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Solar emerging as threat to farm preservation

“If there are not limits placed on utility-scale solar projects, it will consume all of the remaining really great land in New Jersey,” said Susan Payne, executive director of New Jersey’s State Agriculture Development Committee. “I mean, it’s existential at that point.” ...On farms that have already been preserved, states must determine whether landowners can add solar arrays. And on farms that aren’t protected, preservationists could find themselves racing to get there before solar developers do.
16 Apr 2021

Fenwick Council officially opposes state park partnership with wind farm developer

“It is important the park project and the offshore wind project be thoroughly reviewed and studied to ensure it is in the best interest of the environment, our economic vitality, and the quality of life we cherish,” the resolution reads. “The Council is concerned with the substation location in an environmentally sensitive area and with the distance of the wind turbines to Fenwick Island shores.
11 Dec 2019

Bluewater Wind ends contract

The 2008 power purchase agreement, was considered an essential ingredient in building a wind farm off the coast of Delaware. Tuesday was the final day under the contract for Bluewater to exercise an escape clause without forfeiting a $4 million security deposit.
3 Jan 2012

Time ticking on offshore wind farm; Deadline nears for NRG to find Bluewater buyer

NRG reported two weeks ago its intention to terminate the contract if a buyer does not come forward because of problems gaining financing for the project, with long-term government subsidies uncertain. NRG originally reported the deadline was Dec. 23, but last week NRG spokesman David Gaier said Delmarva clarified that the deadline for giving notice of termination was Dec. 27.
26 Dec 2011

Bluewater: What went wrong?

When the public rallied behind the Bluewater Wind offshore project four years ago, the drama played out against a backdrop of economic prosperity, high -- and rising -- electricity prices, and no reason to doubt a federal commitment to the price subsidies underpinning the pioneering idea. But today, with almost all of that changed, Bluewater's owner, NRG Energy, faced the new normal.
14 Dec 2011

Utilities group signs deal for wind power

A group representing Delaware's municipal electric utilities has signed a long-term deal for land-based wind energy. Patrick McCullar, the group's president and CEO, said the deal will buffer the utilities against what he called the increasingly unlikely chances the Bluewater Wind project will be built anytime soon.
19 Sep 2011

Delmarva gives wind developer extension

By June 23 the developer needed to pay Delmarva $4 million or walk away from the contract. Delmarva granted Bluewater a three-month extension this summer, giving the firm until next week to pay $2.75 million and January 2013 to pay $1.25 million. Under the extension agreed to this week, Bluewater will have until Dec. 31 to pay the entire $4 million.
16 Sep 2011

NRG delays Bluewater Wind farm decision

But the firm has already forfeited $2 million of the deposit to delay the completion date. It now has until Sept. 23 to exit the deal, or lose $2.75 million, and until Jan. 1, 2013, to leave before it loses the rest. Bluewater will work to not only restore federal loan guarantee money, but to try to locate some private financing, Mandelstam said.
24 Jun 2011

Bluewater launches aggressive campaign; Maryland bid shows eagerness to expand

NRG Bluewater Wind is aggressively looking to expand its reach. Analysts say the company's bid last week to construct turbines off the Maryland coast is indicative of its thirst to build anywhere it can. NRG, which has a contract to supply Delmarva Power customers with electricity from a wind farm 13.2 miles off the Delaware coast, bid on 33 ocean tracts off Maryland under the name Bluewater Wind Maryland LLC.
18 Jan 2011

University of Delaware plans test field for wind turbines

The University of Delaware is moving forward with plans to develop a field to test wind turbines in shallow water off the Delaware coast. ...State environmental officials said they haven't heard back from university representatives on the proposal since they met in February. State permits would likely be required before any project could proceed.
5 Dec 2010
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