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Special Report: Tilting at Windmills

Lorrie Gillis is no Don Quixote and she doesn't think her enemies are imaginary, nor does she believe her battle is a lost cause, so she continues to "tilt" at the wind power companies that want to turn the rolling farmland in her rural neighbourhood into a wind farm, and the provincial government, that through its proposed new Green Act, will take away her right to oppose the plan she says will destroy the peaceful enjoyment of her property.
30 Apr 2009

Emu farmers worry about windmills

The noise and vibration from heavy equipment has been known to frighten emus to death, Debi VanTassel said in a recent interview. She wonders what living near a wind turbine will be like. Ms. VanTassel has another worry, though. Her husband is an epileptic who may have grand mal seizures. They can't have wallpaper in their home because the patterns could seem to come alive and bother Mr. VanTassel.
13 Apr 2009

Wind farm helps end coal use: Smitherman; About 50 protesters at Enbridge official opening

About 50 protesters greeted officials, with signs and placards reading "Windfarms Make People Sick," "Welcome to Hell," "Save Our Skyline" and "Health before Politics." "I consider myself a green person, but there's controversy on how green (wind turbines) actually are," said Norma Schmidt of the former Bruce Township, adding that she and her husband Ron have had problems sleeping since the project was commissioned.
4 Apr 2009

Wolfe Island is sacrificial lamb of green energy policy

With the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, it actually seems as though Ontarians are being asked to "buy in" to having no say as to what happens in their "backyard." The wind turbine development on Wolfe Island is not only unsightly on what was once a beautiful, peaceful and pastoral island but it will provide insignificant power to the grid at only intermittent intervals.
17 Mar 2009

Ontario to clear way for eco energy projects

It's green and mean. At least some say so. The Ontario government is introducing green legislation next week expected to strip the right of local councils to oppose wind farms and other green industry projects. Wind farms are a prime example of the type of green industry the province is trying to encourage to generate clean electricity and foster growth in new industries.
16 Feb 2009

Wind-turbine farm's impact 'unacceptable,' county hears

On Tuesday afternoon, McGuinty told the London Chamber of Commerce new legislation will stop special-interest groups or municipal governments from blocking wind turbines, solar panels or biofuel plants on any grounds other than safety or environmental concerns. On Wednesday morning, Tiny Township Deputy Mayor George Lawrence appealed to the county's Corporate Services Committee for aid in stopping a six-turbine farm on Conc. 19 of Tiny, including possibly two turbines within the Cedar Point Tract of county forests, north of Lafontaine, not far from the peninsular coastline.
13 Feb 2009

Turbine complaints 'absurd'

Opponents of wind turbines off the Scarborough Bluffs have worked themselves into an "artificial lather" as the government prepares to force "green" energy projects on neighbourhoods, says Energy Minister George Smitherman. ...Depending on the nature of the projects and their proximity to homes and neighbourhoods, the effort to boost Ontario's supply of clean electricity could end up eroding the value of the biggest asset many Ontarians own - their homes, said Progressive Conservative MPP and justice critic Christine Elliott
12 Feb 2009

NIMBY mentality unacceptable when it comes to green-energy projects, McGuinty says

The not-in-my backyard syndrome will not be allowed to halt green energy projects in Ontario and the jobs they bring, Premier Dalton McGuinty told a London audience today. He said if all safety and environmental standards are met, communities will not be allowed to reject wind turbines, solar panels or biofuel plants simply because they don't like them. He said the new Green Energy Act his government will enact is intended to prevent such barriers to green energy projects and the 50,000 jobs they bring.
10 Feb 2009

Is Shear Wind misleading Environment Department?

