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Talks between WAPA, small power provider fall through

ST. CROIX - The territory's Water and Power Authority announced Monday that contract talks with wind-power producer Innoventor Technologies had failed, ending a process that WAPA and Innoventor had promised would bring affordable, renewable energy to the Virgin Islands.
10 May 2006

Wind turbines will be eyesores

Now we wonder what it would be like with the threat of construction of huge wind turbines with the constant noise and the strobe lights, which would mean that never again would we see the beauty of the sunset.
9 May 2006

Energy rates slated for huge jump - Maritime Electric predicts rise of 40 per cent in 2007 due to cost of bringing in alternative power.

In the provincial legislature Friday, Liberal House Leader Richard Brown said the Island’s main power utility is being hit with major expense hikes, due in part to the rising cost of energy generally, but also to the added expenses that will come with the promotion of wind energy and other power sources.
8 May 2006

It's the climate, stupid

The challenge for renewables like sunshine and wind is that they are less energy-dense than fossil fuels and intermittent in supply. Advocates get excited about these alternatives, but we do need to estimate the extra capital and energy costs for concentrating low-density energy such as ethanol and storing intermittent energy like wind power.
7 May 2006

Anti-turbine Amaranth group forming

Except for a promise to retain the "airstrip" designation for private airfields, as opposed to "airports," in its Official Plan, Amaranth council would commit itself to nothing by the end of a sometimes emotional two-hour presentation by three delegations.
4 May 2006

Review the science

Aside from the dubious origins of the Climate 90 letter, it certainly supports the Skeptic 60 claim that there is major disagreement among scientists.
20 Apr 2006

Wind farms an alternative

PORT BURWELL -- Pea-soup fog shrouded dozens of wind turbines near here yesterday, lifting just in time for the official launch of Ontario's largest and newest wind farm, which stretches along the Lake Erie shoreline. But energy expert Tom Adams warns the future of wind power projects in Ontario remains clouded.
14 Apr 2006

One man's garbage is another's gold

Wind and solar power have a much higher profile as sources of renewable energy. Yet, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, based in the United States, biomass provides almost 30 times more energy to Americans than wind and solar power combined.
11 Apr 2006
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