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Couple’s wind turbine court battle goes on

The Greaves’ sold the property for £385,000 on June 9 last year and say the sale was prompted by the noise issue. Even though they have moved they say are determined to fight on. The pair had lived at the address for eight years, landscaping the garden and carrying out works to the property.
23 Jan 2015

Neighbors fleeing low-frequency noise from giant wind turbines

Wind Refugees: They can not sleep and want to move or buy new homes to get away from the large wind turbines. Politicians want better protections forthe neighbors and will be reviewing the rules. Neighbours of large wind turbines are fleeing their homes because emissions, especially from low-frequency noise, is so great that they can no longer endure to remain in their homes.
6 Jan 2015

Chevallier: wind turbines, eco sham and new Public Health drama

A number of doctors have already identified multiple health problems related to ownership with these industrial machines. ...On the evidence currently available, it would seem sensible in principle of responsibility to recommend minimum distances of 5 km between industrial wind turbines and homes. Ideally, it would be desirable to freeze all ongoing projects now and not induce new diseases on a large scale. 
24 Oct 2014
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