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Call for ban on building wind farms near homes

Developers should be banned from building wind farms too close to residential areas, the Scottish Conservatives will warn today - as it emerged some £165 million has been invested in offshore projects. The party will call for a 2km (1.24 miles) exclusion zone around homes so Scots do not have to live "under the shadow" of wind turbines.
28 Jan 2013

Wind Rush

I realized I had a story that was bigger than just the effectiveness of wind energy. You can like it or you can hate it-that isn't the point. What this is about is government and business rushing ahead with new technology without ever making sure it's safe. A car manufacturer would never get away with releasing a new model without extensive safety tests. Same goes for food, appliances-anything. And yet these machines just kept going up, and up, and up.
27 Jan 2013

Europe's Ill Wind

This film is about the people who live near existing and planned wind farm developments, and their objections to them. These views have been dismissed as selfish NIMBYism by government, climate change activists and energy companies, but have critics of wind energy really been answered? Sponsored by the Europe for Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament.  For more information see: Duration: 24 minutes 31 seconds
26 Jan 2013

Planning permission on wind farm void

A woman has won a High Court ruling that a decision to grant planning permission for a wind farm near her property in the Glenties area of Donegal is void insofar as it affects her property. ...the permission required the deletion of four turbines nearest her property.
25 Jan 2013

Wind energy lobby says Bill would hinder industry

The Environment and Public Health (Wind Turbines) Bill 2012 would set minimum separation distances of up to 2km between wind turbines and residential property depending on the size of turbines. But the wind energy association said even a 1km "buffer zone" would leave only 9.4 per cent of the land area available for new development.
21 Jan 2013

Not in your backyard, neighbouring council tells Copenhagen

Local councillors in the city of Hvidovre are fuming that neighbouring Copenhagen plans to erect four wind turbines in a waterfront area on the border between the two cities. Hvidovre oppose the construction of the 148 metre wind turbines, four times the height of Copenhagen's Round Tower, arguing they will spoil the view from their new beach near Kalvebod Syd, while compromising an adjacent nature reserve.
18 Jan 2013

'Don't ignore wind farm opponents', warns minister

Planning minister Nick Boles has reportedly told energy minister John Hayes that "local people have genuine concerns" and that "wind farms are not appropriate in all settings". He has furthermore warned his colleague that people "bitterly resent" having onshore wind farm developments imposed on them by planners after an inquiry.
7 Jan 2013

When a price has to be paid for green energy

Houses very close to wind farms drop in value because they are more difficult to sell and a significant rebate would be some compensation. Whether £400 and a reduction in fuel bills will be regarded as adequate remains to be seen and householders who complain that noise from turbines affects their wellbeing are unlikely to regard any payment as sufficient compensation.
27 Dec 2012

Wind farm developers set sights on Merse valley

With 130 turbines of over 30m either consented or proposed in east Berwickshire, wind farm applications are starting to creep downhill and along a corridor in eastern Berwickshire parallel with the A1, down to Lamberton Moor. The visual, landscape, cumulative and noise impacts are likely to be far greater as the land is flatter and there are more settlements in the Merse valley.
22 Dec 2012

Wind farms should not be less than 1.4 miles from people's homes, Nick Boles suggests

Nick Boles said in the House of Commons that wind turbines should not have an "unacceptable impact" on local communities ...There is currently no national standard for the distance between turbines and houses. But Mr Boles told MPs that he thought a minimum distance "might be appropriate" in some areas. ...However, if the ban was adopted widely by other councils, wind farms could be effectively banned.
18 Dec 2012

We must act now to save our country from the scourge of wind turbines

No more would I trade in blood diamonds or child pornography than I would accept money in any shape or form from Big Wind. The time is long since past when anyone complicit in this vile, corrupt, mendacious industry - not the lawyers, not the engineers, not the land agents, not the investors - could be unaware of the damage it does: to the landscape, to rural communities, to wildlife, to people's health, to the economy generally.
14 Dec 2012

Solar farm will turn my dream home into a prison

Eight months after buying his dream bungalow, Mr Cowley was aghast to discover that the local council planned to build Europe's largest renewable energy plant surrounding it. If the plans go through, there will be half a million huge solar panels and several wind turbines only 100 yards from his front door. There will also be an 8ft security fence bristling with CCTV cameras.
8 Dec 2012

Resident complains of windmill headache

Guy Glencross hates the sight and sound of his new ‘neighbour' - a 20-metre wind turbine, 90 metres from the front door of his rural Co Tyrone home. Night and day, he claims, the two-blade "monstrosity" assails his ears and eyes - and those of his partner Julie - so much so that they moved from their former front bedroom to the smaller one at the back when the turbine was erected in September.
24 Nov 2012
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