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No fan of wind turbines

An Arran-Elderslie councillor wants his council to enforce its rights under the Ontario Municipal Act and impose a moratorium on wind energy projects. Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis said last week the municipality can impose moratorium legislation for one year, with the opportunity to extend it for another year, "if we feel an issue needs further study.
21 Sep 2009

Does B.C.'s new power line fall short of being green?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper came under attack from environmentalists last week following his announcement, in Washington, that Ottawa will provide $130-million from the Green Infrastructure Fund for a power line in northwestern British Columbia. Was the criticism justified? Or did Mr. Harper get unfairly attacked? He was accused of "greenwashing" the Northwest Transmission Line, a $404-million project that will push power cables along the scenic Stewart-Cassiar Highway.
21 Sep 2009

P.E.I. urged to protect scenic vistas

A former tourism official with the provincial government says P.E.I. is not doing enough to protect its scenic vistas. Carol Horne, who now works for the Canadian Tourist Commission, said over the past two decades, only two areas of the island have been designated scenic zones - New London and Borden-Carleton.
19 Sep 2009

Final piece arrives for Grouse's 65-metre wind turbine

The 20-metre long steel entrance and base section of the tower, which has crossed the Canada/US border, is a part of the 65-metre wind turbine slated for the top of Grouse Mountain. ..."We have the last piece of the puzzle that will make this engineering marvel a reality commencing with the placement of this important section," project manager Julia Kossowski stated in a press release.
18 Sep 2009

Wind farm enthusiasts should keep to themselves

To begin I'm all for green renewable energy but not when it harms the well being of people. So let's cut this green charade and get to the nitty-gritty. Nextera Energy is the company proposing a six-turbine wind farm near Formosa, Paisley, Tara and Durham. The newly appointed Green Energy Act takes the planning decisions of such developments out of the hands of Bruce County council. This means we now have no say in the matter and it only gets worse.
18 Sep 2009

Stop turbines until health issues are unproven

Have you ever gone to the doctor's office or emergency room with concerns for your health, only to be dismissed as imaginative or overly sensitive? How does that feel for you? ...This is what is happening to so many families in our rural community as they try to explain that the wind turbines are destroying their health and lives.
18 Sep 2009

Two large wind power applications deferred again

It's not so much about what is on the agenda for Monday's Chatham-Kent planning meeting, but what is not. Two wind power applications for a total of 98 new wind turbines to be built in Chatham-Kent have been deferred again. ...[municipal planning consultant Tom Storey of Storey] speculated this is because new regulations are expected to come down soon under the new Green Energy Act.
17 Sep 2009

Residents should have a say in wind turbines

My partner and I purchased a very nice home and moved to New Denmark in order to enjoy the peace, tranquility and supposed friendliness of this beautiful area. ...Our dreams are now seriously threatened by a project that will benefit only a few, contribute nothing whatsoever to a reduction in our electricity bills, will absolutely not make any significant contribution to the environment and will forever change our quality of life.
16 Sep 2009

Summerside gets its wind power

The turbines are going up at four sites in the Summerside Wind Farm, and according to municipal officials, the city will be generating wind energy by December. Terry Murphy, the city's chief administrative officer, said the project is right on schedule and should be up and operating by year's end.
16 Sep 2009

New Brunswick not keeping P.E.I. from selling wind power: Graham

During a conference that touted regional energy co-operation in Saint John, N.B., Tuesday, Graham said last year NB Power had surplus capacity on the transmission system. He said that access was put up for auction, an auction that all jurisdictions could bid on. But nobody from Prince Edward Island put in a bid. He said the province of Quebec purchased the excess capacity and now holds the rights to that transmission capacity, even though it is not using it.
16 Sep 2009

Group plans meeting on impact of wind turbines

Wary of what a wind turbine farm might do to rural parts of Northumberland, a group of citizens has come together to hold a public meeting of its own. The Alliance for the Protection of the Northumberland Hills was formed shortly after Energy Farm Ontario held an open house in late-July about its ongoing study of rural properties near Grafton as a possible location to construct up to 20 wind turbines.
16 Sep 2009

Wind project on hold

A wind energy project planned for southeastern Grey County and northern Dufferin County is on hold pending the release of the regulations governing the province's new Green Energy and Green Economy Act. Given Royal assent on May 14, Bill 150 is intended to guide investment in renewable energy sources. But developers are still waiting for the regulations that define the details of the legislation. requirements and approval procedures.
15 Sep 2009

Adelaide wind plans generates controversy

Several planned wind turbines in the area aren't even up yet, but residents are already educating themselves as to the possible health hazards associated with them. Over 200 people attended an information meeting hosted by the Middlesex Wind Action Group on Wednesday, Sept. 9. The gym at Adelaide W.G. MacDonald was standing room only. At the heart of the issue is a proposed wind turbine farm that would see the construction of 40 turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe Township.
15 Sep 2009

NSP seeks OK for 22 Nuttby turbines

Nova Scotia Power is seeking regulatory approval to spend $120 million to construct a 22-turbine wind farm in Pictou County. The utility filed its application Friday with the Utility and Review Board to develop the 45-megawatt project at Nuttby Mountain, Colchester County. It would begin operation late next year.
12 Sep 2009

Wind power pits neighbour vs. neighbour in Quebec communities

An ill wind is blowing through this bucolic village, 200 kilometres east of Montreal. Once-friendly neighbours don't greet each other anymore. Vandals rip down lawn posters and damage property. Threats fly. For-sale signs have sprouted. And provincial police have become a familiar presence at stormy municipal council meetings. The issue tearing apart the lakeside community is a plan for a wind farm atop the green mountains that form its spectacular backdrop.
11 Sep 2009

Wind power Q & A with Nathalie Normandeau; ‘Yes to wind development, but not ... at any price'

Question: This week and next, the Bureau des audiences publiques sur l'environnement is holding hearings on two proposed wind projects in central Quebec. Last week, it heard from citizens affected by a 78-turbine wind farm near Thetford Mines. On Wednesday, it will hold hearings in St. Ferdinand on a proposed 50-turbine wind farm. Residents are deeply divided and some have reported acts of vandalism and threats. How concerned are you over how these projects have torn apart communities?
11 Sep 2009

Project continues to divide community

Canadian Hydro Developers and hundreds of invited guests celebrated the official opening of the company's 86-turbine wind farm on Wolfe Island yesterday. The emphasis was on "invited." A long line of cars was backed up along the highway leading to the company headquarters as Ontario Provincial Police officers meticulously checked names off a list. Anyone not appearing on the list was asked to pull over and could be turned away.
11 Sep 2009

Land rezoning sparks opposition

Municipal District of Pincher Creek held a meeting to decide on whether or not to re-zone parcels of land North of the Oldman River so that more wind farm development could occur in the area. Presently some of the land around the existing wind farms is zoned for agriculture and has to be re-zoned as Wind Farm Industrial in order for the proposed project to proceed.
10 Sep 2009

Wind power for rinks delayed

The financial troubles of a P.E.I.-based wind turbine manufacturer have delayed a plan to use wind power at Island rinks to help with electricity costs. Turbines were supposed to be spinning at five community rinks on P.E.I. by Sept. 1. The province announced the program last year, offering $180,000 to help each rink buy a turbine. Eighteen rinks applied.
10 Sep 2009
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