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County council approves placement of electrical collection lines in right of way for proposed wind farm project

Vulcan County council has approved a licence to place electrical collection lines in Vulcan County’s right of way for a proposed 400 mega-watt (MW) wind farm in the Lomond area. The Jan. 15 decision came despite opposition from local landowners, expressed both verbally and in many letters provided at the meeting, and a petition against the Buffalo Plains wind farm.
31 Jan 2020

Hydro-Québec poised to profit from U.S. thirst for green energy

“The contract with New York is far from being signed,” Pineau said. “The mayor of New York City has said he wants to start negotiating, so that’s a very good sign. If he goes public it means he’s committed. … But it’s never easy. In principle everyone loves renewable energy, but when it comes to the invoice and the price tag, sometimes people have second thoughts.” In the case of New York City, that price tag includes $2.9 billion for U.S. developers to run the line through the state of New York, plus hundreds of millions more for Hydro-Québec to bring the line from the border to the Hertel converter station on Montreal’s South Shore.
9 May 2019

Transmission Developers Pitch Mass. Clean Energy Bids

Representatives of five transmission projects proposed in July in response to the Massachusetts solicitation for 9.45 TWh/year of hydro and Class I renewables (wind, solar or energy storage) tried to explain why their projects should be among those selected in January. Contracts awarded under the MA 83D request for proposals are to be submitted in late April.
10 Oct 2017

Widespread Hydro-Québec outage fuels concern over future reliability in N.H.

Earlier this month, two of Hydro-Quebec’s transmission lines funneling power from James Bay to Quebec went out, causing about 188,000 customers in Canada to lose power during the outage’s peak. The outage meant that more than 2,000 megawatts of power bound from Canada to the New England grid didn’t show. And that drove grid operator ISO-New England to launch reactionary procedures to keep electricity flowing south of the border. 
28 Dec 2014

Dozens of dismembered ducks believed to have been killed by transmission lines near Pincher Creek

“It appears obvious that the line’s placement, directly between a key waterfowl staging area and adjacent grain fields, couldn’t have been planned more effectively if killing waterfowl had been its primary objective,” said McIntyre, a well-known environmentalist in the area. “The biggest thing to me in all of this, is how in the world was such an obvious threat allowed to take place?”
9 Jan 2014

Assessing curtailment risk in Ontario

A certain degree of local congestion and general oversupply is often planned into the system. However, given the relatively narrow operating margins of wind and solar projects, typical project leverage ratios and the debt service coverage ratio covenants by which most projects are bound, an annual curtailment of generating capacity of more than one percent can have a devastating impact on project viability.
23 Apr 2013

Upgraded transmission line translates to up to 51 wind turbines in Enniskillen

IPoliticians and residents are watching with worry as three companies make the rounds asking landowners south of Petrolia to sign leases for wind turbines. Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott says in the last few months three companies have been speaking with the municipality about projects which could bring as many as 51 turbines to the rural township south of Petrolia.
5 Mar 2013

Opponents of power line focusing on wind farm

Dufferin County Council might expect to be faced by a host of opponents of a proposed 230-kilovolt power line along an abandoned rail corridor, but it's difficult to assess whether the opposition is to the power line so much as to the creation of a wind farm in the north of Melancthon.
7 Feb 2013

Expect more costly surplus power exports: Fedeli

The energizing of a new transmission line from the Bruce Peninsula to Milton will only lead to more surplus power in Ontario being sold at a loss, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli charged today. "This line will accommodate more expensive wind power energy that we don't need on the grid," Fedeli said.
20 Jun 2012

Massive line clears way for wind projects

The $700-million Bruce to Milton transmission project will allow electricity to flow from refurbished reactors at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, and from wind and solar projects that have received conditional contracts under Ontario's green energy program. The lines will be able to carry 3,000 megawatts of electricity.
20 Jun 2012

Senators try to prevent Quebec transmission line

The senators - led by state Sen. George Maziarz, a Western New York Republican, and joined by state Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie, R-Heuvelton - say upstate jobs are at stake if a $2 billion transmission line proposal is approved because it would squeeze out energy producers in the state, like nuclear power plants, facilities that burn wood to create electricity and wind turbine farms.
15 May 2012
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