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A rundown on the proposed offshore wind farm

When it comes to discussions of the proposed offshore Skipjack Wind Farm and the related proposals to bring cables carrying the wind-generated power ashore at the Fenwick Island State Park, there seem to be two — maybe three — schools of thought, generally. The offshore wind farm, which would be the second in the United States and the largest so far in this country, is slated to be constructed about 19 miles off the coast of southern Delaware. Officials from the company that wants to build the turbines says they will be barely visible from the coast; opponents say otherwise.
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Fenwick Council officially opposes state park partnership with wind farm developer

“It is important the park project and the offshore wind project be thoroughly reviewed and studied to ensure it is in the best interest of the environment, our economic vitality, and the quality of life we cherish,” the resolution reads. “The Council is concerned with the substation location in an environmentally sensitive area and with the distance of the wind turbines to Fenwick Island shores.
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Opposition growing to proposed wind farm

One of the foremost concerns voiced by residents was that the MOU had been signed in July and notice of the public presentation wasn’t made till September. “I’m frustrated that it got to this point and we didn’t even know about it,” resident Marlene Quinn said. ...Each of the Fenwick Island council members who spoke at the council meeting expressed opposition to the project, although the council as a whole has not taken a position either way. All were present except council member Richard Mais.
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UD study: Taming wind just takes a 'backbone'

Detractors of offshore wind power have long pointed out that the wind doesn't always blow very hard, even over the high seas, which makes it a somewhat undependable way to keep the lights on. But a team of University of Delaware researchers say they've quantified a way to make that less of a problem -- and reduce the need to develop costly backup power plants on land or dip into the expensive peak-period electricity market when winds are limp.
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Lower energy projections put brakes on power lines

Now regional power grid operator PJM Interconnection is dialing back its projections of future energy use amid a sluggish economy, increases in energy efficiency and the new economics of energy in the age of carbon consciousness. That has set off a domino reaction of delays in power companies' plans to build those lines, as PJM reassesses when the lines will be needed, if they're needed at all.
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Environmentalists pleased wind farm still in the works

It was dinnertime at the League of Women Voters' retreat in Rehoboth Beach on Oct. 31 when Lisa Pertzoff learned that NRG Energy might buy Bluewater Wind. Pertzoff told the league's president, who interrupted dinner with the announcement. "There was a stunned silence," Pertzoff said, then "there were some rueful chuckles."
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Sources: NRG close to buying Bluewater

Bluewater Wind expects a controlling interest in the firm to be sold in the next few weeks, and sources familiar with the plan say the company is in serious negotiations to sell to NRG Energy Inc. In selling a majority stake in the offshore wind farm company, Bluewater would get the immediate financial help it needs to keep its projects moving forward, and the backing of a large energy company that should ease the financing of billion-dollar wind farms.
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Markell: Examine true costs of energy

Gov. Jack Markell wants to end a decades-long practice of viewing energy costs exclusively in terms of dollars and cents, and start considering the long-range impact on public health and the environment. As part of the broader vision, Markell says he'll keep a close eye on Delmarva Power's long-range energy plan, a state required roadmap that is coming before the Public Service Commission. The 10-year plan will help map how the utility buys electricity, and whether it will come from sources near or far.
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Power-line plan stirs environment fears; Bluewater Wind hails pathway for clean energy

Environmentalists are divided over the merits of a Pepco Holdings plan to string a 500-kilovolt power line through the heart of Delaware to better connect southern power plants with growing demand in the mid-Atlantic region. ...Clean-air advocates say it could help carry clean wind power to the homes and businesses that need it, even as they worry it will also import dirty coal-fired power from the South and Midwest. Wildlife and property-rights advocates are afraid the line will be a blight on the landscape, running through fragile areas along the Delaware River and Bay.
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Del. hopes to have first offshore wind farm

Visitors to Rehoboth Beach, Del., soon may be greeted by more than sand dunes, seagulls and beach umbrellas. If offshore wind advocates have their way, scores of 140-foot blades will be spinning in the ocean breeze nearly a dozen miles away, barely visible to the sunbathers. Offshore wind has taken a back seat to offshore drilling for oil and natural gas in the current energy debate.
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Power plans on the agenda for Thursday

A new Delaware power plant burning natural gas is still worth pursuing, but it should be handled as part of Delmarva Power's long-term planning process for acquiring electricity, the Public Service Commission staff has recommended. The staff, whose counsel the PSC usually follows, also recommended giving final approval to the compromise between Bluewater Wind and Delmarva for a wind farm project off Rehoboth Beach. ...On Thursday, the four agencies are also scheduled to give some direction to the natural-gas plant proposal, which has been less popular politically. The PSC staff originally recommended the backup plant in large part because it would provide electricity when the wind isn't blowing as hard.
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Wind contract deemed highly symbolic

