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Residents concerned with wind turbines

Township resident David Colling attended the Jan. 11 council meeting and said he wanted to clear up any misconception about the wind turbine company burying the transmission lines. He said not all lines have been buried yet and families are not able to move back into their homes.
20 Jan 2010

There's trouble blowing in the wind

Big wind farms in financial or deadline trouble, sometimes being bailed out by Nova Scotia Power, are almost daily fare on the business pages these days. Like much of the rest of the world, we've cast wind as the saviour in our quest for green energy. Here's stuff we should know while we still have time to reset our options. In Spain, Italy, the U.S. and elsewhere, big wind power scams have erupted, the result of hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies being pumped into wind with little control. Some politicians and entrepreneurs are already in jail.
16 Jan 2010

Citizens group quietly fights wind turbines in Alnwick/Haldimand Township

Although it has been half a year since the last public meeting about a proposed wind farm project, behind the scenes both a citizens group and the company heading the project have been busy. "I know the community has been wondering what's happening," said Gwyer Moore, a member of the Alliance for the Protection of the Northumberland Hills, a group opposing the wind turbines in the former Haldimand Township. "But we've spent an enormous time, one-on-one, with anyone who falls within the study area who will talk with us."
15 Jan 2010

Wind farm up in the air; Amherst-area project missed deadline

More uncertainty is hanging over one of Nova Scotia's proposed multimillion-dollar wind energy projects. Acciona Energy Canada is reviewing the feasibility of its proposed 30-megawatt wind project near Amherst ...The project, to include 20 turbines, has been on hold since last March and missed the Nov. 30 deadline in its contract to begin providing electricity to Nova Scotia Power.
12 Jan 2010

Citizens rally to put halt to turbines

Like contemporary versions of Don Quixote, a group of Creemore-area residents have begun tilting at windmills. With as many as three wind farms on the Clearview horizon, residents concerned about the potential impact of the wind turbines have banded together to form Clearview Warning Against Industrial Turbines (W. A. IT.) to try to buck the winds of change.
9 Jan 2010

Aaron: ARB ruling on wind power noise sets precedent

In a precedent setting move, a recently discovered decision of the provincial Assessment Review Board (ARB) has cut a homeowner's assessment in half because the house is located near a noisy hydro substation. The hydro plant serves a nearby wind farm producing "clean" electricity. The decision of ARB member Ana Cristina Marques was issued following an appeal by Paul Thompson of the assessment on his house.
9 Jan 2010

Alberta windfarm clears major regulatory hurdle

A Calgary company has been granted approval by the Alberta Utilities Commission to construct a wind farm near the village of Halkirk, which could become the largest project of its kind in the province. ...The Halkirk wind project involves the construction of 100 wind turbines, each rated at 1.5 MW, for a total installed capacity of 150 MW.
9 Jan 2010

Could the West Boundary be the future home to wind farms?

A project to investigate the potential for developing a wind power generation system has been approved by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary in the Tuzo Creek area of the West Boundary. Located west of Beaverdell, this site is one of two locations chosen by Windstream Energy Inc. to start testing and monitoring initial wind potential.
7 Jan 2010

$550,000 penalty 'not fair'

A Nova Scotia wind developer doesn't want to hand over $550,000 to Nova Scotia Power for not meeting its deadline to deliver green electricity. ...The private wind company, headquartered in Lower Sackville, signed a power purchase contract with NSP in February 2008 to provide the utility with 22 megawatts of wind-generated electricity by Nov. 30, 2009.
7 Jan 2010

Delay costs Shear Wind

Shear Wind Inc., a renewable energy company, must pay $500,000 to Nova Scotia Power for not producing green electricity on time. "It's a contractual obligation. Obviously, we really would have liked some relief from it," Bill Bartlett, Shear Wind's chief financial officer, said in an interview Tuesday.
6 Jan 2010

Sale of NB Power met with opposition

New Brunswickers are usually a pretty quiet lot, but the announcement that a memorandum of understanding had been signed between New Brunswick and Quebec for the sale of NB Power was much like a big stick poking around inside a wasp's nest. The residents emerged buzzing, and the majority of them were not amused.
1 Jan 2010

Time for turbine investigation

To fully satisfy the public, the province should commission an independent study to find out if there are any health effects related to wind turbines. Recently, an industry-funded review concluded that the sound coming from wind turbines is not harming the public's health. ...While the review will certainly allow the public an opportunity to look at more literature on the issue, an independent study commissioned by the province is what is really needed to ease public concerns.
29 Dec 2009

Wind power project awaiting approval

S, D and G's first wind power proposal is creeping ahead, despite changes in government contract regulations. Kemptville-based Prowind Canada has applied to the province's FIT (Feed-in tariff ) program and is awaiting for approval, said Cathy Weston, Prowind Canada president.
24 Dec 2009

Energy spinoff powers up during a price outage

Although coal is used to produce half of Alberta's power, market prices are closely linked to natural gas, which fires many turbines across North America. ...Building a new natural-gas-fired plant requires power prices between $80 and $100 per megawatt hour (MWh), compared with a current Alberta price of $50/MWh. And wind-power projects are being bid in B.C. and Ontario at $125 to $135/MWh. "So that tells you the true price of a project. In Alberta, is someone going to put in a wind farm when power is selling for $50/MWh? I don't think so," Vaasjo said.
24 Dec 2009

Residents pack arena hall to hear presentations on health, wind turbines

An employee of Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors in Wellesley Township, Colling regularly tests homes, offices, and farms throughout Ontario for electrical problems resulting from nearby wind turbines. On Dec. 17 he told about 200 people at the PMD Arena that prolonged exposure to the dirty electricity produced by turbines can lead to electrical hypersensitivity, which is like an allergic reaction to everything electrical.
23 Dec 2009

Municipalities work on wind farms together

Mayor Kevin Eccles, along with some West Grey councillors, met last week in Chesley with representatives from Arran-Elderslie, Georgian Bluffs, Grey Highlands and Chatsworth to discuss what could be done to slow the development of wind energy in the province until more information is available about the health effects of industrial wind turbines.
23 Dec 2009

Wind turbines to become common sight in county

Construction of 24 turbines in Essex under the Harrow Wind Project is already under way, said David Timm, vice-president of strategic affairs for International Power Canada. Roads for the project are in and some foundations are complete. Expect to see the 121-metre turbines up in the first few months of 2010 and generating power by the late spring.
21 Dec 2009

Opposition to wind turbines in West Grey

On Nov. 24, county councillors passed a motion calling for a moratorium on wind energy development until the provincial government completes a comprehensive study on the health effects of living close to wind turbines. It's a position supported by Bruce-Grey- Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch along with the municipalities of Chatsworth, Grey Highlands and Arran-Elderslie.
16 Dec 2009

Still calling for a halt to new wind turbines

For over a year now, I have been one of many advocating for safe placement of industrial wind turbine developments to protect the health and well-being of Ontario's rural families. We have simply asked the government to look at why so many people are getting sick after turbines are built so closely to homes. Why are so many moving away, why have some abandoned their homes ...
15 Dec 2009

B.C. windmill project clears major hurdle

The B.C. government has given environmental approval for what would be Canada's first offshore wind farm. The Naikun Wind Project was told Thursday it had cleared the major environmental hurdle for its plan to build 110 electricity-generating windmills in the Hecate Strait, off the Queen Charlotte Islands.
11 Dec 2009
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