_final_version_thumb Jane and Julian Davis filed this complaint before the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division in reference to noise emissions from the eight REpower MM 82 – 2 MW turbines, collectively known as Deeping St Nicholas windcluster. The complaint that was filed with the court on March 8, 2010 seeks injunctive relief to stop the turbines from causing continued nuisance. General damages are also requested for loss of amenity suffered by the Davis' including diminution in value together with costs of renting alternative housing.
8 Mar 2010

Campaign groups, from all parts of the country, WindConf Conference 2010

Campaigners have called for a national debate about wind farms ahead of the General Election, during a conference in the North-East. Experts from a range of disciplines issued a number of warnings against wind farms at WindConf Conference 2010, which was held on Saturday. ...Dr Chris Hanning, a retired NHS sleep disorder specialist, said turbines should not be built within 2km of homes.
8 Mar 2010

Noise complaints about one in six wind farms

The cottages around Askam wind farm occupy the perfect spot, looking out to sea over to the isle of Man and inland to the Lake District. The only problem is the noise. The seven turbines have sparked the most complaints about wind farms in the country. Residents complain of a noise like someone is "mixing cement in the sky" or a "clog is stuck in the tumble dryer" and they are not the only ones.
6 Mar 2010

Newland wind farm access route row

Angry householders are demanding an explanation for what they claim is "appalling" treatment at the hands of developers building a 12-turbine wind farm at Newland. Work has been started on the site at Pease Farm and Rusholme Grange by developers Wind Prospect on behalf of the French power company EDF Energy Renewables.
4 Mar 2010
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