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'Clean' coal is likely Ontario's lone real option

And although the government talks bravely about having 5 per cent of the generating capacity coming from new wind plants and other forms of renewable energy, one need look no further than the current situation in Amaranth Township to realize that little of the needed new capacity will be ready by 2009. And even if it were, the wind plants are hardly a reliable source of power during the hottest summer weather, when all too often there's little wind apart from that generated by thunderstorms, which also routinely shut down the wind plants through lightning strikes.
11 Aug 2006

This province should embrace nuke energy

If we're to meet the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol, what would environmentalists suggest as a major energy alternative: wind power, or methane gas from cow manure? Alberta leads the country in many ways. It should lead in developing nuclear plants for electrical power generation.
13 May 2006

Regional leaders discuss energy at governors, premiers conference

Lee also warned that renewable energy sources, though desirable, were not a "silver bullet" solution. "It does leave an environmental footprint," Lee said, noting that wind energy and solar energy take up large areas of land, making it difficult to find a place to put them, especially in densely populated parts of the world.
13 May 2006

Ottawa plan hacks green programs

The new Conservative government has decided to slash spending on Environment Canada programs designed to fight global warming by 80 per cent, and wants cuts of 40 per cent in the budgets devoted to climate change at other ministries, according to cabinet documents obtained by The Globe and Mail.
13 Apr 2006

California's new power diet plan - The Golden State has lessons to share with Ontario on how to avert an energy crisis

Arthur Rosenfeld speaks with the conviction of a man who has seen the incandescent light. As head of the California Energy Commission, he takes a decidedly low-watt approach toward energy savings, espousing staid but effective building codes, appliance standards, and utility-run energy efficiency programs that reward consumers for shopping green.
24 Mar 2006

Hot air on wind power

Wind power is coming to Ontario because our government is hell-bent on going green. ...If only we could figure out how to get energy from hot air. Then we'd have all the power we need, forever.
21 Mar 2006

Energy policy in Ontario - Ontario needs clean coal, it is as good as it gets."

Energy Probe's Tom Adams' presentation to the Ontario Energy Association Breakfast Series' "Energy Policy in Ontario: Some Perspectives on the Road Ahead," on March 8, showcased a debate between Tom Adams and Jack Gibbons of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. Tom's presentation advanced the case for "clean coal" and state of the art coal technologies and appears in full below:
8 Mar 2006

Coal may be in vogue again

Alberta's Energy Minister Greg Melchin touts "clean coal" in Ontario, where it is a foreign concept filled with too much uncertainty, compared to the familiarity of nuclear, despite nuclear's poor track record in the province.
14 Feb 2006
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