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Pugwash wind project damaging to others: May

"We don't want anything that stands in the way of the effective uptake of wind energy, but when you choose the wrong place and are not sensitive to local concerns it's a real mistake," May said. "Shorelines, where people have a lot of cottages, are not a good place. I haven't gone and measured it myself, but the Pugwash beach is very much up against the 500-metre limit and that's an unreasonably close spot." While the Green Party supports wind energy as a renewable energy source, May said the party also stands for grassroots decision-making.
25 Jul 2007

Noise from wind farm acceptable: study

A study commissioned by the P.E.I. government into noise from the Eastern Kings Wind Farm has found the sound level for nearby residents is within acceptable limits. In April, Elmira resident Dwayne Bailey, who lives about one kilometre from the wind farm, complained that noise from the turbines was so loud, his sleep was being disturbed and he was becoming ill. A monitoring program by the firm Jacques Whitford and Associates measured noise on six occasions, for about 18 hours each time. The study concluded noise from the turbines meets, or is lower than, noise level guidelines throughout Canada.
24 Jul 2007

Tilting at windmills

But these are early days. It is one thing for St. Leon to play pioneer, to embrace the opportunities that a wind farm presents; it is quite another to force, shame or cajole people to join the pioneers against their wishes, or to expect people who have chosen to behold an open range from their property to give up that view to help electrify the concrete jungle of urban energy users.
21 Jul 2007

Turbines causing turbulence

Eleven wind turbines are due to be erected and in service sometime in 2009. Civil works are expected to begin in 2008 followed by the installation of equipment. "The residents don't want them there," explained Caswell Franklyn, spokesperson and consultant for the Josey Hill residents. "So we are here to present our objections to the Chief Town Planner." Franklyn said the residents were concerned about the proximity of wind turbines to their homes.
21 Jul 2007

Wind turbines causing trouble in rural areas; ’sound of silence’ gone forever

Opposition is growing to giant wind turbines as the novelty of being paid for wind wears off. In St. Joseph, south of Winnipeg, a concerned citizens group is protesting a proposal by Bowark Energy Ltd. of Calgary to install 63 wind turbines across a 13-kilometre stretch of arable land. In Elie, just west of Winnipeg, some residents are demanding a study on long-term costs of a wind turbine proposal by Sequoia Energy. Applications for the next wave of wind turbines in Manitoba closed Tuesday. The province and Manitoba Hydro will approve three of about 30 proposals submitted. Complaints about wind power systems include noise, loss of property value, and a perception that the turbines are eyesores junking up the uninterrupted prairie horizon people are used to.
18 Jul 2007

Letter to Premier Rodney MacDonald

I would ask the Nova Scotia Government to take a serious, long, hard look at this whole industry and take some leadership by declaring the minimum standards by which wind energy projects must abide. A responsible, intelligent set of standards could set the way for the rest of the country! Use the experience of those who have had turbines for decades and learn from their mistakes. Blindly surging ahead into wind energy without considering health and safety factors and reasonable enjoyment of a resident's property is not looking after your constituents - the people of Nova Scotia.
15 Jul 2007

Island family abandons home because of wind farm

Dwayne Bailey has some simple advice for Gulf Shore residents fighting a proposed wind farm in their area, don't give up the fight because they may regret the consequences. Bailey recently abandoned his Elmira, P.E.I., home because noise from a nearby wind farm was becoming intolerable. It kept the family awake at night and impacted their health with headaches and vision problems. "Don't let them put up the windfarm, it's way too close to the houses. It chased us out of our house and it could happen to someone else. We didn't have much a choice and it resulted in us leaving our home," Bailey said, adding his parents also abandoned their home.
13 Jul 2007

Betts asks premier to intervene against wind farm

PUGWASH - The head of a citizens group fighting a proposed wind farm in the Gulf Shore area is asking the province to stop the project until its safety can be proven. "Please err on the side of caution and call a moratorium of all wind power developments that are any closer than two kilometres of a residence until independent and government research has been done to establish the safe and healthy distance from a turbine people should be living," Lisa Betts said in a letter to Premier Rodney MacDonald.
12 Jul 2007

Why there are complaints

Mr. Keller writes about surprise in "extent of the decline" in the production of the province's four wind farms. There is no surprise among those who have studying the bigger industry picture and are not seduced by the exaggerated claims made by the industry and its supporters. Perhaps that surprise comes from the dawning realization that these turbines are not all that they have made out to be....... Wind generation is not even a partial solution to our energy needs, and climate concerns.
5 Jul 2007

