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Liberals blow it on wind energy

McGuinty tried to take a great leap forward, essentially imposing wind power on Ontarians, instead of nurturing it, with the Green Energy Act. It limits municipalities' powers to block wind projects. And an untendered $7-billion contract with South Korean firm Samsung to develop 2,500 megawatts of wind and solar power in Ontario seems like an unseemly sweetheart deal.
7 Jul 2011

Ontario parties clash on wind turbines

Wind Concerns Ontario, an umbrella group for more than 50 anti-turbine groups, is sworn to toppling the Liberals. "If they want to stand by their green energy policies, then they can go down to defeat Oct. 6," Wind Concerns president John Laforet said. He's been on a speaking tour denouncing the Liberals and their Green Energy Act.
5 Jun 2011

Every little bit doesn't really help

This business of multiplying up by the "number of homes" is a common device in the alternative-energy and climatechange industries. Pretty much every week there is a new announcement of some new wind farm coming on stream, about to power six hundred homes, or a thousand homes, or six thousand homes. But you should be skeptical of these assertions. The homes device is just a way of making the numbers sound big when they aren't.
25 May 2011

Premier defends energy plan

The government has agreed to purchase wind power at above-market prices, whether the system needs it or not at any given time, forcing the IESO to sometimes sell off surplus power and turn off the taps on cheaper sources of electricity, Adams said.
28 Apr 2011

Smart is dumb

To understand what the smart grid is supposed to be, and supposed to do, think Internet by analogy: The power company would be akin to an Internet service provider, the smart grid akin to the Internet network ...In contrast, the smart grid, which is unprofitable, would carry mostly low-value electricity, which is unprofitable, from solar panels and other incapable devices, which are unprofitable.
5 Mar 2011

Time to deep-six the Green Energy Act

The FIT program led to a run to Ontario by investors seeking to cash in on over-market pricing. The FIT and MicroFIT programs took a big hit recently as McGuinty and three of his ministers tried to quietly back away from some of the more onerous aspects of the GEA. No offshore wind, due to a voter backlash, and mea culpas (via the OPA) to 1000 small solar investors due to technical problems.
3 Mar 2011

Offshore wind: Ontario's moratorium right decision

Locally, there has been a great deal of legitimate concern about the impact of a proposal to put 715 turbines in lakes Erie and St. Clair. Residents, doctors and municipal politicians have expressed concern that wind turbine construction would stir up sediment and possibly release toxins near the intake pipes channelling water into treatment plants. There have also been questions about the impact of the giant turbines on fish and wildlife.
2 Mar 2011

Big mistake made in turbine fight

For years, Premier Dalton McGuinty has made an art of dividing rural Ontarians from urban. Now he's gone one better, seeking to split the wealthiest rural landowners, those with lakefront property, from the rest of us. It's a breathtaking display of cynicism and a move that, in pure political terms, is clever.
2 Mar 2011

Wind advocate warns against policy shifts

Contracts now being awarded pay wind developers 13.5 cents a kilowatt hour. The current wholesale market price for generators in Ontario is about 3.3 cents. (Consumers pay much more than that. A "global adjustment" collected to pay generators that have signed contracts to sell their power at above-market rates more than doubles the wholesale price. In addition, consumers pay charges for the wires that deliver the power, a fee to retire the debt incurred by the old Ontario Hydro, and administrative costs.)
26 Feb 2011

Province green-lights 40 renewable energy projects

Forty new green energy projects - mostly solar and wind power - have been given the go-ahead by the Ontario government. Energy minister Brad Duguid said Thursday that four large wind projects, totalling 615 megawatts of power have been approved, along with 35 solar projects totalling 257 megawatts, and one 500-kilowatt water project.
24 Feb 2011

Ontario election sows green energy uncertainty

The outcome of an autumn election in Ontario could stunt a budding renewable energy industry in the Canadian province just as it is becoming one of the world's hot investment destinations. If the opposition Progressive Conservatives win power on Oct. 6, the party has promised to scrap generous rates for renewable energy producers just two years after their launch by the Liberal government.
14 Feb 2011
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