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Wind turbine opponents beg to differ

A report released last week by Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, says there is no scientific evidence directly linking wind turbines to health problems. ...But critics say King's report simply rehashes old studies and doesn't give weight to complaints from more than 100 people across Ontario who've blamed wind turbines on everything from dizzy spells and nausea to hearing loss and heart attacks.
26 May 2010

Wind Turbines: Some deeper questions

David Orton and Helga Hoffmann-Orton of Pictou County, provide a thoughtful commentary on the recently released book, Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment written by Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, K-Selected Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009, 292 pages, paperback, ISBN-13: 978-0-9841827-0-1.
1 May 2010

Wind turbine opponents claim health concerns ignored

As the provincial government moves ahead with its ambitious plan to ramp up wind farm construction, a few hundred residents living in the shadows of turbines turned up at Queen's Park Wednesday claiming the Liberals' Green Energy Act is endangering their health and democratic rights. Bruce County resident Norma Schmidt held a sign listing the health problems she's experienced since turbines were installed 450 metres from her home.
28 Apr 2010

Noise tops turbine angst

A public consultation in the Montgomery neighbourhood Wednesday became open season for residents to air concerns about a proposed wind turbine at the Saskatoon landfill. ..."The main concerns I've heard that are typical for any wind power development are sound from the wind turbine, shadow flicker, and we heard some concerns about vibration," said Kevin Hudson, the city's alternative energy engineer. Additionally, people are worried about the esthetics.
22 Apr 2010

Testing wind turbines for noise

With the turbines up and running, a local man is concerned about noise levels coming from a nearby wind farm. Quebec-based Boralex has a five-turbine operation close to the Mallard Line residence of Paul Kirktown. "We don't hear them all the time," he said. "(But) it's woke us up at night and kept us awake."
21 Apr 2010

Controversy blows in about the health effects of wind turbines

Companies applying for wind farms require only two things: Renewable energy approval from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and a power contract with Ontario Power Authority. What isn’t apparently required is any sort of health study examining the effects of living beneath several of these behemoths; even though the province openly admits more needs to be known.
31 Mar 2010

Actions fall short of health study, wind group says

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Rick Johnson has written City of Kawartha Lakes council in the aftermath of local school concerns over wind turbines. The Trillium Lakelands District School Board has officially given its backing to the Manvers Gone With The Wind group, which is looking for the Ontario government to produce an independent study on the health effects of wind turbines.
11 Mar 2010

Are wind farms a health risk?

Wind energy is blowing hot right now. Nationwide, wind farms are bringing in renewable energy and jobs, such as in Montana, as detailed in "Propelling Growth." Overall, wind turbines in the United States generated 52 billion kilowatt hours in 2008 ...The number of wind turbines in the U.S. nearly doubled between 2006 and 2008, according to the DOE. But it isn't all good, according to Dr. Nina Pierpont, who has studied families living near wind turbines.
1 Mar 2010

Turbine opponents organize in Meaford

Wind Concerns Meaford is holding a public meeting on Wednesday to raise awareness about wind energy concerns in the municipality and elsewhere. At least one developer has a wind testing tower in the former Sydenham Township near Balaclava. Organic farmer Nicholos Schaut is one of the evening's speakers. ...He said his family moved to get away from the effects of wind turbines that were located too close to the family home and a nearby potential aggregate development proposal.
1 Mar 2010

Transformers at Canadian Hydro Developers wind energy facility

Chd_twotransformers_thumb This photo shows the two transformers now installed at Canadian Hydro Developers' Melancthon I and II industrial wind energy facility (total 133-turbines). The project is located in Melancthon and Amaranth townships two hours northwest of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). The transformers occupy approximately 4.5 acres and are located 360 meters from the front door of a private residence owned by Paul Thompson. Mr. Thompson told that noise from the transformers has required he move out of his house at night and rent other accommodations.
19 Jan 2010

Province must examine possible health impacts of wind farms

On the surface, a wind farm project should be a welcomed addition to any community. ...But there is a well-organized contingent of residents who live in the area of the proposed wind farm who are gravely concerned the provincially-mandated setback will not be enough to block out the throbbing noise of the turbines and the high pitched noise of the electrical transformers.
16 Jan 2010

Noise annoys: Expert says people are suffering health problems from being too close to structures

Some might accuse John Harrison of tilting at wind turbines, but the retired Queen's University physics professor says he's got the science to prove that wind farms are bad for people's health. Harrison became an expert critic of wind technology -- and an ally of those who oppose it -- after learning that his retirement community of Amherst Island could become the site of a wind farm like the one on nearby Wolfe Island.
16 Jan 2010

North Gower, Richmond residents not swayed by wind project report

North Gower and Richmond residents worried about a proposal for industrial wind turbines near the villages are not reassured by a report on health effects from the noise produced by turbines. The report, released last month and sponsored by both the Canadian Wind Energy Association and the American Wind Energy Association, is titled Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects.
14 Jan 2010

Study funded by wind industry questioned

Still poised to respond to any renewed efforts by CASA Engineering and Construction to build a wind project in the St. Columban area, Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) is cynical about a recently released report from the wind industry stating that wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health. "This study is no big deal and no surprise. We still need an independent health study," says HEAT member Rob Tetu.
13 Jan 2010

Wind turbines can cause adverse health effects

The Society for Wind Vigilance (SWV) has released its analysis of the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association sponsored report on adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines. The SWV provides scientific and unbiased information on the adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines through a volunteer-based advocacy group of health and other professionals.
11 Jan 2010
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