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Ontario isn't alone when it comes to turbine concerns

Robert Hornung from the Canadian Wind Energy Association claims it is quite conclusively demonstrated there is no causal link between sounds from turbines and human health. In fact, ...the combination of excessive noise and low frequency vibration emitted does appear to have significant adverse health effects on people and animals.
3 Dec 2009

Panel remains stymied on rules for energy corridor proposals

Maine's attempt to create clear rules to guide multibillion-dollar energy corridor projects through the state came up short Wednesday, because of deep philosophical divisions that foreshadow debate next year in the Legislature. The impasse came during the final meeting of a 13-member study panel. The group was formed by the Legislature to recommend rules to give Maine the maximum benefit from proposed electricity, gas and petroleum corridors.
3 Dec 2009

Turbine builder AAER delays filing financial statements

Bromont wind turbine builder AAER Inc. said Wednesday its interim financial statements for the three and nine-month periods ended September 30, and management's discussion and analysis and other material, were not filed on November 30 as required ...Analysts have said AAER is in urgent need of new capital.
2 Dec 2009

Grey County wants wind turbine moratorium

The list of those demanding a moratorium on the construction of wind turbines in the local area continues to grow. Grey County council joined the chorus of those demanding a moratorium on the construction of wind turbines at its regular meeting held on November 24. County council passed a resolution asking the provincial government to study the health affects turbines have on people.
2 Dec 2009

Power sale could dampen province's renewable sector, dean says

Could the sale of NB Power mean the decline of New Brunswick's renewable energy sector - and the rapid expansion of Nova Scotia's? David Wheeler, dean of the faculty of management at Dalhousie University, says the sale of NB Power could weaken New Brunswick's renewable energy sector, that investors will instead look to Nova Scotia when setting up wind and other green power projects.
1 Dec 2009

Biomass doesn't deserve 'negative rap'

A Nova Scotia biomass producer is speaking out against the naysayers in Halifax who are giving a "negative rap" to burning wood waste to generate electricity. Jim Verboom of Verboom Grinders in Truro said people who support the use of biomass for energy have "stayed quiet," but no more. "It’s their nature, it’s their trade; they work in the back roads of Nova Scotia, whereas the people who are against it live here in Halifax.
1 Dec 2009

Oil still fuels the green state of Denmark

Its capital, Copenhagen, won the moral right to host next month's climate change summit in good part because Denmark seems to have found the winning balance between growth and carbon reduction. Wind power is coming on strong. Its citizens are willing to pay sky-high electricity prices to encourage conservation. Its hot-water-based district heating system is considered a marvel of energy efficiency. ...But this small, wealthy Nordic country - population 5.4-million - may not be as green as advertised. The fine print in Denmark's Energy Agency data paints a paler picture.
30 Nov 2009

Neighbours want Shear Wind turbine project grounded

The people living closest to the new wind farm at Browns Mountain near Merigomish want the project halted so wind energy can be studied more closely. If that doesn't happen, they want a guarantee of financial compensation if their property values plummet, the noise of 30 turbines affects their health, construction damages their water supply or the project involves any other negative effects. Such problems have occurred in other places, said a spokeswoman for the Eco Awareness Society.
29 Nov 2009

Council asks neighbours to help fight wind turbines

Arran-Elderslie council wants to join forces with neighbouring municipalities to try to stop construction of large wind turbines in the area. Council will invite councillors from both Chatsworth and Georgian Bluffs to meet in Chesley the first week of December "to form a plan of attack."
27 Nov 2009

Alberta consumers to feel pinch as power line bill passes

Consumers will ultimately feel a jolt on their power bills after the Stelmach government passed Wednesday its controversial Bill 50 on electricity transmission -- legislation political opponents, landowners and utility company Enmax insist Albertans will live to regret. After months of heated debate over the need for billions in new power lines--a fight that ensnared consumers, politicians and power companies -- the majority Tory government ensured easy passage in the legislature of Bill 50, the Electric Statutes Amendment Act.
27 Nov 2009

Wind farm plan at risk of being blown away

By 2007, Rankin had won a provincial contract that pays 11 cents for every kilowatt-hour of electricity produced and also a guaranteed connection to the area hydro grid. But now, the partnership, Wind Energy Niagara, is about to give up its guaranteed grid connection to try and qualify for the more generous provincial contract offered under the new Green Energy Act.
27 Nov 2009

Wind-power project fuels divisive debate among Haida

Band governing body's role in $2-billion windmill farm stirs controversy over potential environmental risks to ancestral landmark. A spit of land that native legend says is the birthplace of human life on earth is at the heart of a debate that has divided the Haida Nation. It lies adjacent to the site of a proposed $2-billion energy project build Canada's first offshore wind farm in Hecate Strait, near the northeastern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
26 Nov 2009

Alberta's power line legislation will add new costs to power bills

Controversial legislation that will limit public debate on plans to erect billions of dollars worth of new power lines across Alberta is the latest twist in a saga that reads like a cheap detective novel. Two years ago, Alberta's energy regulator was accused of spying on opponents of the power lines during public hearings. As a result, Premier Ed Stelmach was forced to replace the head of the utilities commission. The regulator's head of security was forced to resign and the hearings were scuttled.
25 Nov 2009

Power shifts to Quebec

Maine has spent a lot of time building a relationship with neighboring New Brunswick, with energy as a major focus. The recent announcement that Hydro-Quebec plans to take over NB Power has the potential to alter that relationship. How and how much has yet to be determined, but Maine would be wise to gain a better understanding of the proposed deal and what opportunities it presents and forecloses to ensure the state's interests don't get lost in the financial and bureaucratic wrangling that is sure to ensue.
24 Nov 2009

Bruce seeks wind turbine health study

Bruce County is calling on the province to study the health effects of wind turbines. "The province has stated that they are not going to do a health study. We're going to encourage them with a letter hoping that they will do an independent study for the health concerns that are out there now and possibly down the road," said Huron-Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan.
20 Nov 2009

Sackville passes by-laws for wind turbines; Council divided over zoning regulations

Debate about the development of wind power within the town of Sackville has been widespread in the last two months, as the introduction of bylaws by the planning commission were tabled before the town council. The by-laws cover both turbines for individual use, and wind farms, with a generation capacity exceeding three megawatts. At the council meeting on November 9, the by-laws passed by a vote of 4-3.
20 Nov 2009
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