Noisy turbines in Pubnico may cut off WIPPI funding

Atlantic Wind Power Corp had participated in the Wind Power Production Incentive (WIPPI) which is a grant of $10 million (of tax payer's money) over a period of nine years. Natural Resources Canada (NRC) has asked AWPC to produce a proposal as to how they can mitigate the excessive noise at Pubnico. If they cannot produce a proposal (and act on it) to NRC's liking they can cancel the grant. Last May, NRC retained Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited (HGC Ltd) to conduct a noise study (again, tax payer's money) of the Pubnico wind farm. This was in response to noise complaints by Daniel d'Entremont and his family.
5 Jul 2007

Minister of Environment responds to township about wind turbines

Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. Council recently received a letter of response back from the Minister of Environment, Laurel Broten, following their meeting in February. The letter from Broten states, "The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is involved with setback distances between wind turbines and points of reception for the purpose of compliance with the ministry's noise limits. Wind turbines require a Certificate of Approval (Noise) under section nine of the Environmental Protection Act (EP A) unless the project is specifically exempt.
20 Jun 2007

Alberta Tie project to undergo EIS

Following complaints from farmers, the U.S. Department of Energy is now planning its toughest environmental review of a proposed $120 million power transmission line between Great Falls and Lethbridge, Alberta.... Wind farm developers have said the line is critical to construction of their projects. To date, three companies have signed up to use capacity on the line to ship power from wind farms they're planning between Great Falls and the Canadian border.
19 Jun 2007

The winds of public opinion: turbines in Brome-Missisquoi

A proposed plan for a wind farm at the western end of Brome-Missisquoi has been modified, but the community remains divided on whether it should exist at all. Several of the 300 people who packed into Bedford's community centre Monday night called for a moratorium on windmills, or a referendum. While a number complained of a lack of transparency, others commended Groupe SM International and the municipalities on their efforts to inform the population. "The support of the municipalities and the MRC will be helpful in getting the project approved by Hydro Quebec," said Arthur Fauteux, warden of the Brome-Missisquoi MRC. He said the MRC will take a final position on the windmill issue at the end of August.
31 May 2007

Noise the issue at week four of Enbridge OMB hearing

The appellants of the Enbridge Ontario Wind Power project wrapped up their portion of the turbine noise arguments at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing last week. The hearing reconvened after the holiday weekend on May 23, with testimony by meteorological and atmospheric specialist Dr. Jim Young, who sat for part of Thursday as well. He was followed by acoustic engineer John Coulter later that day, with Enbridge and the Municipality cross-examining him on Friday. Both were arguing that there will be unwanted noise impacts to local residents, if the turbines remain in their current proximity to homes; the closest of which is 450 metres.
29 May 2007

Wind power witnesses make good points

Daniel d'Entremont was probably the most impactful ‘lay' witness, as he lived 300-metres from the closest turbine at his home in Nova Scotia. He claims he and his family, were driven from their homes by the turbine noise. He has since been forced to leave the home he built with his own hands and can't sell it, because who would want to live that close to a giant?
16 May 2007

Turbines generate noise, debate at council

Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Township council is sending a letter to the Ministry of Environment asking for an immediate response to a report on the affects of noise from wind turbines. At council's March 20 meeting, Reeve Ben Van Diepenbeek said the township still has not received a response back from Minister Laurel Broten who they met while attending a conference in Toronto in late February. Coun. Doug Miller said it was the minister, herself, who said the ministry would respond to their questions and a report by Dr. Vandenberg,
11 Apr 2007

Consultant to study wind farm noise

P.E.I. has hired a consultant to review the level of noise coming from wind turbines at the new Eastern Kings Wind Farm. Some people living in the area complain the noise is keeping them up at night. One resident says he may move if the noise problem continues. “We’re going to have monitors set up right at the wind farm, another monitor probably halfway between the wind farm and the individual’s house and then we’ll have the third one at the individual’s house — outside,” Environment Minister Jamie Ballem told CBC News Wednesday. “We’ve also asked the people to record or keep a diary. So that way we can find out if it’s wind conditions, are the turbines even turning, which direction is the wind, so we can really narrow down what the issue is here.” The government has hired the consulting firm of Jacques Whitford to do the study. The final report will be presented to the government in a few weeks with any recommendations for change.
5 Apr 2007

Urging the county to lengthen distance between homes and turbines

People can co-exist with wind farms, but only if there's sufficient space between them. Lisa Betts doesn't think that's the case with a proposed wind farm along the Gulf Shore and she's urging Cumberland County to take another look at a proposed bylaw that would require 300 per cent separation between turbines and residences. "That's not even close to enough. It should be two kilometres," Betts said. "We've got to have the county set these things back enough that they don't bother anybody, whether it's a cottager or if they're sitting trying to do lessons in schools or if they are a young family. This county's big enough for both of us, but this particular one just seems so wrong."
4 Apr 2007
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