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Wind power project cancelled

Benchlands Wind Power Corp. of Calgary has withdrawn its proposed wind power project, which was selected in the first phase of SaskPower's environmentally preferred power (EPP) program, the Crown corporation said Monday
13 Jun 2006

Turbine opposition heats up in Amaranth

A group calling itself the Amaranth Citizens Coalition (ACC) has called a public meeting for June 20, and the group's spokesman at township council Wednesday left no doubt that its aim would be to fight rezoning for wind turbines every step of the way.
9 Jun 2006

CanWEA Releases New Siting Guidelines and Model Zoning Bylaw for Small Wind Turbines

OTTAWA, ON, May 31 /CNW Telbec/ - The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) today released a report designed to facilitate the installation of small wind turbines across Canada. The report provides guidance for both consumers and municipalities on "Best Practices" that will ensure the proper installation of turbines under 300 kilowatts (kW) rated capacity in Canadian homes, farms and businesses.
1 Jun 2006

Ontario strains power grid

New York State and the U.S. Midwest could find it challenging and expensive to balance their own energy needs this summer if an extended heat wave forces Ontario to eat into U.S. power supply, according to the U.S. agency that regulates electricity transmission.
19 May 2006

Harvesting the wind

Fledgling industry spins forward in Ontario. Energy Probe's Tom Adams says he's a big fan of wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, but says the province's Liberal government is going about it all wrong.
13 May 2006

Harvesting the Wind

If wind power is always an exotic, costly and unreliable source of electricity preferred by wonks, counter- culture people and enthusiasts, it will never really go anywhere and it risks a rebellion from consumers." Moreover, says Adams, neither nuclear or wind energy will fill the void caused by shutting down coal-burning plants. Coal has the advantage of being ramped up or down to meet variable demand -- something neither nuclear or wind projects can do.
13 May 2006

Winds of change stir up Amaranth

Amaranth resident Ian Reed, who made a plea against wind turbines at the township council last week, says he's obtaining letters from persons on the 10th Line who claim not to have received notices of the change to concrete poles after the council had approved wooden ones for the transmission line.
11 May 2006
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