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Denmark's energy industry faces new headwinds

Vestas depends on the US for one-fifth of its orders, making it highly sensitive to US market conditions. Decades ago, California had tax breaks which became a boon for the Danish company. When those ended Vestas barely survived. The same sort of crisis could come this December, if Congress decides not to extend a production tax credit that underpins the US wind industry.
27 Mar 2012

Vestas a victim of its own propaganda

Only those in complete self-denial would dispute that the wind power industry suffers from overcapacity, a legacy of the pre-crisis turbine construction boom when oil and gas prices were at near-record levels and few had yet appreciated the competitive challenge of shale gas. In the fat years, wind and solar power companies were tempted into extravagant investments that exploited their soaring equity prices.
1 Mar 2012

Obstacles to Danish Wind Power

"Electric cars are basically big batteries on wheels that have the virtue of being largely paid for by consumers and managed by companies like ours," Mr. Andersen said. "That's a hugely attractive proposition for utilities in countries like Denmark that need to find outlets for their renewable energy."
23 Jan 2012

Wind turbine maker's shares plunge 19%

The company slipped into the red in the third quarter of 2011, posting a net loss of 60 million euros down from a profit of 187 million a year earlier. ..."Vestas has gone from being a business that earns money to suddenly posting a loss. Investors will have to address the fact that Vestas is not living up to expectations."
4 Jan 2012

Vestas to close five wind turbine plants

It is closing four plants in Denmark and one in Sweden, including one in Viborg where it has been manufacturing since 1989. The factory moves follow Vestas' decision to move production of turbines away from the UK last year, when it closed its Isle of Wight facility.
26 Oct 2010

Vestas will not chase market share at any price

Wind turbine maker Vestas Wind Systems is more concerned with keeping customers and spreading risk than with retaining its global number-one spot ...Under pressure after a profit warning two weeks ago devastated its stock, Vestas executives sought to allay investor concerns about the competitive threats in an industry where growth has slowed.
1 Sep 2010

Protesters look to EU to stop wind turbines

Opponents of the parliament's decision to place 250-metre high wind turbines at the protected nature area of Østerild Plantag in northwest Jutland are now turning to the EU as their last hope to stop the project. The gigantic turbines are to be part of a new wind power test centre.
9 Aug 2010

Wind power a concern for some communities

Disruption of a natural landscape's aesthetics can hardly be avoided. However, turbines need to be near local power grids as transmission distance drives up the cost of electricity. Combined with other issues, such as the noise generated by "swishing" turbine blades and grinding gearboxes, and "wind turbine syndrome", or supposed infrasound-induced health problems ranging from sleeplessness to learning disabilities, wind power is still battling inertia in many communities.
1 Jun 2010

Calm for Danish wind

In Denmark, the home of wind power, many of the leading wind power operators are facing significant economic problems, writes VA-listing. Danish Scan Energy, one of Europe's largest independent producers of renewable energy, following a failed IPO just before Christmas, is on the verge of bankruptcy. According to Danish media Scan Energy is struggling to pay the wages of its employees. It has also lodged a bankruptcy petition against the company.
21 Mar 2010
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