Delaware lawmakers took an $800 million step toward a cleaner energy future last week, endorsing a 200-megawatt offshore wind farm likely to spin off more noise than light -- at least for now. The Bluewater Wind venture on average would power only one out of 15 light bulbs in Delaware's homes and small businesses when it begins operation in 2013. That 6.7 percent share of nonindustrial power sales would pose no threat to coal as king of overall electric supply in Delaware and would barely register on regional and national power grids dominated by coal and nuclear. ..."I don't think business decisions should be legislated like that. The wind farm is a good, positive thing, but they've rammed it down somebody's throat and they're making people pay for it," Blanchies said. "When the state is trying to promote something, they should provide grants and do other things to promote it, not take money away from the ratepayers."
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Delmarva says backup power plant unneeded

Compromise terms for an offshore wind farm no longer require a separate onshore backup generating plant in Sussex County, a Delmarva Power official said Monday. ...Under the original proposal, NRG Energy and Conectiv Energy Services Inc. offered to build natural-gas-fired plants to supply Delmarva when production lagged from Bluewater Wind LLC's proposed 300-megawatt wind farm east of Rehoboth Beach. The Public Service Commission ordered Delmarva to seek offers for up to 300 megawatts of backup power in 2007, citing concerns that Bluewater would be unable to meet its full advertised output during parts of the year. But the fact that Delmarva would be buying less power would mean it would have less to replace during periods of reduced wind.
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Electricity surcharge challenged; Four states, Del. included, say customers overcharged

A surcharge on electric bills in Delaware and surrounding states that was designed to increase generating capacity hasn't delivered on its promise, four states are arguing in a complaint filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The states of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania filed the complaint late Friday, together with a coalition of electricity buyers and consumer advocates. They say the surcharge will overcharge electricity consumers in the 13-state territory in the PJM Interconnection grid by $12 billion between 2008 and 2011. As a share of that, Delmarva Power ratepayers in Delaware will overpay by about $125 million in "unjust and unreasonable" rates, the states claim.
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State energy policy at heart of dispute

When the Sustainable Energy Utility was formed last year, lawmakers envisioned a small nonprofit that could help Delawareans insulate their homes, buy energy-efficient refrigerators or install solar panels. But the SEU's scope could grow dramatically, thanks to a regional effort to tax polluters. Its coffers could swell by $5 million to $12 million per year, thanks to so-called "carbon taxes." At a time when other agencies are cutting back, the SEU could become a big player in the state's environmental efforts, and influence the debate about whether Delaware needs more power plants or alternatives, such as offshore wind turbines.
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Renewable energy urged for state

It was a busy week in Dover for lobbying and discussing the Bluewater project. This week saw the formal release of the report endorsed last week by the Senate Energy and Transit Committee, in addition to the disclosure of the eight cancer clusters by the Department of Public Health. ... The formal, bound draft was a forceful argument against the Bluewater project ...Unlike the first draft, it implicitly, but does not explicitly, calls for the project's defeat. It suggests a task force to investigate an interstate offshore pilot project with Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey. ...It "has the potential" to eliminate more jobs than it creates, instead of the last draft's language that a net job loss "appears almost certain."
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Report on wind farm: Agencies bent rules; Sen. authors accused of trying to kill project

Senate Democratic caucus members discussed the document secretly last week and then called for revisions. But leaked copies circulated throughout the weekend as debate intensified over a stalled proposal that would make Delmarva Power sign a 25-year "must-take" electricity purchase contract with Bluewater Wind LLC. "After a year and a half of proceedings, many factual uncertainties remain and key issues have not been explored to the depth that is warranted when making a $5.6 billion, 25-year commitment," the report said. ...The draft report is based on a series of hearings in February and March to examine Bluewater's proposal, the PSC process and alternative energy options.
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House bill demands wind park approval; Resolution heads to an uncertain fate in Senate

The House solidly approved a resolution Thursday demanding approval of a 150-turbine offshore wind park east of Rehoboth Beach. The 25-11 vote was the clearest legislative endorsement so far of the $1.5 billion construction project and came as project supporters lobbied to head off a damaging report that is soon to be released by a Senate committee. ..."I think to send a message forcing a for-profit company, when you're in a time of deregulation [to sign a contract] is completely the wrong thing to do," said Rep. Gerald Hocker, R-Ocean View, who voted against the bill. He warned that some customers would abandon Delmarva, raising the costs of the wind farm for remaining residents.
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