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Wind energy project needs lakeside park

According to a notice published Tuesday on the Ontario government's Environmental Registry website, the rezoning is "a necessary step" to keep the wind energy project going. "Put another way, the project cannot proceed without the proposed amendment to the CPU," the notice stated.
1 Feb 2017

Wilson reintroduces bill to fight wind turbines proposed beside Collingwood airport

"With the municipal election over and the formation of new councils across the province, I thought it imperative to reintroduce this legislation as many of the new council members may not be aware of it," said Wilson. Wilson's bill restores municipal planning authority that existed prior to the Green Energy Act (GEA). The GEA exempted renewable energy projects from the municipal process.
26 Nov 2014

Unwilling host declaration born from frustration

It is rare in Ontario, and in other democratic jurisdictions, when the wishes of the electorate, through their public representatives, are ignored so profoundly. Indeed, approximately 80 municipalities in this province have declared themselves to be “unwilling hosts” for wind turbine developments – a collective protest against legislation that smacks more of the Soviet than the Canadian style in getting things done.
14 Feb 2014

Shouting protesters try to block wind farm presentation

A company proposing a five-turbine wind farm straddling Cavan Monaghan Township and the City of Kawartha Lakes would consider terminating the project if a majority in the community is opposed. "I'm flexible and I am willing to look at different options, and that (termination) is one of them, too," said Martin Ince, president of the company behind the Stoneboat Community Wind Farm. ...Both Cavan Monaghan and the City of Kawartha Lakes have passed motions declaring themselves unwilling hosts for wind turbines.
3 Sep 2013

Colchester County places moratorium on wind turbine development

A moratorium has been placed on all non-approved wind turbine applications in Colchester County until council has dealt with the issue of distance setbacks. The motion for the moratorium was made Thursday night during an emergency council meeting held following a staff decision this week to approve two applications for a total of five industrial turbines to be constructed in Hilden and Truro Heights.
5 Jul 2013

Colchester County council blindsided with staff approval on wind turbines, councilor says

"It's an absolute, total lack of respect for our committee, it really is, for our committee, for the mayor, for the council and for the people," said a visibly irate Coun. Tom Taggart, regarding a staff decision to approve wind turbine projects in Truro Heights and Hilden. "At the very least we should have been notified that they intended to (approve the applications) "There's something wrong here."
4 Jul 2013

Wainfleet loses wind turbine setback lawsuit

The decision came down Friday in the lawsuit brought about by Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. and its owners the Loeffen family and Tom Rankin, head of Rankin Construction, after the township passed its setback bylaw last year. The bylaw was an attempt by to supersede the Green Energy Act, which prescribes a 550-metre setback — the distance between a residential property and a turbine.
12 Apr 2013

Bylaw "unlawful" says NextEra's lawyer

An external lawyer working for NextEra Energy told West Grey council Monday evening during question period that imposing large fees for bonds associated with the construction of wind turbines is, in his opinion, unlawful. West Grey was served a letter on Friday describing lawyer Justin Necpal's argument against a bylaw passed Monday evening outlining amendments to include fees associated with the construction of wind turbines.
20 Mar 2013

Wind farm concerns grow

Wind farm opponents are calling for a moratorium on further developments after a number of setbacks for the industry. The Federal Magistrates Court ruled earlier this month that wind farms decreased the value of adjacent properties – something that opponents had long argued about with the South Australian Government.
22 Feb 2013

Flyers not ours: WLWAG

The flyer asks West Lincoln residents to pick a side of the wind turbine debate. It asks that residents vote for or against the municipality passing a minimum setback distance of two-kilometres between industrial wind turbines and dwellings. "I think people are in panic mode now as they see what's happening," said Pritchard, who invites the residents responsible for the campaign to contact WLWAG.
29 Jan 2013

Council votes for wind farm restrictions

Argyle municipal council in Yarmouth County voted preliminarily Thursday night to keep large commercial wind turbines at least a kilometre from the nearest house. ...At present, the distance between a wind turbine and the nearest house must be merely twice the height of the turbine.
20 Jul 2012

Kings County puts hold on wind farms

"We are open for business, but we want the right kind of business." He said municipalities and the province must do more research before allowing large-scale wind farms into rural communities. ..."Why do we in the beautiful rural areas have to be subjected to large industrial wind farms?
4 Jul 2012

Meaford Council to wind developers: You're not welcome here

“Now Therefore, regardless of the undemocratic terms of Ontario Bill 150, be it resolved that the Council of the Municipality of Meaford confirms that it is not desirous of any Industrial Wind turbine development within our corporation, and requests that developers of wind farms do not submit further applications within our municipal boundaries,” read the resolution.
26 Jun 2012

Wind farm planning control bill blown away

Private member's bills are a way for the Opposition to throw the spotlight on issues, even when passage is unlikely. The lack of local control of planning for power projects under the Green Act is one of them. "We want to restore the local decision making powers that were stripped away by Dalton McGuinty. This bill will do it."
3 Dec 2011
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