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Profits of doom

Wind turbines, despite being so very green themselves, are antipathetic to nature. On forested hillsides, they require the clear felling of woodland; on low-lying coastal sites, they necessitate the draining of wetland to facilitate the construction of access roads and enormous concrete foundations. ...In spite of the cost, wind power generates only about 4 per cent of the electricity used in Denmark: the truth is that almost all of it is wasted.
29 Jul 2010

Wind power a concern for some communities

Disruption of a natural landscape's aesthetics can hardly be avoided. However, turbines need to be near local power grids as transmission distance drives up the cost of electricity. Combined with other issues, such as the noise generated by "swishing" turbine blades and grinding gearboxes, and "wind turbine syndrome", or supposed infrasound-induced health problems ranging from sleeplessness to learning disabilities, wind power is still battling inertia in many communities.
1 Jun 2010

For Whom the Wind Blows

Sometimes it seems Denmark's primary goal in life is to make the U.S. feel environmentally inferior. ...The story of Denmark is one to heed as we prepare to dive headlong into alternatives. Bryce douses the green energy movement with a cold shower of facts and figures, ones that collectively remind us that a transition to wind and solar power would take decades, that it would be astronomically expensive, that it would make the U.S. reliant on China for turbines, and that it would lead to "energy sprawl."
17 May 2010

Wind turbines certified despite construction error

A construction flaw in the foundations of many sea-based wind turbines was not discovered by inspectors who approved the structures' operation One of the most common foundations for sea-based wind turbines has a critical flaw but was nonetheless approved by a Nordic certification company, reports trade journal Ingeniøren. ...‘It's something no one could foresee and can give any engineer nightmares,' he said.
7 Apr 2010

PM: Put wind turbines in conservation area

Lars Løkke Rasmussen has not endeared himself to opposition parties in his first year as prime minister, but his most recent move may alienate him from his allies too. Rasmussen has proposed that a giant wind turbine test centre should be placed within the boundaries of the protected nature area of Østerild Plantage outside the northwest Jutland town of Thy.
7 Apr 2010

Calm for Danish wind

In Denmark, the home of wind power, many of the leading wind power operators are facing significant economic problems, writes VA-listing. Danish Scan Energy, one of Europe's largest independent producers of renewable energy, following a failed IPO just before Christmas, is on the verge of bankruptcy. According to Danish media Scan Energy is struggling to pay the wages of its employees. It has also lodged a bankruptcy petition against the company.
21 Mar 2010

Footballers 'cheated' by wind power firm

Several regular Danish national football team players claim that a couple of former players took advantage of their trusting nature to secure considerable investment sums from them that inevitably failed. ...‘Naturally it's my own responsibility in the end for where I put my money. But I can still be irritated when people try to rip me off,' said Kahlenberg.
12 Mar 2010

Denmark is "Energy Smart"? Think again

Promoters of "green" energy love Denmark. On Earth Day, President Barack Obama pointed out that the northern European country now "produces almost 20 percent" of its electricity with wind turbines. ...Here's the reality: When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, coal consumption, or energy prices, the Danes have no reason to brag.
17 Dec 2009

LM Glasfiber sheds 900 employees in Europe

Denmark's wind turbine blade maker LM Glasfiber says it will shed about 900 employees in Europe as part of plans to shift manufacturing to China. ...LM has not seen any dips in the Chinese wind market, in contrast with Europe, the US and India, where the firm has seen markets suffer as the problems with the economy have delayed wind power projects.
1 Dec 2009

Oil still fuels the green state of Denmark

Its capital, Copenhagen, won the moral right to host next month's climate change summit in good part because Denmark seems to have found the winning balance between growth and carbon reduction. Wind power is coming on strong. Its citizens are willing to pay sky-high electricity prices to encourage conservation. Its hot-water-based district heating system is considered a marvel of energy efficiency. ...But this small, wealthy Nordic country - population 5.4-million - may not be as green as advertised. The fine print in Denmark's Energy Agency data paints a paler picture.
30 Nov 2009

Still wind farm costing energy company millions

After just two months of operation technical problems have forced the blades of the world's largest offshore wind farm to stop turning. ...The wind farm has not been producing energy since last weekend and Dong Energy, which owns the wind farm, is losing approximately 1.1 million kroner each day the turbines stand still.
20 Nov 2009

Two wind turbines self-destruct in one week

Wind turbine blades rip loose near Esbjerg and southwestern Sweden, one landing on a hiking path A malfunction on a Vestas wind turbine in the town of Falkenberg on Sweden's southwest coast could have resulted in tragedy, as one of the structure's large blades flew off and landed on a track used by hikers.
3 Nov 2009

Councils ready to double wind power output

Danish Wind Industry Association managing director Jan Hylleberg said ‘Our surveys show there's a huge desire in the councils to construct more windmills ...however, the energy gained from any new wind turbines would almost be offset by the planned removal of older and malfunctioning ones by 2020.
30 Sep 2009

Dogfight over wind power subsidies

The Liberal Party wants to cut state funding for land-based wind turbines in favour of financing biogas, hydrogen and solar cell development. Several parties oppose the idea. ...Party group chairman Kristian Thulesen Dahl said consumers had paid huge additional charges on their electric bills for almost three decades, based on an ideological desire to promote the development of wind turbines.
21 Sep 2009

Danish wind power overblown

Two Danish experts in the field of wind energy will be in Washington for the next three days to speak on the subject of wind generated electricity. One would expect they are here to brag on the fact that their country is a leader in the field and that they already satisfy, as President Obama puts it, "20 percent of the electricity through wind power." One would be wrong in such an expectation. They are here to warn us about the dangers of putting our electricity needs in the wind power basket.
15 Sep 2009

Sit-in turbine workers fenced in

Danish company Vestas Windsystems, the owners of a wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight have fenced off the entrance to the site, where about 25 staff are on the third day of a sit-in. ...The company said the factory was being closed next week due to reduced demand for wind turbines in northern Europe. ... A spokeswoman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said the plant made blades for the US market which were not the right specification for onshore or offshore wind farms in the UK.
22 Jul 2009

A modern climate fairy tale from Denmark

Denmark's Climate Minister Connie Hedegaards was in Australia last week, spinning fairy tales like her - much more - illustrious forbearer Hans Christian. Her 'happily ever after' punchline was of course the adoption of alternative energy and in particular Denmark's 'speciality' - wind. Just like Hans Christian, it was total fiction. Taking her cue from Al Gore, the occasional journalist omitted to mention two extremely inconvenient truths.
26 May 2009
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