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Unmanned barge almost hits Teesside offshore wind farm

Humber Coastguard was first contacted by the towing vessel just before 3am this morning, which reported that the barge was drifting after the tow had parted. The vessel had made a number of attempts to reconnect but was struggling to do so. The wind at the time was a North Westerley force 6 (25-30mph) with a 3-4 metre swell.
11 Sep 2013

How 40mph winds wrecked this turbine

Turbine_destroyed_in_highwinds_thumb Two blades of the turbine were torn off altogether following storms last week, with one piece of debris estimated to have been thrown about 60 yards, after a suspected technical fault was 'magnified' by the wind. The incident has prompted calls for similar structures to be removed from nearby schools.
4 Sep 2013

Wind turbine destroyed by wind

Two blades were ripped from the 18m high turbine in the Scottish Highlands and thrown up to 60 yards away after it was hit by 40mph gales. A third was left badly buckled. The incident has led to calls for all wind turbines to be removed from school playgrounds in the Highlands as the council's safety trigger for turbines to be shut down currently stands at 80mph winds.
4 Sep 2013

Plymouth military radar objection to Ermington turbine

"Wind turbines have been shown to have detrimental affects on the performance of MoD air traffic control and range control radars. These include the desensitisation of radar in the vicinity of turbines and the creation of 'false' aircraft returns which air traffic controllers must treat as real."
11 Aug 2013

RAF in battle to block 'dangerous' wind farm

Turbines show up on radar and are difficult to distinguish from small aircraft, so RAF planes steer six miles clear of them. But with Typhoon jets due to move to Lossiemouth next summer, and the number of turbines nearby growing, air force bosses say they are struggling to cope with further developments.
23 Jul 2013

Finland wind farms clash with military radar

Large investments in creating wind power farms in southeastern Finland have been blocked because the planned wind turbines would cause interference to military radar networks in the region. Power utilities want to negotiate with the government on a deal to contribute to modifications of the defence radar system.
8 Jul 2013

MoD wash away Scottish Water wind turbine plans

The objections were based on interference which would be caused to the Air Defence Benbecula Radar at South Clettreval on North Uist, the Range Control Radar on South Uist and the Radar on St Kilda. The installation of turbines at Water Treatment Works is part of a Scotland-wide plan for Scottish Water to increase their energy efficiency and reduce costs.
22 Jun 2013

The safety aspects of the Highland Council’s practice of placing small wind turbines in school playgrounds

Sy-caithness-report_thumb Stuart Young Consulting has reviewed The Highland Council's risk assessment and mitigation measures in siting a wind turbine at the Castletown Primary School as a representative sample of the installations at school playgrounds. The introduction of the review is provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
21 May 2013
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