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Turbines receive zoning changes

Kincardine News — The Enbridge Ontario Wind Power project is another step closer to becoming a reality. Municipality of Kincardine council approved 102 zoning bylaw amendments which will allow for the construction of 110 wind turbines on 102 lots, last Wednesday. Council’s approval of the zoning bylaws was met with outrage from Kathy McCarrel, spokesperson for the Windfarm Action Group (WAG).
13 Sep 2006

Bruce County hears another objection to wind farm proposal

Bruce County heard another objection to Enbridge's wind farm proposal for Kincardine. Ron Mattmer said controversy on county council and in the community over the 121-turbine proposal points to the need for provincial regulations on wind farms. He’s concerned about setbacks Kincardine council approved for the project last week and asked to see the county's file on the Enbridge project.
13 Sep 2006

Slow progress on wind power projects

Talk of an east-west power grid for Ontario to import surplus power from Newfoundland and Quebec has a North Bay wind power consultant shaking his head at Queen’s Park. “It’s mind boggling why they don’t want to spend the money on transmission infrastructure here,” says Terry Wojick, president of Northern Wind Power. “Why are we (considering) transmitting from Labrador when we’ve got an abundance of potential in Northern Ontario?” Wojick was reacting to Ontario’s plan to open talks with authorities in Newfoundland and Quebec to examine how feasible it is to transmit hydroelectric power from Labrador into Ontario. Many of his projects in northeastern Ontario are being hampered by a restrictive provincially-imposed 50 megawatt cap on new electricity generation.
13 Sep 2006

Wind meeting

The Ontario Municipal Board is holding a public pre-hearing in Saugeen Shores today for the Canadian Auto Workers' proposed wind turbine. Town Clerk Linda White says the CAW wants to put a wind turbine on their property with a height that exceeds what the municipality's zoning by-law allows. She says the CAW wants the proposed wind turbine to be 75 metres high with 25 metre-long blades therefore the overall height would be 1-hundred metres.
13 Sep 2006

Town objects new wind farm

Pincher Creek Echo — Town of Pincher Creek councillors have strongly objected to a proposal for a wind farm between the town’s northern boundaries and Highway 3. The councillors felt the wind farm would block the Town’s planned expansion route. “The bottom line is we need room for future growth,” Councillor Ernie Olsen said.
9 Sep 2006

Manitoba to quadruple its wind power

The Manitoba government plans to build enough wind towers over the next two years to quadruple its wind-generated power, Energy Minister Dave Chomiak announced Thursday. The province, along with Manitoba Hydro, hopes to add 300 megawatts of wind power to the province's energy grid — enough power for 100,000 homes. That could mean up to 160 more windmills, although newer and evolving wind turbine technology could make that number smaller.
7 Sep 2006

Kincardine Wind Farm Gets By-law Back-up

The Enbridge Ontario Wind Farm project is taking one more big step forward in Kincardine today. Local council there has formally approved the wind energy company's envelope zoning approach- passing over a hundred individual bylaws to allow 110 turbine units on 102 rural lots in the Underwood and North Bruce area.
7 Sep 2006

Windfarm Action Group questions noise guidelines

Shoreline Beacon — The Windfarm Action Group (WAG) wants the public to challenge municipal, county and wind power officials to look deeper into the health issues associated with inaudible sound and light flicker before they’re erected. A large crowd gathered at Saugeen Shores Plex’s Rotary Hall on August 30 to hear members of WAG and its guests, sharing concerns regarding wind power projects in both the Shelburne area and Kingsbridge project near Goderich. “Is it ethical, moral or just to expose residents to unwanted sound,” said WAG member Kathy McCarrel. “We’re trying to get the wind power companies and MOE (Ministry of Environment) to realize that noise is an issue.” The evening began with a short documentary entitled ‘Life Under A Wind Turbine’, which detailed the experiences of a handful of residents in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania in the United States.
5 Sep 2006

Controversy swirls around wind turbines

A heated discussion occurred last week at the Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. council meeting about the proposed setback requirements for wind turbines. More than 50 township residents filled the council chambers on Aug. 15 to discuss the proposed setback requirements for wind turbines. The setback requirements include 400 metres from a residential building and a 600 metre setback from urban settlements.
23 Aug 2006

Wind farm project won't face environmental assessment

Bruce County is no longer asking for a full environmental assessment on the massive Enbridge wind -farm project in Kincardine and Saugeen Shores. The request for a full-blown environmental assessment, in addition to the environmental screening report, was withdrawn when Enbridge more than doubled the distance it will keep between a turbine and neighbouring property line.
19 Aug 2006

Environmental screening to go ahead on wind farm

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment will meet with the company that wants to build a $275-million wind farm in Melancthon and Amaranth townships and First Nations representatives later this month. But a woman from the Six Nations Confederacy who claims the land is rightfully owned by the Six Nations won't be there. The meeting will be held as part of an environmental screening approvals process -- and apart from a claim by some Six Nations members who have filed a notice of seizure that lays claim to ownership of the land in Melancthon where 45 wind turbines have been erected.
19 Aug 2006

Jackson says idea for 150 wind turbines in city 'refreshing, innovation'

An idea to install about 150 wind turbines in the city had Hamilton politicians blowing more than hot air in the council chambers last week. Cleanfield Energy Corp. is proposing to place the 350 pound, three-feet vertical-axis wind turbines on businesses and homes, including Copps Coliseum and McMaster Innovation Park beginning this fall. About 30 of these egg-beater style machines will be up and running by the end of this year, said Tony Verrelli, president and chief executive office of Cleanfield Energy Corp.
18 Aug 2006

Turbines moved back

Enbridge Ontario has agreed to increase property line setbacks for its wind turbine proposal in Kincardine and Saugeen Shores. Wind turbines will now have a setback distance of 121 meters from "non-participating" land owners' property lines. That's up from the original 50 meters.
10 Aug 2006

Amaranth defers hearing on more turbines

The aspiring applicants were asked to withhold their applications until the council had received its peer review of CHD's environmental screening report, along with the Environment ministry's review of the same document and other studies including a "wake model" to show the effects of CHD's proposal.
27 Jul 2006
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