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Wind farm buyout more than sheer luck

Not many people would have expected a Spanish billionaire to show up in Nova Scotia with the cash to save a local wind farm development, but that is exactly what happened on Monday. The Spanish investor's involvement is good news for Shear Wind Inc. of Halifax and its stalled Glen Dhu wind park planned for Pictou and Antigonish counties. ...Now that financing seems to be solidly in place, construction of the first phase of the Glen Dhu wind park is to begin almost immediately.
10 Nov 2009

School windmill to be repaired

The P.E.I. government is stepping in to repair a wind turbine at a North Rustico school that hasn't worked for more than a year. The province paid $200,000 for the 30-metre turbine at Gulf Shore Consolidated School, with the village taking out a $40,000 loan to cover the rest of the cost. It came with a 10-year warranty but the company that built it, Entegrity Wind Systems, is in receivership. ...the turbine didn't work properly from day one.
9 Nov 2009

McGuinty blows smoke on wind

Normally, I don't write about problems I encounter in getting information from government because I feel it's too "inside baseball" for readers. I'm making an exception because I think this incident illustrates the problems besieged opponents of industrial wind turbines living in communities across Ontario are encountering in getting straight answers from their own government. This, as Premier Dalton McGuinty appears hell-bent on erecting these giant steel structures, up to 40-storeys high, as fast as he can. The last time McGuinty was this juiced we got ... eHealth.
8 Nov 2009

N.B. open to adding power lines

Even before Hydro-Quebec tentatively acquired NB Power, it turns out the Quebec government-owned utility was already taking up all the export capacity in NB Power's transmission system, leaving no room for anyone else to export electricity to New England. But New Brunswick Energy Minister Jack Keir says that doesn't prevent Nova Scotia or Newfoundland or anyone else from building a transmission line across New Brunswick.
7 Nov 2009

Canadian, Irish companies pursue MT power project

A Canadian transmission company and an Irish wind developer said Friday they are teaming up to pursue a central Montana power project that could result in at least $1 billion worth of new wind energy in the Great Falls area. If the project succeeds, it would give Montana's burgeoning wind energy industry room to grow - an expansion that to date has been limited by a lack of lines to move power out of the state.
6 Nov 2009

Windy woes

A group against a proposed Neebing wind farm is gaining momentum, and is now asking citizens to sign a petition to help fight the Horizon Energy Inc. plan. More than 200 people packed the large meeting room at the Nor'Wester Resort Hotel Tuesday evening. The crowd was led to the meeting by the newly formed group called the Nor'Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee. ..."Wind turbines need to be placed far away from people," McGillivray concluded, adding that there is a need for more studies examining the potential health hazards of wind turbines. The presenters that followed McGillivray warned about the potential harm the project could have on tourism and the environment - a destruction of forestland and an increased fatality rate of certain animal species.
3 Nov 2009

Provincial power deal aimed at N.E. energy markets

North America's largest utility company Hydro-Quebec has announced it will pay $4.4 billion for transmission lines of New Brunswick Power, a deal that would help the company secure greater access to electricity markets in the U.S. Hydro-Quebec announced Thursday that it expects to spend up to $23 billion over the next decade to boost its hydro electric output by 4,500 megawatts a year. Much of that will be exported to the United States and Ontario.
31 Oct 2009

Samsung's turbine deal in jeopardy; McGuinty stalls plan after cabinet uproar

The Ontario government's multi-billion-dollar wind turbine deal with South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group is in jeopardy after a power play in Premier Dalton McGuinty's cabinet, the Toronto Star has learned. Sources say rival ministers opposed to Deputy Premier George Smitherman's pet scheme, which they fear will mean "billions" of dollars in subsidies to Samsung, have convinced McGuinty to stall the landmark deal first reported in the Star on Sept. 27.
31 Oct 2009

Bill halting wind farms stalled by MPPs

Tory MPP Bill Murdoch's resolution calling for a moratorium on new wind turbines in Ontario pending confirmation that there are no adverse health effects on humans stalled in the legislature. Murdoch said his resolution was drafted in response to concerns about wind power raised by hundreds of people in his riding and across the province. "I'm disappointed and where the people go from here I don't know," Murdoch said yesterday. "The government of the day has decided that they don't count by turning down my resolution."
30 Oct 2009

Canadian Hydro drops plan to buy Lake Erie wind farm

The company had first agreed to the deal in October with Utah-based Wasatch Wind Inc. for the rights to the 4,400 megawatt project, to be built in Lake Erie. Terms of the deal had not been disclosed. Calgary-based Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. said Friday it has terminated its earlier plans to purchase a subsidiary that is developing one of the largest wind farms in the world in Ontario.
30 Oct 2009

Top doc wants more information

Ontario Medical Officer of Health Arlene King told a legislative committee Tuesday she wants more information about health effects of wind turbines. That's different than what a Ministry of Health spokesman told The Sun Times was King's position Tuesday, that there's no link between the noise turbines make and adverse health effects. David Jensen also said government rules covering placement of turbines and reviews of scientific literature are enough to determine a moratorium on new wind farms is not needed.
29 Oct 2009

Dirty wind-power war; How public relations can drive public policy

When industries look for government subsidies for money-losing propositions, a common business model these days, one of the most important strategic elements is to make sure you have a well-oiled public relations machine to keep the facts from getting in the way. Voters don't like to back money-losers, which means keeping them steadily misinformed or at least confused. Renewable energy industries - wind, solar, biomass, human treadmills - have a particularly tough job.
29 Oct 2009

Stray voltage culprit, meeting hears

Three months after the Ripley Wind Farm went online in December, 2007, Dave Colling's phone started ringing. Three of his neighbours were seeing doctors about recurring ear aches. They knew Colling, a former dairy farmer who lives within two kilometres of the turbines near the southern Bruce County community, had an interest in and could test for what he calls "electrical pollution." "It's like living inside a microwave. It radiates," Colling told more than 100 people Tuesday night in Keady.
29 Oct 2009

MPP wants word from top doc

Ontario's Medical Officer of Health Arlene King doesn't see any scientific evidence that links wind turbines with adverse health effects. When contacted yesterday, Ministry of Health and Long- Term Care spokesperson David Jensen said it is King's position that there is no link between the noise turbines make and adverse health effects people claim to be experiencing, such as severe headaches and joint and muscle aches.
28 Oct 2009

Council puts off turbine vote

Arran-Elderslie has delayed enacting a one-year moratorium on industrial wind turbine construction after council was presented with new information at its regular meeting yesterday. Council had been expected to give final approval to an interim control bylaw to impose the moratorium, with a possible one-year extension, despite receiving information from the provincial government that such bylaws are not allowed.
27 Oct 2009

Dalton McGuinty's green machine is crushing public rights

It's never pretty watching people's rights getting trampled by a government caught up in the latest fad, but it's happening across Ontario. The victims are citizens living mainly in rural communities. Their concerns about the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines are being rolled over by Premier Dalton McGuinty. We should all pay attention because our rights could be next.
27 Oct 2009

Boulder turbine maker Entegrity Wind goes bankrupt

Entegrity Wind Systems Inc., a wind turbine manufacturer that based some of its operations in Boulder, has gone bankrupt after failing to develop a plan to tackle millions of dollars of debt. The business was declared bankrupt pursuant to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada, where it was incorporated, according to a document posted to the front door of Entegrity's locked offices.
26 Oct 2009
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