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Questions unanswered about New Denmark wind project

We live in an era where the use of alternate forms of energy are becoming increasingly important - perhaps even critical as fossil fuel supplies dwindle over the next 50 years. At the same time, the application of alternate solutions must be based upon common sense and hard facts based upon scientific research. In the case of wind power, for which the jury is still out, this requires even more scrutiny.
3 Dec 2008

The quest for answers - and compensation - for electrical pollution on the farm

Both animal and human health is suffering from stray voltage that can cause catastrophic problems in the barn. But nailing down the precise causes and where the responsibility lies has proved a long and difficult struggle Driven out of business as a result of a raft of health and behaviour problems suffered by their herd, beef producers Ross and Darlene Brindley are suing Hydro One Networks Inc. and Edmonton Power Corporation (EPCOR) for a hefty $5 million. They claim that stray voltage from EPCOR's wind turbines not only destroyed their herd, but has also had a severe impact on their own health as well. And they are not alone.
1 Dec 2008

Islanders say no to wind farm; Big Island too small, residents say

Big Island residents want no part of a proposed wind farm development north of Picton, Prince Edward County council was told this week. Henri Garand and Ian Hanna presented council with a 112-signature petition asking the Big Island portion of the 66-turbine proposal be separated from the rest of the project. ..."All of us believe that Big Island is not an appropriate location."
28 Nov 2008

Windfarmers field questions; Turbines planned for Red Head re-located

Scotian Windfields and Skypower have already revamped the map that was released at the municipality's council meeting on Nov. 10-showing the proposed locations of 20 wind turbines on Digby Neck. The new improved version shows the turbines originally planned for Red Head re-situated north of Highway 217 on properties owned by Fred and Sharon Ross and Jerry Schofield. The remaining 18 turbines are also north of the highway, as they were on the original version of the map.
19 Nov 2008

Wind farm takes a toll

The road to a cleaner, greener energy future is fraught with strife on Wolfe Island. The disruption and dust caused by the construction of 86 massive windmills has forced at least one couple to pack up and leave their island home of 17 years. ...If wind farms are the way of the future, and are to be promoted by the provincial government, then the province is obliged to study and learn from the mistakes of the Wolfe Island project and the negative effects it has produced.
14 Nov 2008

Turbine locations revealed at council meeting

Scotian Windfields and Skypower have released the proposed locations for the 20 wind turbines to be built in the Rossway area-and their map shows 12 of the towers will be built on properties owned by Americans. The Digby Neck Wind Farm, scheduled for construction in 2009, was the subject of a presentation made by Barry Zwicker, CEO of Scotian Windfields, Nov. 10 at the Municipality of Digby's meeting.
14 Nov 2008

Ripley farmer regrets wind turbine leases

Dave Colling regrets having leased some of his farm near Ripley to a wind energy developer. Colling is part of a group of neighbours who signed a three-year lease in return for a fixed amount of money a year, plus a percentage of the profits once the project is underway. "If I knew then what I know now, I never would have signed up," said Colling, whose farm will have wind turbines as part of the second stage of development near Ripley. ...Colling urged anyone thinking of signing up with a wind development company to find out as much as possible.
13 Nov 2008

Wind farm chases couple from Wolfe Island

When Dawn and Dean Wallace moved to Wolfe Island 17 years ago, they fell in love with the peaceful, slow pace of life in the rural community. It quickly became home and they planned to retire on the island. That has all changed. The couple feels that construction of one of Canada's largest wind-power projects has forced them out of the community and they're in the process of moving off the island ...The noise and dust from dozens of trucks and heavy pieces of equipment moving past their property, at times starting as early as 4 a. m., made life almost unbearable.
12 Nov 2008

Shear Wind moving turbines

In the wake of the province's refusal of the environmental assessment for the Glen Dhu Wind Farm, the company that intends to erect 30 turbines announced Saturday that it was moving the turbines further from houses in Bailey's Brook. The four turbines along the project's westernmost border - just behind homes in Bailey's Brook - will be shuffled from the area where they were originally supposed to go and instead placed in another section of the farm. The company will also increase the setback from homes in that area to 1.4 kilometres.
3 Nov 2008

