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Pulham turbines tipped for refusal

A renewable energy company's hopes of building the first large-scale wind turbines in south Norfolk has received a setback after plans for three masts were tipped for refusal. Proposals were submitted earlier this year for the wind farm on agricultural land at the former Pulham airship station, near Diss.
5 Dec 2010

Appeal over windfarm refusal

Infinergy, with Cawdor Estate, applied to build 17 turbines at Tom nan Clach, in hills overlooking Dava Moor. Highland councillors refused the plans in August, stating that the development would have an adverse effect on the "experience of Lochindorb", which lies nine miles away.
4 Dec 2010

Spain slashes subsidies for solar thermal, for some wind-energy plants

Spain reduced subsidies paid to solar thermal power plants and some wind farms to limit the cost of electricity for homes and businesses. The government reduced the subsidies earned by wind-power generators by 35 percent until 2013 and eliminated support for solar thermal plants during their first year of operation. Both technologies will face limits on the number of hours they can earn subsidized rates.
3 Dec 2010

Germany’s offshore wind: Wasted resources, environmental blight

Europe's energy consumers must pay 20 cents per kWh generated, plus an additional 5 cents per kWh for transmission costs. They must pay this regardless of whether they need the electricity at the moment, and despite the fact that a kWh of wind electricity is worth less than 3 cents on the Leipzig Power Exchange, due to the intermittent and highly variable nature of wind.
1 Dec 2010

‘Goods news’ that Hackney Marshes wind turbine will be scrapped, say footballers

Cries of joy and disappointment greeted the town hall’s announcement that plans for a wind turbine on Hackney Marshes to generate green energy after the 2012 Games have fallen flat. Mayor of Hackney Jules Pipe admitted this week that the council had shelved proposals for a 120-metre turbine on the spiritual home of grass roots football due to lack of investment from electricity companies.
1 Dec 2010

Turbine plans for Great Yarmouth countryside rejected

Controversial plans for four giant wind turbines in the midst of two scenic Norfolk coastal communities have been rejected by a government planning inspector. ...In a six page report the planning inspector says the turbines would "unacceptably change" and result in "material harm" to the landscape.
29 Nov 2010

Mast plan rejected but wind farm still on cards

Energy company Broadview has for the second time been refused permission to build a meteorological mast near Bishops Itchington. But the firm says it will not give up trying to build south Warwickshire's first wind farm at the site, which is known as Starbold.
28 Nov 2010

Keelderry sixteen wind turbine farm refused permission

The re-design and construction of Keelderry Wind Farm comprising 16 wind turbines, meteorological mast, and substation, has been refused permission by An Bord Pleanala on the grounds that it could endanger bird species such as the hen harrier and merlin, that it would adversely affect the stability of nearby peatland, and would seriously injure the visual amenities of the area.
25 Nov 2010

Activist says wind power not fiscally sound

Others may be concerned about health issues but he said his major concern deals with the financial impact of these energy producers, especially considering taxpayers will have to pay back the funds borrowed from China for Obama’s stimulus plan.
25 Nov 2010

Aid budget blown on wind farms

Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Taxpayers are paying enough for investment in extremely expensive and inefficient wind turbines here in the UK without having to finance expensive energy abroad as well."
20 Nov 2010

Boss takes on wind farm in new battle

[The wind company says] that noise from the wind farm means Mr Walker must take into account the effect of that noise on any new development. But the 25-year-old Northumberland-born entrepreneur said: "It's taken me by surprise because effectively they are saying they are having a negative impact on the area.
20 Nov 2010

Fred Olsen dumps 450MW offshore wind farm

One of Scotland's leading wind energy developers has pulled out of the Crown Estate's Scottish offshore wind programme to concentrate its efforts on land, in a move that will raise questions about the industry's ability to meet its ambitious targets.
19 Nov 2010

Viking plans would cause ‘unacceptable damage' to important bird species, says RSPB

The Scottish RSPB has objected to Viking Energy's 127-turbine windfarm proposal, citing "unacceptable damage" to populations of several birds for which Shetland is particularly important. In its submission, the RSPB said there were fears over the populations of red-throated divers, merlin, golden plover, dunlin, curlew, Arctic skua and great skua.
19 Nov 2010

Planning inspector rejects wind farm

Mr Frost said the five turbines would "undoubtedly impinge on the openness of the green belt...there would be a harmful effect on the community at Micklefield arising from the proximity and intrusion of the proposed turbines."
18 Nov 2010

Wind farm gets thumbs down

Objectors to a proposed wind farm in north Caithness have won the first round of their battle with a large power company. They welcomed the unanimous thumbs-down given yesterday to the 13-turbine scheme planned for Durran Mains, near Castletown. But they are now gearing up to counter SSE Generations Ltd's expected appeal against the decision of the Highland Council's Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross planning committee.
17 Nov 2010
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