In returning Shear Wind's initial Environment Assessment registration document for more information, the prior minister of environment, Mark Parent, afforded Shear Wind, Inc. a full year to get it right. Instead, they responded in less than two months with a document that is still incomplete and now abuses the related technical literature. Large blocks of text (100 words and more) in the health section are essentially identical to text in a report authored by the Ohio Department of Health. There are neither quotation marks nor any attributions to the original work.
27 Jan 2009

Farmers attempt to block power line

Farmers in southern Alberta have filed an appeal with the province against a proposed transmission line that would cut a swath through prime irrigation land, arguing the Montana-Alberta Tie Line does not meet the public interest. A group of 16 landowners, lead by the Lavesta Area Group, want to see the 346-kilometre line between Lethbridge and Great Falls, Mont., rerouted five kilometres east of the provincially and federally approved route.
26 Jan 2009

Wind issue is more about money than green energy

We understand how easy it is to think superficially about this wind project when one does not live in the wind designated area. Those of us who live in the designated wind zone must look deeper and therefore have requested that this industry be regulated so our children and grandchildren will have the option of living here without living under the blades of wind turbines and high voltage wires.
20 Jan 2009

Wind energy pilot project slated for Pete Eager fire hall

Golden Sheep Power is conducting a study to see how people react to the equipment in a urban setting, from a visual and auditory perspective. The results may later be considered by the city for a bylaw to allow residents to install small, renewable-energy generators at their homes. "It will be up so that the public can make comment," said Adrian Smedstad, head of the company's research and development team.
19 Jan 2009

Ottawa Valley residents may be tilting at windmills; At least those they worry may ruin their view or damage their health

Opponents are seeking greater setbacks than the required 400 metres between the 360-ft. towers and neighbouring homes. Prowind has proposed a 500-metre setback. Prowind managing director Bart Geleynse Jr. said that, while wind power installations may be held up by opposition, it's provincial government policy to implement alternative energy producers and that's what's going to happen.
18 Jan 2009

Residents fear impact of wind farm; Many worry turbines will hurt health, property values

The residents of North Gower who crowded into a small community hall to hear about the wind farm proposed for their backyard know the time for green power has come, but that didn't stop worries about the impact of giant turbines on their health and property values. ...Many of the 300 who filed through the three-hour information session supported the idea of moving to more renewable fuels, but questioned how the sight and sound of the turbines would affect them and drive down the value of their properties.
8 Jan 2009

Still seeking answers from Shear Wind

An appeal for support of the project circulated by District 1 councillor Kelly McVicar on behalf of Shear Wind Inc. early this month made a plea for alternative energy as ‘educational' and for this project as a needed precedent. I am not quite sure what is educational about a power plant, unless the intended meaning was that we be educated about its dangers and failings, but I am very sure that precedents already exist. ...The most damning piece of educational material on hand goes to the root of the justification for erecting turbines and subsidizing the companies doing so: they contribute virtually nothing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
7 Jan 2009

Will we see (one thousand and) six wind turbines in our valley?

Look out, here they come. When I first heard about the wind turbines coming to the Valley, I did not have many thoughts on the subject. It all sounded interesting - good, clean renewable energy. It showed that the Valley was concerned about global warming and showing the world that we wanted to help. ...Then I started reading the signs - "Get informed, know the facts - know the risks."
7 Jan 2009

Caution to the Wind

No doubt about it, green is good. So why is it that across the country, more and more people are seeing red over wind energy? Some say that in the rush to develop wind power, current government regulations aren't doing enough to protect human health, or the environment. ..."I think the government really needs to step up to the plate and make sure they do their due diligence and make sure they do their history checks on where they are putting these wind turbines because it's about location, location, location," said one member. "The government has made rural Ontario residents expendable in the name of green energy."
27 Dec 2008

Turbines defended

A lot of the literature surrounding the pros and cons of wind farms, "seems to be confusing in terms of differing opinions," he said. "Our council would like to ensure they are safe and safely regulated." It also wants to know whether setbacks established elsewhere in Ontario have proved to be adequate, Schnare said. "There are emerging issues coming from other areas of the province."
13 Dec 2008
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