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CT’s sole wind farm wants Eversource to cover costly outages

Wind Colebrook operators say voltage fluctuations along Eversource's nearby distribution line have been causing the turbines to turn off suddenly. In addition, they say a safety system designed by Eversource for the site has also been malfunctioning, causing similar shutoffs. In both instances, the turbines' massive rotating blades come to a hard stop, which has damaged their mechanical parts and driven up maintenance and repair costs.
15 Apr 2019

CT greenlights major renewable projects

Of all generation projects with approved contracts, a dozen -- all of them solar -- would be located in Connecticut. The largest is the 49-megawatt Quinebaug Solar Project straddling the Brooklyn-Canterbury border, developed by NextEra Energy Resources.
14 Sep 2017

Hey Connecticut, Vermont ridgelines, meadows are not for sale

In 2015, neighbors living within 3,800 feet of an industrial wind project on Vermont's Georgia Mountain filed a motion for relief. They reported sleep disturbance and other health impacts caused by the operations of the 440-foot-tall turbines. Vermont's Department of Public Service found the neighbors' complaints to be credible and serious, and concluded that turbine operations could be "indicative of a significant impairment of the quality of life for some nearby residents." 
9 Jan 2017

Connecticut regulators tentatively approve UI-Iberdrola deal, with conditions

Connecticut utility regulators have given tentative approval to the $3 billion acquisition of New Haven-based UIL Holdings Corp. by Spanish energy giant Iberdrola. The state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority issued its 45-page ruling Tuesday with numerous conditions that Iberdola must meet as a requirement for approval. A final decision on the merger by PURA is scheduled for Dec. 9.
26 Nov 2015

United Illuminating buyer has multiple fraud and corruption cases In Europe

"We have five instances of international fraud and corruption," House said at the hearing, according to a transcript. "This authority would be derelict in its duties if it did not look into your past and assume it was possible that your future might resemble what you've done in the past." Before the hearing, Iberdrola answered questions from PURA about the fraud and corruption cases.
29 Oct 2015

Colebrook Wind Farm Ready To Go, Bringing State Into An Industry That Remains Controversial

BNE won't say how much they spent on Colebrook South, but the financing includes a $14.9 million construction loan from Webster, a $2 million loan from the Connecticut Green Bank and $5.6 million from a California bank tied to federal tax credits. Wind power doesn't pay for itself yet on the open market; rather, taxpayers and ratepayers make up the difference in bidding for contracts, in an effort to expand the technology.
16 Oct 2015

Malloy's billion-dollar clean energy push weathers federal court challenge

U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton ruled Wednesday that Allco Finance both lacked standing in the case and failed to establish that Connecticut energy officials "fixed" wholesale power prices in approving the contracts. Thomas Melone, chief executive of Allco Finance, said Wednesday that he will appeal the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.
10 Dec 2014

CT lacks power in burgeoning wind industry

Wind is not the most cost efficient source of energy everywhere, just in certain places, explained Jose Zayas, program manager for the Wind and Water Power Program in the federal Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In essence, wind power makes great sense across the Plains and in west Texas where wind speeds are strong and opposition to megaprojects is light.
24 Jun 2014

Connecticut OKs wind power rules, ends moratorium

The legislature's Regulation Review Committee approved rules that require setbacks, address concerns over noise and shadows created by spinning turbine blades, stipulate how siting officials may measure the height of wind turbines and provide other technical details. For example, a wind power developer must submit a visual impact report that analyzes how each of the proposed wind turbines sites is visible along with any alternative locations.
22 Apr 2014

Wind power blocked again in CT -- political charges fly

For the fourth time in a little less than a year, a legislative committee has declined to approve regulations for wind turbines in Connecticut, leaving in place a moratorium on wind power projects that has been in effect for more than two years. It reaffirms Connecticut as the only state in the region, and possibly in the nation, that specifically does not permit wind projects.
26 Nov 2013
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