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Germans balk at plan for wind power lines

Werner Dietrich, mayor of Grossenlüder, said his tolerance was running out. During the information meeting in his town, he drew on a traditional German expression to explain his frustration with the stream of energy projects. “Every few years we are chasing another pig through the village,” Mr. Dietrich said, to resounding applause.
24 Dec 2014

Calls to put power lines underground

Fresh calls are being made for parts of the Brechfa Connection wind farm power lines route to be placed under ground on the outskirts of Carmarthen. Town councillors said the wooden H-frames proposed to cross the River Towy, near Abergwili Bridge, will be a blight on the landscape and affect the Towy Valley.
4 Mar 2014

Council votes to stand firm on windfarms

Councillors backed their current stance to oppose the plans vehemently on the grounds that communities across the area will still be affected. National Grid announced it plans to bury eight of the 33 miles of 400 kv  line that will be needed if windfarm developers win permission to build a network of sites across north Powys through the Meifod valley between Welshpool and Oswestry.
26 Sep 2013

Poland and Czech Republic ban Germany's green energy

Germany considers itself the environmental conscience of the world: with its nuclear phase-out and its green energy transition, the federal government wanted to give the world a model to follow. However, blinded by its own halo Germany overlooked that others have to pay for this green image boost and are suffering as a result.
28 Dec 2012

Wind farm pylons will cost every home £88 as part of £22bn project to link them to national grid

The scheme is part of a £200billion programme to switch to ‘green' energy and build nuclear power stations to meet targets to cut carbon emissions. This wider scheme will also be funded by higher bills for families and businesses. The network of pylons is expected to trigger disputes amid fears that beautiful views will be destroyed.
17 Jul 2012

E.On warns of delayed grid connections

Grid operators are not given sufficient financial incentives to connect wind farms to the grid. There is a lack of co-ordination among the authorities as to who is responsible for what. ..."I'm pessimistic for the time after 2015 if nothing changes. No one will go on investing if the grid link is as uncertain as it is now, neither E.on nor others."
20 Feb 2012

Germany’s offshore wind: Wasted resources, environmental blight

Europe's energy consumers must pay 20 cents per kWh generated, plus an additional 5 cents per kWh for transmission costs. They must pay this regardless of whether they need the electricity at the moment, and despite the fact that a kWh of wind electricity is worth less than 3 cents on the Leipzig Power Exchange, due to the intermittent and highly variable nature of wind.
1 Dec 2010
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