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Wind farm wars playing out in rural Ontario

While wind opponents try to mobilize urbanites, other activists and municipal politicians are searching their wallets and bank accounts to defend themselves against legal challenges from wind energy developers. Esther Wrightman, a mother of two living near Kerwood, between Sarnia and London, is figuring out how to fight a lawsuit brought against her by NextEra, a company planning two wind developments in the area.
1 Aug 2013

Small island no place for giant turbines; Amherst Island would be overwhelmed by wind farm.

The placement of turbines is simply shocking. One will loom over our school and playground. Four turbines are to be built within steps of the Owl Woods. The whole of Amherst Island is an Important Bird Area of Global Significance, but this tiny area is particularly vulnerable. The Owl Woods is known internationally as having the greatest variety and number of owls in one place in Canada.
28 Jun 2013

Lack of information on health could be the way out of wind leases: Gillespie

Eric Gillespie, who currently is working for Plympton Wyoming in its court battle with Suncor Energy over wind turbine bylaws, gets "dozens" of calls from landowners who signed leases long before anyone realized the potential problems associated with the industrial turbines. ..."Those families who have agreed to take a turbine have given up their protection often without knowledge of the risks."
23 Jun 2013

Fergus researcher stands by 2010 turbine study; Critique notes information ‘not scientifically defensible'

Jeff Aramini, a Fergus, Ont. epidemiologist, is the co-author of the 2010 study, Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines Noise on Sleep and Health, which found the closer people were to the turbines, the more susceptible they were to health problems such as sleeplessness, head aches and problems around mental health. ..."It is clear, based on our study and how consistent it is with more and more studies coming out, people are getting sick," said Aramini. "It's not made up."
6 Jun 2013

Board told of ‘real effects' of turbines

The man who represents a group of people who own property near a proposed New Ross-area wind farm says the project "is ripping this community apart." Emery Peters gave an impassioned closing argument Wednesday as a provincial Utility and Review Board hearing into the appeal of the South Canoe wind farm wrapped up.
5 Jun 2013

Head-on with giant

In a Goliath-vs-David dispute, NextEra Energy Canada says Esther Wrightman is discrediting it, depreciating its goodwill in the community and mutilating its copyrighted logo. NextEra Energy's operating revenue in 2012 was $14 billion.
4 Jun 2013

Peer-reviewed commentary published in Canadian family physician journal

A peer-reviewed article in the official journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada says its members should expect to see increasing numbers of rural patients reporting adverse effects from exposure to industrial wind turbines. The commentary, published in the May issue of Canadian Family Physician, says turbines can harm human health if built too close to where people live.
18 May 2013

Couple heartened by court wind decision

Gail Kenney welcomed a court ruling last week that supports landowners' right to seek compensation if their property values are lowered by wind turbines. ...Last Tuesday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dismissed a lawsuit by landowners seeking compensation for lowered property values caused by a proposed wind energy development.
30 Apr 2013

Ontario court allows lawsuits against wind company and landowners just a matter of time

The court has specifically recognized that claims against wind companies and against landowners who agree to host wind turbines are possible as soon as projects receive approval. [Para. 37] "There are many people who have been waiting to see how the courts would respond to these types of claims" said lawyer Eric Gillespie, whose firm acts for the plaintiffs in the actions. "It now seems clear that as soon as a project is approved residents can start a claim.
23 Apr 2013
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