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Letter writers ask First Nations people to reconsider Island wind development

When almost a hundred smaller wind turbines (only 400' high) were built on Wolfe Island near Kingston we found ourselves looking at an industrial landscape where there once was a clear horizon, and we lost interest in the city and now sail up out of Little Current. People on Wolfe Island suffered a lot; many became sick and many moved elsewhere. Neighbour fought neighbour; some were paid significant sums for installing turbines on their land and others had to live with the sights and sounds that these turbines produced.
3 Sep 2013

Lake turbine plan hits rough seas; Sailors, waterfront residents oppose wind generators

The lake's sailing community is just one of the factions lining up to oppose plans from SouthPoint Wind to put turbines in the lakes in Canadian waters. Opponents have expressed concerns over the wind farms' impact on everything from property values to recreational boating to wildlife. ..."A U.S. citizen who doesn't like the way the wind farm looks across the lake can't just go into Canadian court and sue to try and stop it," said Nick Schroeck, executive director of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center.
1 Jun 2010

Community council supports ban on industrializing Scarborough's waterfront

More than 20 delegates were on hand Tuesday, April 27, afternoon to share their thoughts about Scarborough East Councillor Paul Ainslie's motion requesting city council ask the provincial and federal governments not to "industrialize" any crown lands or adjacent waterways along the Scarborough Bluffs. The goal of the motion was to prevent a wind farm from being erected offshore in Lake Ontario.
29 Apr 2010

700 wind turbines proposed for lakes Erie, St. Clair

Seven hundred offshore wind turbines are being proposed for Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair including 165 turbines north of Lakeshore and wind farms off Amherstburg, Colchester, Kingsville and Leamington. SouthPoint Wind of Leamington had already proposed 15 turbines in three spots off the shores of Kingsville and Leamington. If SouthPoint gets approval for that project, it is proposing a 1,400 megawatt project with 13 wind farms.
18 Feb 2010

Wind farms will spoil Thousand Islands-Lake Ontario area

The Sept. 1 letter of Claire Jones hits a key point. Ms. Jones apparently is a regular visitor to the Thousand Island area from far away. I too am a regular visitor, and like so many, we cannot believe how some local town officials are seriously prepared to transform the area in a most profound way. Having seen the Maple Ridge Wind Farm many times on my way to the Thousand Islands, I am shocked that efforts are under way to bring such visually dominating infrastructure to the Thousand Islands.
6 Sep 2009

A blot on the landscape?

The presence of these overwhelming techno-energy giants brings to mind a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells. ...It's hard to see anything else. When I look towards the water, I don't see the natural beauty of Kingston's harbour anymore. I don't see Garden Island, Simcoe Island or even Wolfe Island, as my vision is drawn to these massive propellers waiting in rest or whirling away, depending on the breeze. If the daytime view isn't bad enough, the blinking red warning lights on the towers at night light up the sky like a runway at Pearson International Airport.
15 Jul 2009

Bluffs residents query turbine plan

The winds of skepticism gusted through the auditorium of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate last night as about 500 Scarborough residents gathered to learn more about a proposed wind power development off Toronto's eastern shoreline. Toronto Hydro is considering a plan to install up to 60 wind turbines in Lake Ontario, on a natural reef two to four kilometres offshore.
21 Jan 2009

Sorry, can't support wind turbines

Wind turbines sound great when you first hear about them. Who is against renewable energy? Farmers who struggle to make a living are eying up the $9,000 they are to receive per turbine per year. Ten turbines is a retirement income of $90,000! Who would blame the farmers! And the Bonnechere and Madawaska township councils can see much-needed tax dollars flowing in. But there are problems with the whole scheme. ...Let's make sure that if we choose to install hundreds of 400- foot high turbines in our heritage countryside we do so from informed choice.
23 Aug 2008

Windmill won't be constructed at top of Nuttby Mountain

Fears that a scenic lookout point on the top of Nuttby Mountain would be ruined by the installation of a huge wind turbine have been laid to rest. Clair Peers, president of Cobequid Wind Power, a development partner in the Nuttby Mountain project, confirmed Thursday afternoon that a turbine would not be constructed on the mountain's highest point. "The thing is with this particular high spot is it's just not a stable enough location," said Peers. He did say, however, there would most likely be a windmill constructed near the peak, but was unsure exactly how close it would be.
16 May 2008

Halifax seeks public's input on wind power

Storeys-high wind turbines might not be the first thing you think of as part of the Halifax skyline, but city officials want your input. ..."While wind energy is valued as an environmentally friendly power source, the size of the wind turbines and wind farms also raises planning issues regarding compatibility with homes from noise and impact on views, et cetera," says the report drafted for regional council
30 Nov 2007

Tilting at windmills

But these are early days. It is one thing for St. Leon to play pioneer, to embrace the opportunities that a wind farm presents; it is quite another to force, shame or cajole people to join the pioneers against their wishes, or to expect people who have chosen to behold an open range from their property to give up that view to help electrify the concrete jungle of urban energy users.
21 Jul 2007

Why there are complaints

Mr. Keller writes about surprise in "extent of the decline" in the production of the province's four wind farms. There is no surprise among those who have studying the bigger industry picture and are not seduced by the exaggerated claims made by the industry and its supporters. Perhaps that surprise comes from the dawning realization that these turbines are not all that they have made out to be....... Wind generation is not even a partial solution to our energy needs, and climate concerns.
5 Jul 2007

Lakeshore Site Lines Biggest Wrinkle In Wind Turbine Saga

Bluewater mayor Bill Dowson says the most common concern over wind turbines in the municipality is site lines along the lakeshore. Dowson says the municipality is looking at establishing a bylaw similar to the one passed in South Huron and proposed in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh that would require a distance of 400 metres from homes and 600 metres from urban developments.
15 Apr 2007

BAPE rejects Skypower’s Quebec wind farm plan

The Quebec Environmental Public Hearing Board has rejected a $350-million wind power proposal from a Toronto company that wanted to build an expansive farm in the province’s northeastern region. The board, known by its French acronym, BAPE, gave the thumbs down to Skypower’s plans, which would include the construction of 114 windmills in four communities bordering the St Lawrence seaway, near Rivière-du-Loup. The board, which held several hearings on the project, concluded Thursday that the turbines would ruin a picturesque view, threaten the region’s natural and wildlife heritage and threaten the agricultural economy.
27 Oct 2006
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