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Norfolk family fights 646-foot wind turbine, approved by state council without public hearing. It ‘will be looming over us.'

The new tower would be much closer to the Golds’ home than the existing two. BNE’s measurements showed the third turbine 1,027 feet from the family’s house, 321 feet from one of their property lines and 523 feet from another of their land’s borders. Julia Gold notes that both distances from the property lines are far below the minimum setback the 2014 wind regulations would require in the case of a new application. ...The third turbine "will be looming over us,” Julia Gold said. “It will take away our right to use our land.”
10 Apr 2020

Siting Council proposes new wind regulations

The Connecticut Siting Council, which has sole jurisdiction over renewable energy projects that propose to generate more than 1 megawatt of power, has drafted a set of regulations for wind turbines. The regulations are an outgrowth of reviewing two applications from BNE Energy, Inc., which proposed installing two wind turbines in Prospect and six in Colebrook.
9 May 2012

Proposed turbine regulations blown away

The commission noted that currently a permanent structure can't be greater than 35 feet tall in town, except for a cell tower. Each member listed reasons for denial. They overall agreed with Pomeroy's comments and added that the regulations as proposed would stop any windmill being built in Prospect and that they could lead to a legal battle.
19 Aug 2011

Wind Power Maneuvering

A pair of bills authored by State Rep. Vickie Nardello (D-Prospect) and State Sen. Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury), who both represent Prospect, and brought before the General Assembly's Energy and Technology Committee earlier this month, would indefinitely prevent the construction of wind turbines in the state until regulations are written regarding their placement.
25 Feb 2011

Siting Council to host hearing on wind turbines in Colebrook

This meeting is for informational purposes only and is solely for questions and informal comment and receipt of information. There will be no votes or official testimony taken nor will minutes or transcripts be made available. According to current state laws, the Connecticut Siting Council has exclusive jurisdiction over the siting of any electrical conducting facility with a capacity over 1 megawatt.
7 Nov 2010

Winsted panel turns down wind plan

Optiwind's quixotic mission to build a wind turbine came to an end Monday night. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4 to 1 to deny Optiwind's application to revise the current zoning regulations, citing the time element and information deficit over possible benefits of the wind turbine.
2 Aug 2010

Board OKs wind turbine in Torrington

The Optiwind company cleared what was likely its biggest hurdle toward the eventual construction of a 199-foot wind turbine Wednesday night as the city's Planning and Zoning Commission granted it a special zoning exception. The proposal was unanimously approved with little discussion from the commission and no public comment.
25 Jun 2009

Wind turbine decision may happen Wednesday

Will Torrington soon be the home a 199-foot wind turbine? The city may know as early as next week. The Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday on granting a permit to Optiwind for construction of a mid-sized wind turbine at 725 Klug Hill Road. The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Sullivan Senior Center, 88 East Albert St.
19 Jun 2009

Public hearing on wind turbine tonight

The public hearing on making Torrington the home of a mid-sized wind turbine is scheduled for tonight, and the preliminary response has been moderately positive, an official said. ...Torrington-based Optiwind, a recent clean energy upstart, is scheduled to construct the turbine pending the results of tonight's public hearing, at 7:30 p.m. at the Sullivan Senior Center, 88 East Albert Street.
10 Jun 2009

Zoning board sued over tower plan

A Colebrook man is suing the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission over a temporary 180-foot meteorological tower built near his home. Stephen King said the tower was approved by the commission without following its own zoning regulations, which do not allow for commercial developments in residential zones without a special permit.
28 May 2009

Loophole allows wind turbine work in Colebrook without local debate

Because of a loophole that allows zoning boards to approve test towers for wind turbines without notifying neighbors, residents near terrain favorable for wind energy could face the prospect of a major wind energy project being built in their community with limited ability to challenge it. ...That decision - affirmed at a contentious zoning board of appeals hearing in Colebrook in February - is now being challenged by King and other neighbors in a case scheduled to reach Superior Court in Litchfield in August.
25 May 2009

Optiwind will appeal decision, explore other locations

A spokesman for Optiwind, a renewable energy company focused on wind power, said the company plans on appealing a decision by the Goshen Planning and Zoning Commission to reject a proposal to build a nearly 200-foot wind turbine. Spokesman David Hurwitt said his company plans on filing the appeal with the Litchfield County Superior Court within the two-week deadline.
6 May 2009

Hearing Tuesday will decide future of Goshen wind turbine

While several Goshen residents spoke in favor of the application, others felt that the Optiwind design and placement is bad for the neighborhood. Elaine Frost resides on Beach Street near the proposed tower, and owns 150 acres of land adjacent to the Sewer District property. Frost is not convinced that the data submitted by Optiwind consultants is accurate, and she has joined with other residents to hire an attorney to help them oppose the plan. "I call them the Not Quite True Crew," Frost said of the experts and the reports that they submitted. "I believe that the appraisers were given specific information and visualization points that favored the applicant. They were inaccurate and selective."
23 Feb 2009

Goshen wind turbine generates comments

The Goshen Planning and Zoning Commission heard comments regarding the application by Optiwind, a Torrington based company, to erect the turbine on Brushy Hill Road. Optiwind was turned down previously, with the commission citing the lack of information relating to the impact of the turbine on area home values and the absence of noise data for the proposed structure. Optiwind presented testimony from experts and company officials in support of its application.
21 Jan 2009

Goshen Wind Plan Returns

A proposed wind turbine on the grounds of the Woodridge Lake sewage treatment plant on Brush Hill Road might get a second wind, as the application is scheduled to be resubmitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday. The turbine is being proposed by Optiwind, a Torrington company that bills its wind-energy equipment as "smaller, cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing" than typical three- pronged turbines used on large wind farms in states like California and Texas.
26 Nov 2008
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