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Dong maps Horns Rev overhaul

Dong Energy is to repair and upgrade all 273 blades at its six-year-old 209MW Horns Rev 2 offshore wind farm in Denmark. The Danish company said it would be removing the components from 91 Siemens 2.3MW machines and bringing them to shore to tackle the “retrofit” work.
27 Jan 2015

WWII explosives scuttle windfarm opening

Only a handful of companies have the qualifications and equipment to remove seafloor explosives -- the special ship required for it costs up to €200,000 per day ...the turbines are currently being powered by a diesel generator, because they need to continue moving to avoid gathering rust. Given the latest developments, Riffgat may be an energy drain, instead of an energy producer, for quite some time.
9 Aug 2013
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