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Ontario Seniors facing 'energy poverty'

Instead of its Ontario Power Generation monopoly, Canadian Taxpayers Federation national director Derek Fildebrandt said the province should "abandon hare-brained eco-schemes" such as wind turbine and solar power. "We're paying the price of government for trying to ... tell the people what to do," he said.
23 Jan 2011

Turbines on the lake another example of out-of-touch plan

Since McGuinty came to power residential electricity costs have gone up 60 per cent and the government has finally acknowledged we will see at least another 46 per cent over the next few years. ...Because of its variable and intermittent generation, wind energy will never provide more than a relatively small portion of Ontario's electricity needs.
22 Jan 2011

Ontario's FiT faces political turbulence

With provincial elections slated for 6 October next year, the opposition Progressive Conservative Party [] is threatening to substantially revise and possibly even scrap the FiT should it win. "It is clear than wind has become a political issue in Ontario" admits Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA).
7 Jan 2011

Undoing Ontario's energy mess

What a mess. Years of dreamy plans for renewable solar and wind energy, expensive conservation plans, unfulfilled promises to close coal-burning stations, and a belief that Ontarians can always reach deeper to pay for hydro rate increases have led to massive rate increases and knee-jerk rebate programs.
5 Jan 2011

Hydroelectric power could be key to state cutting gas emissions

Hydro Quebec, NStar and Northeast Utilities are working on the Northern Pass project with the Patrick administration's support. Project organizers say the new line could provide another 1,200 megawatts of hydro electricity, enough to power nearly a million houses. The project is still in early engineering and study phases, with the goal of wrapping up in 2015, the Northern Pass website says.
31 Dec 2010

Pull the plug on high energy prices

From smart meters, to the Green Energy Act, to the Samsung subsidy, electricity bills are skyrocketing. When you add in the impact of the HST and other rate increases, the annual cost of electricity bills for Ontario families is set to increase by another $732 per year by 2015, according to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. Premier McGuinty is running Ontario's hydro system in a way that is unsustainable.
10 Dec 2010

Green collapse

With the market for wind shrinking, Denmark's Vestas, the world's largest wind-turbine company, recently announced it is closing five production facilities in Denmark and Sweden and laying off 3,000 workers ...The coming collapse of the renewables industry - largely a creature of backroom lobbying for government favours by multinationals - is also evident on this side of the ocean.
6 Dec 2010

Seeing red over Green Energy Act

Ballard began to voice his objections to the project and the lack of public input, starting with Haldimand County staff. He learned the County has no input into energy projects that are approved under the Green Energy Act. Under Part II of the act municipal by-laws can't prevent or restrict designated renewable energy projects.
1 Dec 2010

Recent SUNCOR windfarm approval to be legally challenged

The appeal is based chiefly on the issue of serious harm to human health from both noise and low-frequency sound. The appeal raises numerous issues including the MOE's apparently admitted inability to predict, measure, or assess noise levels; the lack of regulations for low-frequency sound; and the seemingly double standard that permits wind turbines to be sited closer to project participants than non-participants.
30 Nov 2010

The big lie

The shrillness and sheer emptiness of the McGuinty Liberals' arguments on the energy file has been revealing in recent weeks. It is, I think, a measure of the desperation the provincial government is feeling less than a year away from an election. They realize the anger and resentment they've stirred up in rural Ontario, where they have unleashed their industrial wind energy experiments.
28 Nov 2010

Miller slams Green Energy Act

Federal MP Larry Miller is again wading into provincial politics by slamming Ontario's Green Energy Act and supporting a call for a moratorium on wind farms pending a "proper" study into the health effects of giant turbines. "I've just been inundated. Everywhere I go, people want to know my stand on the windmill issue," the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Conservative MP said Friday in an interview.
27 Nov 2010

Editorial: wind towers

Premier Dalton McGuinty would like everybody to believe that his government is leading a green revolution with its wind power policies. McGuinty's motives are clear: he wants to appear green and putting up wind turbines is something "green" for him to point to. However, just because the Premier says they are "green" doesn't mean they are green.
26 Nov 2010

Green goals, bigger bills

The Green Energy Act has wobbled on the way toward its goal of replacing coal-fired electricity in the province with clean, renewable energy. ...The Liberals conceded that the 1 per cent rate increase promised a little over a year ago was wildly optimistic, and that the hike would be 7.9 per cent annually for the next five years.
26 Nov 2010

P.E.I. Energy Accord could cost $220M

Energy Minister Richard Brown admitted Tuesday a deal to cut electricity rates for P.E.I. consumers could cost as much as $220 million, adding to the province's debt. Brown made the admission after being pressed on the numbers in the legislature by energy critic Mike Currie.
24 Nov 2010

Does Ontario's Green Energy Act pass the ‘net benefit' test?

The policy goals and intent of the Green Energy Act may well come undone under the withering glare of disaffected and angry consumers. Thus, there's an urgent need to begin the process of reducing the largesse provided to those who have become adept at securing private benefits -albeit under the convenient disguise of green - at the expense of the captive consumer.
15 Nov 2010
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