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Wind turbine setbacks should be increased

Amazing that with the amount of information available, so many choose to ignore the negative impacts resulting from industrial wind turbines projects: effects on health, wildlife, micro climate. How unfortunate for the people and the communities involved. ...New standards governing wind turbines were established in June 2009: set back of 1.5 km for projects with more than 26 wind turbines. Other standards relates to noise level.
23 Sep 2009

Wind turbines still a problem for some

A Blenheim woman claims her family is still suffering effects from a nearby wind farm. Kruger Energy's 44-turbine Port Alma project became operational last year. Nikki Horton, who filed a complaint with the Montreal-based company, said the wind farm is impacting her family's quality of life, with symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.
22 Sep 2009

Wind farm backers should live near one before they speak

Apart from the fact that wind energy is impractical and unreliable, the cost of creating these wind farms is also outrageous (ie. service roads, police escorts, labour, new substations and transmission lines). High demand is also placing too much strain on the mills. As a result, they often malfunction. None of this compares though to the story of Barbara Ashbee-Lormand and her husband Dennis Lormand of Shelburne, Ontario.
22 Sep 2009

Wind farm enthusiasts should keep to themselves

To begin I'm all for green renewable energy but not when it harms the well being of people. So let's cut this green charade and get to the nitty-gritty. Nextera Energy is the company proposing a six-turbine wind farm near Formosa, Paisley, Tara and Durham. The newly appointed Green Energy Act takes the planning decisions of such developments out of the hands of Bruce County council. This means we now have no say in the matter and it only gets worse.
18 Sep 2009

Stop turbines until health issues are unproven

Have you ever gone to the doctor's office or emergency room with concerns for your health, only to be dismissed as imaginative or overly sensitive? How does that feel for you? ...This is what is happening to so many families in our rural community as they try to explain that the wind turbines are destroying their health and lives.
18 Sep 2009

Residents should have a say in wind turbines

My partner and I purchased a very nice home and moved to New Denmark in order to enjoy the peace, tranquility and supposed friendliness of this beautiful area. ...Our dreams are now seriously threatened by a project that will benefit only a few, contribute nothing whatsoever to a reduction in our electricity bills, will absolutely not make any significant contribution to the environment and will forever change our quality of life.
16 Sep 2009

Project continues to divide community

Canadian Hydro Developers and hundreds of invited guests celebrated the official opening of the company's 86-turbine wind farm on Wolfe Island yesterday. The emphasis was on "invited." A long line of cars was backed up along the highway leading to the company headquarters as Ontario Provincial Police officers meticulously checked names off a list. Anyone not appearing on the list was asked to pull over and could be turned away.
11 Sep 2009

Wind power Q & A with Nathalie Normandeau; ‘Yes to wind development, but not ... at any price'

Question: This week and next, the Bureau des audiences publiques sur l'environnement is holding hearings on two proposed wind projects in central Quebec. Last week, it heard from citizens affected by a 78-turbine wind farm near Thetford Mines. On Wednesday, it will hold hearings in St. Ferdinand on a proposed 50-turbine wind farm. Residents are deeply divided and some have reported acts of vandalism and threats. How concerned are you over how these projects have torn apart communities?
11 Sep 2009

Wind farms will spoil Thousand Islands-Lake Ontario area

The Sept. 1 letter of Claire Jones hits a key point. Ms. Jones apparently is a regular visitor to the Thousand Island area from far away. I too am a regular visitor, and like so many, we cannot believe how some local town officials are seriously prepared to transform the area in a most profound way. Having seen the Maple Ridge Wind Farm many times on my way to the Thousand Islands, I am shocked that efforts are under way to bring such visually dominating infrastructure to the Thousand Islands.
6 Sep 2009

Wind farm worries must be addressed, not dismissed

It's really quite easy to dismiss opponents of wind farms as suffering more from the "not-in-my-backyard" (NIMBY) syndrome than any particular health problem. Wind farms are the cleanest form of energy we have, consuming no fuel and emitting no pollution. They are one part of the solution to wean the world off fossil fuels. And they are being built as quickly as the turbines can roll off the assembly lines ...But for the Ontario government to dismiss what appears to be growing concern about potential health problems generated by wind farms is folly.
4 Sep 2009

