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Recommendation to deny

The El Paso County Planning Commission, following an 11.5 hour hearing on Jan. 6 voted 6-3 to recommend denial of Next Era Energy Resources' amended application for a proposed wind farm at Calhan.
15 Jan 2015

Overflow crowd blasts Black Hills at PUC hearing

In its filings with the PUC, Black Hills is asking for the rate increase to cover the costs of a $50 million wind farm and leftover costs from building its $500 million Pueblo Area Generating Station. Some of those costs are high-interest debt that the state Office of Consumer Counsel argues shouldn’t be passed on to Pueblo ratepayers.
5 Sep 2014

Coloradans can’t depend on wind energy

The wind lobby today is one of the fattest hogs at the corporate welfare trough. Rather than win customers through good prices and reliable products, the wind lobby uses political clout to force consumers to purchase its overpriced services.
6 Feb 2014

Wind farm coming to Calhan

A few years ago, Clipper Windpower had plans to build a wind power farm near Calhan, Colo. In February 2013, Fowler Wind Energy purchased the project, referred to as Golden West Power Partners, from Clipper. The project is under way.
1 Oct 2013

Proposed new state in northern Colorado gains traction

Commissioners say legislative efforts to crack down on energy drilling and gun laws are prime reasons for the movement. ... The commissioners have also expressed concern about the lack of funding for infrastructure and education. They claim there is a disconnect between rural voters and legislators on issues such as water and energy production.
27 Jul 2013

Vestas' struggle continues, more layoffs still to come

The struggling Danish company with four manufacturing plants in Colorado -- three of which are in Weld County -- saw a 34 percent decrease in production, a 26 percent decrease in deliveries, a 1 percent reduction in revenue, and a 24 percent decrease in employees since the first of the year, while it continued to come out of a two-year, debilitating slowdown.
8 May 2013

Vestas issues more layoffs in Colorado, ends work-share program

Less than two months after launching a work-share program designed to retain employees at three of its Colorado manufacturing facilities, Vestas has announced that it is laying off a total of 110 workers at its blade factories in Windsor and Brighton, Colo. ...Earlier this month, Vestas said it expects to lay off another 1,800 employees globally by the end of this year.
22 Feb 2013

Colorado Energy Office misspends millions in stimulus funds

Twenty of 22 contracts administered by the agency contained incorrect or missing information in the state contract database, with six missing performance elements and another 13 missing contractor progress reports. ...The audit also discovered that as many as 16 travel and other expenditures "lacked appropriate approval and justification documentation." This included a line item for a $25,000 expenditure listed only as "2008 Membership."
30 Jan 2013

Vestas trimmed workweek set to begin Jan. 14

In an announcement this week, Vestas stated it was still going through with previously announced cost-cutting measures, which included further trimming its payrolls by another 2,000 employees worldwide by the end of this year. “We can’t speculate on how the PTC extension will affect future employment levels at our Colorado factories.”
4 Jan 2013
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