Provincial group targets PEC wind projects

Companies proposing wind turbine projects in Prince Edward County will now face opposition from a much larger provincial group. People behind the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC), a group formed to oppose six proposed wind farms, announced Tuesday they have joined a new lobby group called Wind Concerns Ontario. The group is a collection of 22 citizens groups across the province who oppose an Ontario government mandate to replace coal generating power plants with windmill projects.
28 Oct 2008

Wind study forum too big a hit

An overcrowded meeting room forced Toronto Hydro officials to cancel an information meeting last night about a proposed wind study in Lake Ontario off the Scarborough shoreline. Toronto Hydro Energy Services wants to find out if there's enough wind 2 to 4 kilometres offshore to justify planting about 60 big wind turbines in the lake. Close to 200 people crowded into a meeting room at Christ Church on Markham Rd. ...Many who came to the meeting had serious reservations about the proposal. "This is the wrong place," said Roy Wright, who lives in the Scarborough bluffs overlooking the proposed study area.
28 Oct 2008

Opposition to wind turbines growing

As the government of P.E.I. prepares plans to triple wind-power generation on the Island, grassroots opposition to the developments is growing. Many of those wind turbines are planned for West Prince, the area that currently has the largest wind energy production in the province. Monday night, about two dozen West Prince residents gathered to discuss strategies for lobbying the province to take more care about where the turbines are placed.
22 Oct 2008

Spread of wind turbines must be stopped

Industrial wind turbines are being pushed by government and wind developers, doing their own studies, to promote their own interests. All of us who are in the line of fire from these gigantic industrial installations seem to be of little concern. Our rural countryside is threatened with industrial wind power installations with minimum setbacks from homes of only 400 meters.
6 Oct 2008

DNV staff recommend project to council

A proposal to erect a 65-metre wind turbine near the peak of Grouse Mountain will be going before District of North Vancouver council Monday night. If approved, the tower will be visible from much of North Vancouver and other parts of the Lower Mainland. The 21-storey structure (34 storeys to the tip of the blade) is slated to begin operating at the top of Peak Mountain next to the Heaven's Sake ski run in 2009.
5 Oct 2008

Residents angry over wind farm project

Tempers ran high as roughly 40 residents showed up at a public information session last night to oppose the development of a wind farm in Bailey's Brook. One by one residents filed into the Lismore Community Centre. They pulled up a chair and waited for the show to begin. "I'm not leaving until I get answers," said Linda McCallum. However, many homeowners left the session two hours later none the wiser. Their anger was amplified when they realized no representative from Shear Wind Inc, the company responsible for the project, was at the open house.
18 Sep 2008

Public voices concern about windfarm

Skeptics in the crowd scanned visuals of wind farms proposed for Prince Edward County on display last night and said the only thing green about them is the money the proponent stands to make. Others came to a public meeting at the Crystal Palace eager to learn more ...Gilead Power Corp. unveiled more details of its plans to erect up to 12 turbines in an area west of Ostrander Point Road. Gilead is one of several companies exploring the county for wind turbine potential.
29 Aug 2008

Wind farm plan stirs up concerns

The wind farm proposed for Amherst Island could approach the size of one of the largest such facilities in Canada, now under construction on Wolfe Island. Kingston-based Gaia Power Inc. is developing the Amherst Island wind-power project, called Windlectric, in conjunction with Oakville-based Algonquin Power Management Inc. The project is expected to produce a maximum of 200 megawatts ...The Wolfe Island project, slated for 198 megawatts, includes 86 turbines.
27 Aug 2008

Sorry, can't support wind turbines

Wind turbines sound great when you first hear about them. Who is against renewable energy? Farmers who struggle to make a living are eying up the $9,000 they are to receive per turbine per year. Ten turbines is a retirement income of $90,000! Who would blame the farmers! And the Bonnechere and Madawaska township councils can see much-needed tax dollars flowing in. But there are problems with the whole scheme. ...Let's make sure that if we choose to install hundreds of 400- foot high turbines in our heritage countryside we do so from informed choice.
23 Aug 2008
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