Drafty reception for wind farm development; Green Energy Act; Northern Ontario residents critical of project

A group of Manitoulin Island residents is taking on a Toronto-based energy company, accusing Northland Power Inc. of fast-tracking a wind farm project without proper consultation. The dispute is the latest sign of a groundswell of unease over wind power projects in the province, fuelled by groups such as Wind Concerns Ontario, which have been highly critical of the effects of such development on local communities. of the project's most vocal opponents, says Northland has essentially "bulldozed" its plan over the community with little opportunity for a meaningful public response.
3 Sep 2009

Too high a price to pay

‘Wind Power Monthly' (The Editor, September 1998), the magazine for the wind industry and its supporters, actually recognized almost 11 years ago that the reason for the growing unpopularity of wind power is that a de facto heavy industry has tricked its way into unspoiled countryside in "green" disguise. The editor stated that: "Too often the public has felt duped into envisioning fairy tale wind parks in the countryside. The reality has been an abrupt awakening. Wind power stations are no parks."
26 Aug 2009

Wind farm NIABYism: Not In Anyone's Back Yard

The placement of wind turbines near homes is an international problem that can in no way be likened to living near a train or an airport. It is not just what you hear but what you don't hear (low frequency vibration) that causes well-documented health problems. It's insidious that way. Also insidious is the quiet creation of the Ontario Green Energy Act -- a piece of legislation that removes all rights of local municipalities to take part in critical planning decisions for their own communities.
19 Aug 2009

Ontario's big windy gamble

Bryne Purchase, a former deputy minister of finance and energy in Ontario, now executive director of the Queen's University Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, says Dalton McGuinty's government seems to be flying by the seat of its pants when it comes to energy. "This has all been driven by relatively simple political thinking: coal bad, wind good," he says. A carbon tax, whatever the form, would have had the advantage of pricing the pollutants out of the market, rather than making wind the default winning technology.
12 Aug 2009

Resident wants answers on health risks of turbines

As Brighton-based Energy Farming Ontario Inc. presents its proposals to build a series of small wind turbine farms on leased farmland in Northumberland and Peterborough counties, local communities are also becoming aware of some of the issues that have fanned the controversy around this source of alternative renewable energy.
5 Aug 2009

Winds of change rock Wolfe Island

This year, things have changed utterly. The future has arrived on Wolfe Island with a wind-turbine vengeance. And many ferry passengers will surely lament this summer that one of Ontario's more tranquil refuges has been turned into a wind-turbine theme park. ...Whatever the technical merits of the project, there's no question about the aesthetic impact on the island. The turbines have tilted its ambience from the pastoral to the industrial.
5 Aug 2009

Grand opening opens wounds

Whether or not you agree with wind farms is not the argument surrounding the opening ceremonies of the West Cape Wind farm. ...The wind farm is here and it's not going anywhere. Those landowners that were never notified of the plan will never be given a voice. The turbines do make noise, they do generate flicker and they represent the biggest change to lifestyles that ever came to the west end of P.E.I.
1 Aug 2009

Those Wolfe Island giants aren't so quiet

Local MPP John Gerretsen stated in an interview with the CBC that the new setbacks are needed "to best protect the health and safety of Ontarians," and that where turbines are shown to cause negative health effects, "the towers will be moved." Ministry of Environment officials who attended the public forum on the Green Energy Act held on June 25 in Toronto proposed that 5% of Wolfe Island residents in close proximity to the turbines could experience such negative health effects as dizziness, tinnitus, headaches and sleep disorders due to noise and vibration. There are many islanders who are now quietly coming to terms with the reality ...
23 Jul 2009

Turbines raise health concerns

We are writing to express concerns about the health effects from the placement of industrial wind turbines adjacent the residential areas on the shoreline of Pigeon Bay in Kingsville, Union and Leamington and requesting the Ontario Ministry of Health conduct epidemiological studies prior to construction.
22 Jul 2009
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