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Ministers delay plans to axe subsidies for wind farms

The Conservatives argue that wind turbines are a blight on the countryside and were built only because the energy market was unfairly rigged in their favour by subsidies. Mr Osborne is understood to have supported the backbench demands. The Chancellor was confident yesterday of securing a deal to cut the subsidies sharply over several years.
17 Jul 2012

Fight on for wind power subsidies

After conducting technical studies, the energy department proposed a subsidy cut of 10% for power from onshore wind. But the chancellor is under pressure from back-benchers to scrap subsidies, and is said to favour a 25% cut. The industry body, Renewable UK, says it may take legal action if the government makes a decision that overrides its own technical evidence.
5 Jul 2012

George Osborne demands massive cuts to windfarm subsidies

The Observer has learned that George Osborne is demanding cuts of 25% in subsidies, a reduction the industry says would "kill dead" the development of wind power sites. The Treasury's stance has put the chancellor at loggerheads with the Liberal Democrat energy secretary Ed Davey, whose party strongly supports more renewable energy.
2 Jun 2012

Merkel Faces 'Herculean' Task on Green Energy

The aspect of the energy policy that has drawn the greatest criticism, however, is the fact that it has been accompanied by higher electricity prices for companies and consumers alike. ...Germany's largest steelmaker, ThyssenKrupp, even blamed the policies for the sale of one of its steel mills. European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has even warned: "High electricity prices have already initiated deindustrialization in Germany."
24 May 2012

Anti-wind power MPs may have Cameron's backing

The attractions of the "anti-wind" letter are emphasised by the apparent difficulty in organising a counter-demonstration of support. Heaton-Harris took just three days to collect his signatures; weeks later, nobody has got an equal number of MPs to sign support for onshore wind - although a group of pro-renewable interests is mustering backing from more predictable interests, including renewable companies and environmental campaigners.
26 Feb 2012

Wind industry's extensive lobbying to preserve subsidies and defeat local resistance to turbines

"The government's own data shows that in spite of its unpopularity the wind industry is in fact having an easy time in planning, with the vast majority of schemes being forced on unwilling local populations. "Very high subsidy levels have resulted in an overheated market and a rush of development that is inappropriate and environmentally damaging, as well as being extremely expensive for the consumer."
12 Feb 2012
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