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Turbines on the water a bad idea

The recent announcement issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for proposed wind turbine farms in the Great Lakes is deeply disturbing and an example on how far we will go in destroying ourselves in the name of green energy; in this case, electricity and job creation. The Great Lakes should be treated with the same respect as we do our national parks and monuments.
27 Mar 2010

United front urged on offshore wind turbine plan

Area municipalities and the Essex Region Conservation Authority should develop a regional response to the 700 offshore turbines proposed for lakes Erie and St. Clair, Kingsville council agreed Monday. "It appears to me the whole thing is stacked against municipalities and citizens," Coun. Tamara Stomp said of the new Green Energy Act.
9 Mar 2010

Wind and health

Society for Wind Vigilance chair Bob McMurtry was in Thunder Bay Friday to talk about wind turbines and the adverse health affects associated with them. McMurtry, an orthopedic surgeon and professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario, has been lobbying the provincial government to obtain third-party studies on wind farms since 2008.
20 Feb 2010

700 wind turbines proposed for lakes Erie, St. Clair

Seven hundred offshore wind turbines are being proposed for Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair including 165 turbines north of Lakeshore and wind farms off Amherstburg, Colchester, Kingsville and Leamington. SouthPoint Wind of Leamington had already proposed 15 turbines in three spots off the shores of Kingsville and Leamington. If SouthPoint gets approval for that project, it is proposing a 1,400 megawatt project with 13 wind farms.
18 Feb 2010

RM concerned about potential wind farm impact

Plans for a wind farm in southeastern Saskatchewan are up in the air pending further study. Council for the Rural Municipality of Martin voted Friday to revisit the proposed Red Lily Wind Farm Project, near Moosomin, at its meeting on March 17. In the meantime, a committee has been struck to gather more information about the project and the potential impact of wind turbines.
13 Feb 2010

Resisting the winds of change; Ontario community concerned with the proximity of wind farms to residents

Situated south of Belleville between the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, the region is a peninsula. The high and relatively consistent airflow makes it attractive to wind-powered energy developers. However, business and citizen groups in the county argue that wind power developments pose a threat to human health and safety, wildlife, and the economic prosperity in the region.
13 Feb 2010

Melancthon petitions ministry on wind farms

Melancthon ...has petitioned the provincial government for a moratorium on industrial wind farm development. The township council's Feb. 4 decision was based on a combination of the Green Energy Act (GEA), the reassessment of an Amaranth property on the basis of transformer noise, and the fact that the council had learned of plans for a 100-megawatt wind farm on 3,500 acres only by way of a news release.
11 Feb 2010

Paradise lost for many rural dwellers

Rural life often has a bucolic image of neat farm fields and undulating hills, especially when contrasted with the crowded housing and traffic jams of urban living. People flee the degradation of cities for the countryside, but when they get there, they find anything but clean, green open spaces. From sewage-spreading to wind farms and gravel pits to garbage dumps, many people in rural areas are finding themselves involved in environmental issues that almost never afflict urban dwellers.
19 Dec 2009

Residents express concerns about NextEra plans for 12-turbine wind farm

About 100 people came to the Moorefield Community Centre on Dec. 2 to hear about the Conestogo Wind Farm Project proposed in northeast Maple­ton Township. ..."Most people in this room do not want these industrial turbines in their community," [Lorrie] Gillis said in an interview. According to her, 600 turbines operating in Ontario have led to about 100 surveys re­turned to WindVoice by nearby residents citing health problems. She said there are many more who "suffer in silence".
11 Dec 2009

West Grey residents take 'NIMBY' stance on wind turbines

Before members of council at Monday morning's council meeting in West Grey, Mike McMurray, along with a large group of residents from West Grey, filed into the council chambers to protest the proposed wind turbines. McMurray spoke on behalf of the group about the concerns about wind turbines, with a powerful message of not in my backyard. He said that, in this case, the not-in-my-backyard sentiment is appropriate when it comes to health and side effects of building them.
11 Dec 2009

Turbine Concerns

Perhaps you have noticed the 'Stop the Wind Turbine' signs that have been put up along the highways and biways in the former Manvers Township in the past few weeks, and wondered why they are there. Manvers Township, which includes Pontypool and Bethany, is in a proposed industrial wind turbine study area. As local residents who will be affected greatly if the turbines are erected, we have a number of issues.
11 Dec 2009

Neighbours want Shear Wind turbine project grounded

The people living closest to the new wind farm at Browns Mountain near Merigomish want the project halted so wind energy can be studied more closely. If that doesn't happen, they want a guarantee of financial compensation if their property values plummet, the noise of 30 turbines affects their health, construction damages their water supply or the project involves any other negative effects. Such problems have occurred in other places, said a spokeswoman for the Eco Awareness Society.
29 Nov 2009

Wind-power project fuels divisive debate among Haida

Band governing body's role in $2-billion windmill farm stirs controversy over potential environmental risks to ancestral landmark. A spit of land that native legend says is the birthplace of human life on earth is at the heart of a debate that has divided the Haida Nation. It lies adjacent to the site of a proposed $2-billion energy project build Canada's first offshore wind farm in Hecate Strait, near the northeastern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
26 Nov 2009

Residents to meet with minister over wind farm

Six Digby Neck residents will visit Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau Wednesday in Halifax to ask a few questions about a planned wind turbine park. "We're trying to find out his reasoning for approving this turbine site in the first place," Evelyn Hayden said Monday. "We're just a group of concerned citizens that are trying to protect the health of everybody down here."
17 Nov 2009
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