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Bumps in the road

Here in Huron County we have municipalities struggling with how to regulate proposed wind farms. Those opposed to the turbines point to the potential of the health risks some have claimed are possible by living close to turbines. Others don't like the noise from the turbines. Others just don't like what they look like. Whatever the reason, it's clear the issue of wind farms is a controversy that won't go away soon.
28 Jan 2009

Ratepayer calls township to task; Resident wants to see wind farm resolution rescinded

Phyllis Hartwig is not happy with the resolution, passed by the municipality of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards on Jan. 7, requesting that the Ontario government place a moratorium on wind farms until further research is done ..."You're saying it's all good, good, good and we have people that have researched and come back and said bad, bad, bad. That's what council is facing. What we need are facts." Visneskie asked council members if they wanted to rescind their original motion, but they voted to let it stand as it is.
28 Jan 2009

Nod for turbine setbacks - Bluewater council

After two failed motions, Bluewater council passed their bylaw outlining setbacks for the construction of wind turbines from urban settlements, dwellings and roads. ...councillors didn't think changes should be made because they heard such positive feedback from constituents regarding the 1,000 metre setback. Coun. Tyler Hessel says he received phone calls from farmers telling him "good job" on confirming the 1,000 metre setback.
27 Jan 2009

Contract awarded for windmills in County

They may not be erected yet but the energy produced by windmills planned for Prince Edward County already has a buyer. The Ontario Power Authority has awarded long-term contracts for six green energy projects in the province ...Prince Edward County council passed a motion asking senior governments to study the health effects of wind turbines to assist them in the ongoing debate.
24 Jan 2009

Wind bylaw continues to draw controversy

About 75 people crowded into the Municipal District of Pincher Creek building's basement, some spilling into the hallway, on Jan. 20 to take part in a public hearing about proposed changes to bylaws 1062-02 and 1140-08. The former, the Municipal Development Plan bylaw is being looked at by MD Council to change to 1153-08, and the latter, the Land Use bylaw, to become 1154-08.
23 Jan 2009

Council blows past wind turbine bylaw

Central Huron council has defeated a proposed bylaw to regulate wind turbine use within the municipality. Their decision came following a public presentation regarding changes to the bylaw by planner Susanna Reid, as well as input from several local residents. The purpose of the bylaw would be to regulate turbines in the event that the current restrictions, referred to as "the orange zone" put in place by the Ontario Power Authority are lifted, leaving community wind farms able to connect to the distribution grid.
21 Jan 2009

Bluewater contemplates wind turbine regulations

A public meeting was held Jan. 12 to allow for feedback on proposed bylaw amendments that would regulate commercial scale wind turbines in the Municipality of Bluewater. Bluewater was contemplating a proposed zoning bylaw amendment that would require commercial scale wind turbines to sit at least two kilometres east of Highway 21 (Bluewater Highway), one kilometre from urban zones and 2.5 km from the ends of air strips.
21 Jan 2009

New setback for Wind Farm

Northland Power's Grand Bend Wind Turbine project hit a road block at Bluewater Council. After two motions were squashed due to a tied vote, on the third try councilors voted 6-4 in favour of a by-law on how far the turbines should be setback from the East side of Highway 21. The setback they decided will be one thousand metres.
20 Jan 2009

Wind energy policies vote deferred at County

County council deferred voting on its wind-energy policies Wednesday in order to continue to receive recommendations from the public and the province. The official plan amendments relating to alternative and renewable energy policies -- mandated by the Provincial Policy Statement -- have been put off until later this month or next on the recommendation of staff in the community and strategic planning office.
15 Jan 2009

Proposed Point Tupper wind farm gets environmental approval

A planned $55-million wind farm here has received conditional provincial environmental approval. ...When the project was unveiled, it was noted the turbines would be delivered this spring and installed over the summer, and would go into operation in the fall. The province is striving to have 20 per cent of its electricity produced from renewable energy sources by 2013.
11 Jan 2009

