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Xcel plans to double its renewable energy generation by 2030. It’ll cost consumers $8 billion to do it.

The centerpiece of the plan is a dramatic increase in renewables and storage, adding approximately 5,600 MW of new capacity. This includes 2,300 MW of wind power, 1,600 MW of large-scale solar projects and 400 MW of battery storage. Another 1,300 MW of distributed solar, such as community solar gardens, would also be added.
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Tri-State: $1 billion cost to meet Colorado's renewable-energy goal

The $1 billion figure covers the cost of new wind farms, natural gas power plants to provide power when the wind isn't blow and transmission lines, Dave Lock, Tri-State's senior manager for government relations told a new committee Wednesday. ...Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, said that "in a perfect world" the committee would have been convened to reach consensus on the issues a year ago.
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Xcel's work on plants, renewables keeps pushing electricity bills up in Colorado

Bills for Xcel Energy's 1.4 million electricity customers in Colorado are up about 21 percent in the past six years - almost double the rate of inflation - to an average $68.26 a month. Over the next six years, rates are expected to increase another 20 percent as new power plants, wind farms and transmission lines are added, according to state regulators. The increases have rippled through the bills of Colorado homes and businesses.
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