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Group asks Supreme Court to review Colo. standard

Lawyers for Energy & Environment Legal Institute have argued that Colorado’s standard illegally regulated economic activity outside the state’s borders because the state is part of an electric grid that serves 11 states and parts of Mexico and Colorado. Consequently, the group argued that the law discriminated against coal and other fossil fuel generators located outside Colorado.
19 Oct 2015

Lawsuit against El Paso County over wind farm dismissed

Residents remained divided over the project. Many long-time ranchers in the area supported the wind farm, and told the commissioners that they were happy to see some economic vitality come back to the region. But other residents fought bitterly against the entire wind farm project, and still others opposed only the above-ground powerline
2 Sep 2015

Wind farm litigation flounders

While NextEra Energy Resources continues to construct a wind farm in eastern El Paso County, a coalition of concerned residents in the area has been fighting the project by filing a lawsuit against NextEra and the EPC Board of County Commissioners. The same coalition filed an injunction to halt construction on the wind farm until a decision on the lawsuit had been reached.
23 Jul 2015

Lawsuit against El Paso County wind farm project to continue

A lawsuit seeking to dismantle a wind farm project in eastern El Paso County will proceed despite objections from both El Paso County and the wind farm's owner, NextEra Energy Resources. But while the county will have to defend its February approval of the wind farm, attorneys will also fight a separate claim that the county's 15-hour hearing on the project was a farce and that the vote was predetermined based on pressure from NextEra.
23 Jul 2015

Wind farm developer, county file response to injunction

“I have the reasonable belief that the reason why NextEra is requiring a $400 million bond is because they know that the village coalition can’t come up with even 1 percent of that, which would be $4 million. If they get the judge to agree to any part of it, they have completely shut us down. They will have effectively kept us from having our day in court."
7 Jun 2015

Residents sue El Paso County commissioners over wind farm project

The suit is another development in an ongoing effort by residents to block a wind farm project run by NextEra Energy Resources, which plans to raise at least 126 wind turbines over the plains near Calhan. Although the commissioners approved the plan in 2013, amendments to the project raised the ire of area residents who fear the wind farm and its accompanying above-ground power line will damage their property values and their health.
10 Mar 2015

Colorado. ruling bolsters state green energy mandates

If the Tenth Circuit upholds Judge Martinez’s decision, the challenge — and other constitutional challenges to RPS programs and their provisions — could discourage the adoption of programs in additional states, or the expansion of existing programs. “If you don’t know how far you can go, it’s difficult for a state legislator to say, ‘OK, let’s do this.’”
14 May 2014
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