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Commission meets to discuss offshore wind development

There are concerns about the impact offshore wind will have on the migratory pattern of birds and other wildlife like the Atlantic right whale. The members of the commission, which is comprised of scientists, environmental organizations, and DEEP staffers, will be tasked with facilitating public participation in the process and gathering information about best practices. 
14 Jun 2019

Colebrook wind power foes say it's not ‘not in my backyard'

Save Prospect's Tim Reilly said at the Connecticut Siting Council meeting that they have been speaking to members of FairWindCT on a regular basis, making the case that the current regulations - which regard just air and water safety - are not enough. Both Save Prospect and FairWindCT support a moratorium on residential wind turbine development until such regulations can be crafted.
9 Jan 2011

Wind turbine denied in Goshen

Commission members Peter Kaufman, LuAnn Zbinden, Mark Fraher, Stephen Cooney and Don Wilkes rejected the proposal because of concerns about "adverse effects upon the existing and probable future character of the neighborhood or its property values" and because "this specific site is not appropriate for this specific use."
5 May 2009

Windmill dispute continues Public hearing to be continued February 6

The potential approval of a wind turbine on Kurt Karpavich's Farm Circle property again provided an impassioned debate during the Planning & Zoning public hearing on Wednesday, January 16. ...The public hearing on the matter was closed and P&Z voted to table action on Mr. Karpavich's application. Prior to the aforementioned decision, Farm Circle residents continued to plead with the members of P&Z for a resolution to the issue which will not allow Mr. Karpavich to have a wind turbine on his property. Following a sitewalk of Mr. Karpavich's property last month, members of P&Z still have yet to determine which area of Mr. Karpavich's property is best suited for the wind turbine. P&Z has tried to find a resolution to the issue which suits both parties, including surrounding neighbors, who have expressed their opposition to the wind turbine under any circumstances. The wind turbine regulations were approved last fall when details of wind turbine approval was set according to various factors including height variance and setback distance, as well as minimum acreage requirements according to the residential zone.
24 Jan 2008
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