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Don't believe the 'yes-men'

The comment by a wind industry-paid panel that the sound of wind turbines are an "annoyance that may be a frustrating experience for people, [but it is not] an adverse health effect or disease of any kind" is a classic example of the commercial tradition of paying academics from "prestigious" institutions to be yes-men.
19 Dec 2009

Giant wind turbines pose no health risk: study

Noise and vibration from giant wind turbines may be annoying but pose no risk to human health, an industry-funded study has found. The study was financed by the Canadian and American wind energy associations ...Critics - who maintain the electricity-generating turbines disrupt the sleep and even the heart rhythms of those who live near them - aren't convinced. They dismiss the study as worthless, industry-financed spin.
16 Dec 2009

West Grey residents take 'NIMBY' stance on wind turbines

Before members of council at Monday morning's council meeting in West Grey, Mike McMurray, along with a large group of residents from West Grey, filed into the council chambers to protest the proposed wind turbines. McMurray spoke on behalf of the group about the concerns about wind turbines, with a powerful message of not in my backyard. He said that, in this case, the not-in-my-backyard sentiment is appropriate when it comes to health and side effects of building them.
11 Dec 2009

Turbine Concerns

Perhaps you have noticed the 'Stop the Wind Turbine' signs that have been put up along the highways and biways in the former Manvers Township in the past few weeks, and wondered why they are there. Manvers Township, which includes Pontypool and Bethany, is in a proposed industrial wind turbine study area. As local residents who will be affected greatly if the turbines are erected, we have a number of issues.
11 Dec 2009

Residents express concerns about NextEra plans for 12-turbine wind farm

About 100 people came to the Moorefield Community Centre on Dec. 2 to hear about the Conestogo Wind Farm Project proposed in northeast Maple­ton Township. ..."Most people in this room do not want these industrial turbines in their community," [Lorrie] Gillis said in an interview. According to her, 600 turbines operating in Ontario have led to about 100 surveys re­turned to WindVoice by nearby residents citing health problems. She said there are many more who "suffer in silence".
11 Dec 2009

Dozens ask council to back wind moratorium

There are no wind turbines in West Grey - yet. Dozens of people who packed a council meeting yesterday want to keep it that way. Backed by a petition with 177 signatures, spokesman Mike McMurray called on West Grey council to support a decision of by Grey County council last month. County councillors passed a motion Nov. 24 calling for a moratorium on wind energy development.
9 Dec 2009

Ontario isn't alone when it comes to turbine concerns

Robert Hornung from the Canadian Wind Energy Association claims it is quite conclusively demonstrated there is no causal link between sounds from turbines and human health. In fact, ...the combination of excessive noise and low frequency vibration emitted does appear to have significant adverse health effects on people and animals.
3 Dec 2009

Neighbours want Shear Wind turbine project grounded

The people living closest to the new wind farm at Browns Mountain near Merigomish want the project halted so wind energy can be studied more closely. If that doesn't happen, they want a guarantee of financial compensation if their property values plummet, the noise of 30 turbines affects their health, construction damages their water supply or the project involves any other negative effects. Such problems have occurred in other places, said a spokeswoman for the Eco Awareness Society.
29 Nov 2009

Bruce seeks wind turbine health study

Bruce County is calling on the province to study the health effects of wind turbines. "The province has stated that they are not going to do a health study. We're going to encourage them with a letter hoping that they will do an independent study for the health concerns that are out there now and possibly down the road," said Huron-Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan.
20 Nov 2009

MOE pledges ongoing research on turbines, health

Provincial plans to create a streamlined approval process for renewable energy projects have been met with a bevy of objections ...Officials tout it as a means of creating "green" jobs ...Many stakeholders, however, aren't entirely pleased with what's on the table. ...Perhaps the most significant hot-button issue is the 550-metre minimum separation between renewable energy projects and residences.
19 Nov 2009

Wind power regulations approved in 4-3 vote

Despite contentious debate last week over whether the town should open itself up to wind energy proposals at all, council decided in the end it was best to put the needed regulations in place instead of leaving the town without a strategy to guide a sector that is fast developing around the world. Coun. Margaret Tusz-King said the new wind power regulations, which were approved as part of Sackville's new zoning bylaw last Monday night, include "stringent limitations on how and where turbines will be erected."
19 Nov 2009

Wind power health effects queried by municipal group

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is asking Ottawa to fund more scientific research into the potential health effects of wind turbines. The organization has asked the government to focus on two areas: low-frequency noise and electrical disturbances from industrial-scale wind developments. The issue was raised in September by three municipalities from Ontario at a national board of directors meeting.
18 Nov 2009

Residents to meet with minister over wind farm

Six Digby Neck residents will visit Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau Wednesday in Halifax to ask a few questions about a planned wind turbine park. "We're trying to find out his reasoning for approving this turbine site in the first place," Evelyn Hayden said Monday. "We're just a group of concerned citizens that are trying to protect the health of everybody down here."
17 Nov 2009

No proven link exists between wind turbines, health problems

Selling their home isn't something Helen and Bruce Fraser wanted to do, but they felt they had no choice. They'd bought the County Road 17 Melancthon property from Bruce's father, included stonework from Helen's parents in the design of the house as they built it, and spent 32 years making it their home. ...They're one of six Dufferin property owners to sell their land to Canadian Hydro Developers (CHD), proponents of the Melancthon EcoPower Centre, the very same operation Fraser is convinced caused their health problems.
16 Nov 2009

Windmill debate continues to cause turbulence

Prince Edward County councillors and members of the public left the Nov. 10 special meeting over a new proposed windmill bylaw for the municipality at Shire Hall feeling impotent, bemoaning the unanswered questions. "In my opinion, the mark was missed. And in a lot of ways, it feels like we're beating a dead horse because, in the game of politics, the Ontario government trumps municipalities. And if the province doesn't want it, then the province isn't going to care what we have on paper," said Prince Edward County councillor Kevin Gale.
15 Nov 2009

Answers definitely not blowing in the wind

It was another restless night in a long string of interrupted sleep. Amaranth's Leo Mendonca didn't feel quite right, like something was wrong, but he didn't know what, or why. When he got out of bed, he was struck by a wave of nausea. ...Thinking some fresh air may do the trick, he headed out to the garden. There, he looked up and saw what he now believes is the source of his troubles ... an industrial-sized wind turbine about 600 metres away, and many more within sight.
12 Nov 2009
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