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WPD wind hearing continues in the County

Tuesday, the ERT heard testimony from Dr. Cornelia Baines, witness for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. ...Under cross-examination by APPEC counsel Eric Gillespie, Dr. Baines conceded that she knows nothing about wind turbine technology though she has read regularly about the health issues. She also admitted she has not seen patients since the 1980s and is not licensed to practice medicine.
25 Nov 2015

Turbines and tourism at odds: critics

The province didn't fully consider the work municipalities have done to promote such things as tourism while it was developing the Green Energy Act, say some opponents of large-scale wind turbine developments. It's a miscalculation the Liberal government at Queen's Park will come to regret, suggests former Meaford councillor Cynthia Lemon.
15 Dec 2010

Wind farm bad for environment, tourism and wildlife

Here in Northumberland, we live in one of the most beautiful counties east of Toronto. But, I am not sure our local governments really appreciate the effect of what is not in place for safety and environmental issues, and future protection from visual and noise pollution. Why the focus on large wind farms? They are not environmentally friendly and pose a real danger for wildlife and its future in the area. ...In addition, there is the visual pollution of the hills we use to attract tourists.
21 Jan 2010

P.E.I. urged to protect scenic vistas

A former tourism official with the provincial government says P.E.I. is not doing enough to protect its scenic vistas. Carol Horne, who now works for the Canadian Tourist Commission, said over the past two decades, only two areas of the island have been designated scenic zones - New London and Borden-Carleton.
19 Sep 2009

Minister fails to grasp the impact wind farms will have on tourism

When debating wind energy, there is one point we can all agree on: there are sites suited for wind energy and sites that are not. Our beautiful township is not suitable. The moratorium passed unanimously by our Township Council reflects this. One visit here and it will be clear to you. ...The point is, Mr. Smitherman, our main industry is tourism and recreation. Visitors drive for several hours to enjoy the sense of wilderness our beautiful township offers. They come here to get away from industry. Please understand, this township's livelihood and way of life depends largely on the natural beauty of this land.
5 Nov 2008

Caution urged on turbines

Town council should be cautious in approving locations for wind turbine projects until important natural features have been assessed, says Phil Roberts of the municipal environmental advisory committee. ..."You need to exercise caution," said Roberts. "There's a big learning curve in all of this." He said the county's eco-tourism market -- based largely on the bird and hawk migrations -- has to be kept in mind as wind turbines are sited.
26 Jun 2008

Minister of Tourism approves Wolfe Island Wind Project

On June 4, 2008, the Minister of Tourism confirmed the province's approval for the Wolfe Island Wind Project. Premier Dalton McGuinty asked the Minister to step in when the Environment Minister declared a conflict-of-interest on May 29, 2008. Controversy over the Wolfe Island Wind Project centres on the location of a handful of the 86-wind turbines that Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation hopes to build on the island later this year.
13 Jun 2008

Prince wind farm bus tour concept gets a flat; Would entail getting consent from private property owners: Brookfield

They learned that Brookfield could not agree to arrange scheduled bus tours of the wind farm, as outlined in the township's 2006 strategic plan, as bus tours would entail getting consent from all owners of private properties the buses would travel over, Lacourciere said. However, Brookfield has shown interest in the building of a viewing platform/ interpretive site, "where you can see multiple windmills and possibly a view of the lake," she added. "Both Brookfield and Tourism Sault Ste. Marie are committed to investing time to start that project, but no money has yet been officially invested.
4 Mar 2008

Farm group calls for cautious approach to wind farms; Warns of possible adverse effects on tourism, taxes

The Bruce County Federation of Agriculture is calling for measures to protect the county's tourism industry, farming operations and municipalities from the rapidly developing wind energy industry. "Recent studies in other countries have shown that large wind generating areas and tourism are not compatible. It would be a shame to lose the gains we have made in tourism by not having planning in place to make sure our tourism industry stays vibrant," federation president Robert Emerson told Bruce County council's agriculture, tourism and planning committee on Thursday.
28 Jul 2007

Dominican hoteliers glad that wind project changed site

The National Hotels and Restaurants Association (ASONAHORES) praised the Government's decision to solve the conflict regarding the construction of a wind energy park in Punta Cana (east), looking for a suitable place for that project and which doesn't affect tourism development. ASONAHORES president Luis Lopez said yesterday that he met with Tourism minister Felix Jiménez, and the executive vice-president of the Dominican energy czar Radhamés Segura, and it was agreed, as Tourism had proposed and his entity demanded, to relocate the project where it doesn't affect the zone's tourism expansion. The place originally selected by the Punta Cana-Macao energy group (CEPEM), is in an area zoned for tourism resorts, created by decree in 1986, and for which ASONAHORES had demanded adherence.
23 Mar 2007

Opposition to wind park on Dominican east coast grows

The Union of Owners of the lands and tourism projects at Punta Cana's Polygon 5 reiterated that the Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) seeks to install a wind energy park in the coastal strip at Cabo Engaño, Altagracia (Higuey) province (east), in private lands and without the required permits. But the CEPM affirms that it has the project's necessary permits. The president of the owners' organization Braulio Garrido warned that they are wiling to go to court and file charges for abuse authority against any official who violates the tourism legislation, the Law of Coasts and Seas, and decree 595-06 authorizing the construction of the wind mills, which he affirms would be the highest constructions built in that zone of the country. They stated that decree 595-06 issued by president Leonel Fernandez does not authorize CEPM to install a wind energy park in the coastal strip. "The first paragraph establishes that it authorizes that partnership to build project on their land of their property and we challenge the promoters of the wind energy park to present their deeds and permits authorizing them to occupy that place," he said. Garrido feels that it would be detrimental for the country if it decides to sell part of its lands to install a wind park in a tourism zone, affirming that the Union of Owners has 40 million square meters of land along the Cabo Engaño shoreline. He insists that the project affects tourism and pollutes the environment.
10 Mar 2007

The Wind Power Debate Continues to Produce Crosswinds of Controversy

From Barton, Vermont, to the German border with Denmark and from the shores of Lake Huron, to the Romney Marches of southern England, wind power advocates are fighting crosswinds from local residents. In Barton in mid-January, a referendum overwhelmingly rejected the wind power turbines that were planned near this upper Vermont community. ...In Germany, where one-third of the world's current wind power is generated, doubters have provoked a loud debate. The company that owns the grid that includes nearly half the wind-farms in Germany reported its wind farms generated only 11 percent of their capacity. The company said the winds vary so much the wind farm had to be backed 80 percent by the conventional power grid.
27 Jan 2007

Skepticism over tourist turbine

On behalf of a planning committee working with the Wind Power Inc. company, Elle presented a location in the north end of town. The location is serviced and is close to the future Wal-mart, which is likely to welcome recreation vehicles. The proposed turbine would be fully operational and most of the revenue would likely go back to Wind Power, with a small portion going towards maintaining an interpretive centre. Wind Power is one company interested in erecting the machine.
6 Oct 2006
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