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Liberals' green energy strategy blasted by auditor

Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter found billions of dollars in solar and wind projects were approved without appropriate oversight, including and regulatory and planning procedures. ...The controversial Samsung deal, which will pay $110 million over 20 years over and above the already hefty FIT premium in exchange for $7 billion in investment, was done with "no formal economic analysis ... to determine whether the deal was prudent."
6 Dec 2011

Pull the plug on high energy prices

From smart meters, to the Green Energy Act, to the Samsung subsidy, electricity bills are skyrocketing. When you add in the impact of the HST and other rate increases, the annual cost of electricity bills for Ontario families is set to increase by another $732 per year by 2015, according to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. Premier McGuinty is running Ontario's hydro system in a way that is unsustainable.
10 Dec 2010

Power failure

Going back to 2003, based on numbers dug up by consultant Tom Adams, the price of residential electricity in Ontario hovered around 8.5¢ a kWh in 2003 - the first year of the McGuinty Liberal regime. By 2015, Aegent Energy estimates the price will be up to 21¢, an increase of 135%. Doubling the price of electricity in a decade is no way to spur growth and investment.
8 Oct 2010

Wind farm threat to economy in northern N.S., group says

"We believe it would be economically detrimental to the whole entire area," said Betts, who lives in the scenic Gulf Shore area just outside Pugwash, on Tuesday. "This is a destination (for) tourism (and a) recreational and retirement area. People deliberately come here for the peace and quiet. If we have any net loss of people coming in, we have a huge loss in the whole area."
25 Aug 2010

Hydro prices ‘going up like a rocket'

"You are going to get screwed, and it's going to be painful," said Tom Adams, a Toronto-based consultant and a former executive director of Energy Probe. "We're talking about hundreds of dollars a year out of your pocketbook that didn't need to happen." Much of the blame for the rise in electricity rates is due to Ontario's Green Energy Act, which promotes the use of solar, wind and other alternative power sources.
22 Aug 2010

Ontario utilities told not to bother with requests for rate increases

The Ontario government has taken the highly unusual step of ordering the province's Crown-owned electricity utilities to cancel their requests for hydro rate increases, amid worries of a consumer backlash over soaring power costs. The government's 11th-hour intervention in a rate-setting process that is designed to take the politics out of electricity pricing follows revelations that residential customers in Ontario are already facing increases of $300 more a year on average to keep the lights on by the end of 2011.
6 May 2010

Residential hydro bills jumping $350 a year

An 8 per cent increase in domestic electricity costs announced yesterday is the latest in a series of fees that will drive up costs, and that's before the subsidies, the Opposition said. "People in this province are seeing increases that are putting them at the point where they can no longer cope with the prices of energy, and we haven't seen them all," said Progressive Conservative energy critic John Yakabuski.
16 Apr 2010

Welcome to the wacky world of green power

The world is littered with cautionary tales about subsidized renewables and overblown promises. Spain went wild on solar, and set off a speculative boom. Inefficient, poorly designed plants popped up everywhere. The lavish subsidies inflated costs. When Spain plunged into recession, the subsidies were ratcheted back, and the industry collapsed. Wind economics are shaky, too.
10 Apr 2010

The hidden cost of going green

Landlord Bill Sioulas thought he'd be paying less for hydro after cutting his consumption by almost 20 per cent. ...Expecting big savings, Mr. Sioulas says he was shocked to open his hydro bill and find a skyrocketing provincial fee had eroded the payoff of his conservation efforts.
8 Mar 2010

Blowing away taxpayers

The Ontario government's rush into renewable energy, and industrial wind turbine-generated electricity in particular, is likely to reveal the law of unintended consequences. The government needs to rigorously re-evaluate this precipitous policy before committing billions more in subsidies to it. First, as to the cost of wind-generated electricity, the feed-in tariff for on-shore wind turbines in Ontario provided for under the Green Energy Act is 13.5¢ per kWh (and higher for smaller projects).
6 Mar 2010

Dalton's big green gamble

Premier Dalton McGuinty says his $7-billion deal with South Korea's Samsung Group to create 16,000 new jobs over six years will "make Ontario the place for green energy manufacturing in North America." He'd better hope so. That's a huge price tag to provide less than one-third of the 50,000 green jobs McGuinty promised would result from his Green Energy Act.
21 Jan 2010

Wind farm bad for environment, tourism and wildlife

Here in Northumberland, we live in one of the most beautiful counties east of Toronto. But, I am not sure our local governments really appreciate the effect of what is not in place for safety and environmental issues, and future protection from visual and noise pollution. Why the focus on large wind farms? They are not environmentally friendly and pose a real danger for wildlife and its future in the area. ...In addition, there is the visual pollution of the hills we use to attract tourists.
21 Jan 2010

The high cost of green power

A strategy to subsidize the province's nascent green energy industry is starting to sting businesses and many households that find themselves paying the biggest markups on electricity pricing in the country. Even as electricity demand - and market prices - dropped last year with the global economic downturn, electricity bills have risen steadily on the back of generous contracts signed by the province's power planning agency.
8 Jan 2010

Going greener will be costly

Nova Scotians may face higher electricity costs in the short term as the province moves toward cleaner and renewable energy, says the man in charge of overseeing Nova Scotia's renewable energy strategy. Dalhousie University's David Wheeler said Monday it is inevitable Nova Scotia Power customers will face a jump in prices ..."If we end up with a global carbon energy tax, then producing energy from coal is going to be very expensive for Nova Scotia consumers," Mr. Wheeler told reporters.
20 Oct 2009
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