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State's new energy department taking shape

The standard calls for 20 percent of the state's electricity to come from renewable resources such as solar and wind by 2020. The cost of meeting this standard could climb as high as $2.9 billion over the next nine years - as much as $100 annually for ratepayers - but that price tag could be sharply reduced if low-cost hydropower is included.
10 Oct 2011

Proposed turbine regulations blown away

The commission noted that currently a permanent structure can't be greater than 35 feet tall in town, except for a cell tower. Each member listed reasons for denial. They overall agreed with Pomeroy's comments and added that the regulations as proposed would stop any windmill being built in Prospect and that they could lead to a legal battle.
19 Aug 2011

Lawsuits challenge approval for Colebrook wind turbines

One suit is from FairWindCT and the other was filed by Stella and Michael Somers, the owners of Rock Hall Luxe Lodging, a bed- and-breakfast near one turbine site. They claim the turbines’ impact will hurt their business. Additionally, the litigation claims that that the project is incompatible with Connecticut’s noise statutes.
10 Aug 2011

Wind power bid prompts hearing in Stonington

A local woman is seeking approval of a zoning amendment that would allow property owners to erect small wind power systems on their lots. Julia Roberts of School Street has submitted a regulation text amendment to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which will now schedule a public hearing.
22 Jun 2011

Wind farms far from reality

The company faces a more detailed review of their plans and possible appeals before any construction can begin. Too long of a delay could jeopardize federal funding that BNE hopes will cover up to 30 percent of the project.
12 Jun 2011

Siting Council makes 2nd CT wind farm official

The Connecticut Siting Council officially approved Connecticut second commercial wind farm, joining a project greenlighted last week in Colebrook. ...Before the 2011 Connecticut General Assembly legislative ended on Wednesday, the legislature approved a bill putting a moratorium on wind projects until wind-specific regulations can be written.
12 Jun 2011

Colebrook South wind farm proposal approved

"I don't understand how this council," Ashton said, "or anybody, could approve trespass on another person's property without explicit permission." While Ashton voted in favor of the draft findings of fact, the council member voted against the draft opinion, which stated that the Connecticut Siting Council favored the turbines. ...Ashton compared the turbines to overhanging trees, asking if neighbors could cut branches that drape over property lines.
2 Jun 2011

Ready for vote on wind power In Colebrook

The opponents of a wind power project in town are feeling optimistic that the Connecticut Siting Council will not approve its construction, after a similar project proposed by the same company in the New Haven County town of Prospect was rejected.
23 May 2011
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