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Shear Wind expansion OK, judge rules

An environmental group has lost its appeal of Antigonish County council's decision to rezone land for a proposed wind farm. The dispute started after county council approved the rezoning of nine properties in February. The rezoning opened the door for Shear Wind Inc. of Bedford to proceed with the $150-million Glen Dhu wind power project.
24 Dec 2010

Township split on wind farm debate

"I would say the community is split about 50-50, those that think it's a good idea and those who think there's a problem with them," Brooke-Alvinston Township Mayor Don McGugan said about community reaction. "I still maintain, I don't have a problem with them if they can prove to me ... there's not a health issue."
22 Dec 2010

Norwich takes wait-and-see approach to turbine development

Newly elected Ward 4 Coun. Susan Hampson jump-started the conversation at Tuesday's inaugural council meeting with a controversial proposal to draft bylaws surrounding wind developments. "I just feel like we aren't doing anything. I don't mean to be negative. Council has said they support the East Oxford Community Alliance, and I just think it's time we put some substance behind that," she said.
16 Dec 2010

Duguid under fire in online chat

While Duguid wrote much about the benefits of wind power --more than 600 words over the course of 11 responses during the online chat --he wrote nothing of whether he'd personally want to live next to a wind turbine. ...His responses led to frustration among some readers, who accused Duguid of ignoring concerns.
14 Dec 2010

Wind foes blow heat on Energy Minister

Duguid was asked again and again by readers if he'd be willing to live next to wind turbines of the sort he is pushing across the province. ...But while Duguid wrote much about the benefits of wind power - more than 600 words over the course of 11 responses - he wrote nothing of whether he personally would be willing to live next to a turbine.
13 Dec 2010

Is wind a hero or villain?

To admirers pointing skyward, it's a superhero lifting Ontario into a cleaner, more prosperous future. To critics, it's a villain dressed in green by an industry seeking profit and Liberals seeking another term. The collision of forces has propelled the fight over wind energy to a fevered pitch, one being fought in towns and hamlets across Ontario.
11 Dec 2010

Islanders see red

The red, blinking aircraft navigation night lights atop many of the island's wind turbines have attracted widespread condemnation in the area, from Howe Island, Kingston and even upstate New York. Not to mention a growing number of people on Wolfe Island itself.
11 Dec 2010

Wind turbine proposals splitting communities

West Perth property owners are being "bombarded" with requests for wind turbine leases, and the township's mayor wants Perth County council to become involved in some way with the controversial issue. "I don't know what the answer is or what to do," said Coun. Walter McKenzie. "Is this something we want in our municipalities or is it not?"
10 Dec 2010

The province sold out on wind energy plan

One term repeatedly used by people living with wind towers was disaster, referring to the loss and damage to their lives and farms, their community and the environment. We heard plenty ...but not a word of support for wind power, the wind companies or the politicians who are enabling this disaster.
8 Dec 2010

Wind turbine opposition grows

Local opponents of the giant industrial wind turbines have organized a public meeting in Stratford for Dec. 16. "I don't think the provincial government or the companies involved have done a very good job talking about all the issues," said spokesperson Dean Trentowsky of West and East Perth Against Turbines (WEPAT).
5 Dec 2010

Group strikes blow against project

A citizens' group is challenging the recent approval of a wind farm near Thamesville and citing concerns about low-frequency noise. Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc. (formerly Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group), as well as a non-participating resident in the Kent Breeze Wind Power Project, filed the appeal this week.
2 Dec 2010

Parade targeted wind energy policies

Do some people get sick "from" or just sick "of" industrial wind turbines? Given a juxtaposition of one sign at a Saturday parade against turbines and a finding of an investigation into complaints, and setting aside economics and the Green Energy Act, that might be a critical question that demands an answer.
2 Dec 2010

Appeal launched against wind farm

Chatham-Kent Wind Action Inc. (formerly Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group), as well as a non-participating resident in the Kent Breeze Wind Power Project, filed the appeal on Monday. Suncor Energy acquired the eight-turbine project from original developers Kent Breeze Corp. and MacLeod Windmill Project Inc.
30 Nov 2010

Windmill security overkill: Residents

OPP Sgt. Jeff Lavalley, who identified himself as head of the OPP Aboriginal Policing Bureau, said officers were there to "be informed about what's going on" in relationship to the series of meetings in the area about different proposed wind farms. While not in uniform, he stressed they were not "plain-clothed" police officers.
29 Nov 2010

Wind firm CEO says fear limiting opportunity

He said municipalities are responding to unfounded local concerns about health risks like noise ..."Controls are approved by people who don't understand the issues and who are scared of change." He said if some people do not like the appearance of wind turbines they should just look the other way.
19 Nov 2010
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