The wind beneath their turbines; NSP vows to be supportive, flexible for wind farm developers

"All of these contracts are ba­sically being done on the back of Nova Scotia Power's balance sheet," Chris Huskilson, presi­dent of Emera Inc., told The Chronicle Herald's editorial board Tuesday in Halifax. "Any­body telling me they can't raise money on Nova Scotia Power's balance sheet . . . I have a little trouble with that."
7 Jan 2009

Essex considers wind farms ban

The Town of Essex became the first area municipality to propose a ban Monday on wind turbine projects until all health questions raised by residents are clearly answered by provincial experts. "We are gambling with the health, safety and quality of life of the people around us," said Coun. Ron Rogers, who proposed the ban. "We need answers and guidance from our provincial ministries." ...Maureen Anderson of the Essex County Wind Action Group said a handful of Ontario municipalities have already proposed bans on wind turbines, and the number appears to be growing.
15 Dec 2008

Stratford gives first reading to wind energy bylaw

The idea is to promote the safe, effective and efficient use of small wind energy systems to reduce on-site consumption of utility-supplied electricity while providing reasonable controls to protect public health and safety without significantly increasing the cost or decreasing the efficiency of a wind-energy system. ...Any wind turbine that goes up must be set back at least 2.1 times the height of the turbine from the property line, 1.2 times the height back from any road, right-of-way, trail and public space boundaries.
12 Dec 2008

Wind energy issues continue to blow through Oxford

Council spent several hours discussing wind energy as part of a series of amendments to the official plan in order to bring Oxford's planning rules into compliance with provincial policy. ...The only speaker to this parcel of amendments was Joan Morris, neighbour to the proposed development in Norwich and founding member of the Oxford Wind Action Group. Morris led council through a presentation encouraging it to delay and defer any planning rules that would facilitate large-scale wind farms until epidemiological medical studies on their impact had been completed.
11 Dec 2008

Wind turbine developer wants time

A Nova Scotia developer poised to build a $150-million wind turbine park next year near New Glasgow is looking for more time to get the project up and running. Mike Magnus, president of Shear Wind, said the current economic climate has made it difficult for wind developers to raise money. "I think there are (wind) projects jeopardized and challenged right now," Mr. Magnus said Friday.
6 Dec 2008

Council revises turbine review; Size and location remain issues

Hot air in the council chambers could lead to stiffer Barrie breezes down the road. Unhappy with planning staff's policy review of wind turbines, city councillors decided Monday they'd like it to consider higher structures and turbines in some residential areas. "It is not progressive enough," Coun. Lynn Strachan said of the policy review. "It does not support what we are trying to do.
3 Dec 2008

Locals at a boiling point over wind farm

Tension over the wind farm project seems to be reaching a breaking point in the Guildwood community. A thousand people flooded into an information session hosted by Toronto Hydro at Sir Wilfred Laurier Collegiate Institute on Nov. 24 where they debated the positive and negative effects of the proposed offshore wind farm.
29 Nov 2008

ELGV turbine project up in air

An Ontario Municipal Board decision on Grand Valley Wind Farms is expected by the end of next month, but the proponent isn't certain when construction might begin, even if the project is approved. ...A decision in favour of the project would not solve all of the problems Wind Rush might be facing prior to construction. Wind Rush president J.C. Pennie said in an interview that a contract he had for the turbines expired on July 31 because of the lack of a municipal approval by that date.
27 Nov 2008

Ill wind blows for turbines; Even advocates advise caution on green projects

Worried by rising fuel costs and keen to demonstrate concern about climate change, politicians across Canada are devoted to renewable energy. But even some environmentalists are questioning whether the push to introduce such energy sources -- and particularly wind power -- has overtaken the responsibility to prudently plan. "People want to get in on wind power," said Mark Mattson, president of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. "It's good public relations.... But when you look at it from a provincial point of view and the ratepayers who are paying for it, it's not clear that it's in the best interest to build them."
24 Nov 2008
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