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Dalton's big green gamble

Premier Dalton McGuinty says his $7-billion deal with South Korea's Samsung Group to create 16,000 new jobs over six years will "make Ontario the place for green energy manufacturing in North America." He'd better hope so. That's a huge price tag to provide less than one-third of the 50,000 green jobs McGuinty promised would result from his Green Energy Act.
21 Jan 2010

Wind farm bad for environment, tourism and wildlife

Here in Northumberland, we live in one of the most beautiful counties east of Toronto. But, I am not sure our local governments really appreciate the effect of what is not in place for safety and environmental issues, and future protection from visual and noise pollution. Why the focus on large wind farms? They are not environmentally friendly and pose a real danger for wildlife and its future in the area. ...In addition, there is the visual pollution of the hills we use to attract tourists.
21 Jan 2010

The high cost of green power

A strategy to subsidize the province's nascent green energy industry is starting to sting businesses and many households that find themselves paying the biggest markups on electricity pricing in the country. Even as electricity demand - and market prices - dropped last year with the global economic downturn, electricity bills have risen steadily on the back of generous contracts signed by the province's power planning agency.
8 Jan 2010

Going greener will be costly

Nova Scotians may face higher electricity costs in the short term as the province moves toward cleaner and renewable energy, says the man in charge of overseeing Nova Scotia's renewable energy strategy. Dalhousie University's David Wheeler said Monday it is inevitable Nova Scotia Power customers will face a jump in prices ..."If we end up with a global carbon energy tax, then producing energy from coal is going to be very expensive for Nova Scotia consumers," Mr. Wheeler told reporters.
20 Oct 2009

Response: The myth of the Danish green energy ‘miracle'

It is important to understand why the Danish government, which appears to have commissioned Mr. Pedersen's comments, is sensitive to critiques of the Danish experience with wind power. Denmark is home to Vestas, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer, with 20,000 employees and a market share of between 20% and 25%. As the market for its turbines in Denmark and other European countries becomes saturated, it seeks to export the Danish experience worldwide. To this end, it recently ran a multi-million dollar global ad campaign with the slogan, "Believe in the wind," claiming that Denmark has solved the problem of dirty electricity through wind power.
11 May 2009

Wind consortium blasts Areva's Montreal move

Ontario shouldn't take the head office decision as a slight, said Laferrere. "The reason we chose Montreal is that it is already the centre of the wind industry in Canada," he said, pointing to the existence of other wind-turbine manufacturers around the area. "It's good to be in the same place as the others if you want to hire people." Laferrere suggested the concern was overblown. "This isn't a huge announcement here, it's just a structural and organizational announcement."
26 Feb 2009

Dalton McGuinty's "green" illusions on jobs

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has run afoul of two fallacies which plague governments with his new "Green Energy Act." The Act, which does not have a defined price-tag, would supposedly create 50,000 new jobs, putting people to work building windmills, solar power plants ...But there are some hard realities that suggest Premier McGuinty's plan isn't the smartest way to do it. Let's review the reasons why governments cannot create jobs, and why labelling them "green" doesn't change the basic dynamics.
9 Feb 2009

Slump dims alternative energy spark; Capital crunch starves new technologies

Lower prices for crude oil and natural gas may not have a lasting impact on expansion of the alternative energy sector in Western Canada-- but the current worldwide economic slowdown will, observers predict. ..."When push comes to shove in the budget process and you're concerned with funding people versus funding things, the short-run discount of protecting lives virtually always wins and investing in the future by building more renewables or encouraging more R&D in renewables tends to get less attention." That translates into fewer direct or indirect subsidies and fewer regulations designed to encourage the use of alternative energy.
2 Jan 2009

Living with the impact of windmills

Luxemburger-livingwithwindmills_thumb Chris Luxemburger is a real estate broker, director of the Brampton Real Estate Board and the Chairperson of the Real Estate By-Laws Committee in Ontario, Canada. In his survey of the three-year sales records for the Melancthon Wind Plant and surrounding area, Luxemburger found significant differences among 600 properties within and beyond three nautical miles of the plant. Those in proximity to wind turbines had either a higher rate of non-sale (11% vs. 3%) or took twice as long to sell. He summarizes his findings in this presentation.
1 Dec 2008

The quest for answers - and compensation - for electrical pollution on the farm

Both animal and human health is suffering from stray voltage that can cause catastrophic problems in the barn. But nailing down the precise causes and where the responsibility lies has proved a long and difficult struggle Driven out of business as a result of a raft of health and behaviour problems suffered by their herd, beef producers Ross and Darlene Brindley are suing Hydro One Networks Inc. and Edmonton Power Corporation (EPCOR) for a hefty $5 million. They claim that stray voltage from EPCOR's wind turbines not only destroyed their herd, but has also had a severe impact on their own health as well. And they are not alone.
1 Dec 2008

Has the sun set on clean tech?

Once a booming industry thanks to sky-high oil prices, the feel-good trend, carbon reduction and subsidies, the financial crisis has pushed investors to give up on green energies, and like the dot-com bubble of 2000, some analysts say it's about to burst. ..."I think economic reality will kill the green industry," said Mr. Buckee, who now lives in Britain and lectures on climate change. Solar energy isn't alone in its woes. Wind, biomass, biofuel and other "clean-tech" companies are getting pasted too as the financial crisis sends investors fleeing from technology names, dries up credit and freezes the IPO market.
13 Nov 2008

Minister fails to grasp the impact wind farms will have on tourism

When debating wind energy, there is one point we can all agree on: there are sites suited for wind energy and sites that are not. Our beautiful township is not suitable. The moratorium passed unanimously by our Township Council reflects this. One visit here and it will be clear to you. ...The point is, Mr. Smitherman, our main industry is tourism and recreation. Visitors drive for several hours to enjoy the sense of wilderness our beautiful township offers. They come here to get away from industry. Please understand, this township's livelihood and way of life depends largely on the natural beauty of this land.
5 Nov 2008

Crabbers' association requests review of wind farm project

A northcoast crabbers' organization is asking for a formal panel review of the NaiKun wind project, which plans to erect up to 100 turbines in Hecate Strait. The formal submission made earlier this month to the provincial Environmental Assessment Office by the Rupert-based Area "A" Crab Association requests the NaiKun project be referred to a panel review so it can receive funding to resolve what it calls major concerns about the proposed NaiKun Wind Farm.
17 Oct 2008
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