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Tempers fray as anti-wind farm posters removed

Feelings are running high in west Clare over the proposed construction of a €10 million wind farm, amid claims posters opposing the development have been taken down. A new local anti-wind farm action group has taken out an advertisement in a local newspaper appealing to people to desist from removing their posters.
19 Aug 2011

Wind turbines noise nuisance case draws near

Jane and Julian Davis say the battle against eight wind turbines at Deeping St Nicholas has taken over their lives for the last five years, leaving them unable to picture what their future may be. Next month, starting from July 4, two weeks has been set aside for them to put their case forward to the High Court.
15 Jun 2011

Exasperated planners shut wind farm down

People living close to the Achany wind farm near Rosehall are claiming their lives are being made a misery by the constant noise, and are angry that their complaints are being ignored. In an unprecedented move, Highland Council issued a temporary stop notice on the 23-turbine wind farm at 3pm on Monday.
10 Jun 2011

Bid to keep wind farms in distance

Councillors in Huntingdonshire are being asked to back a bid which could set a minimum distance of two kilometres between wind farms and homes. Nearly 800 people signed a petition calling on Huntingdonshire District Council to draw up a policy on the location of wind farms and housing - well over the 500 limit required to force a debate on the issue.
22 Apr 2011

Coming soon to a view near you: 600 of these

Wealthier people than us have more influence. So, they want to impose this on Le Tréport, where the less well off have to feed their families from the money they earn from the sea. It is appalling." However, Olivier is hopeful that it is not too late to fight the proposals: "We have initiatives in place, and are talking to EDF Energies. It is not a done deal yet. The more people who protest, the better."
1 Mar 2011

Windfarms to bring communities average £20,000 a year

The Industrial Wind Action Group said the payment must not compromise the need for the properly considered siting of wind farms. "Turbines must be placed where they will do no harm and the community must be granted authority to turn them off if problems arise. Otherwise the money is nothing more than a bribe and should be declined."
16 Feb 2011

'Noise from windfarm is affecting my health'

Nicola Brierley says she has pain in her ears and hasn't had a good night's sleep following the arrival of the controversial facility in September 2008. She claims a low frequency droning noise, similar to the sound of a helicopter, is constantly pulsating into her home, approximately a mile-and-a-half away from the 26 giant turbines on the moors above Norden.
23 Jan 2011
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