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Two farmers fight proposed wind farm

Two rural Ontario farmers are waging a legal battle against a group of energy companies responsible for a proposed wind farm, arguing that the large-scale project contravenes their constitutional right to safety and security.
14 Sep 2011

MacLeod would kill N. Gower wind farm proposal

Lisa MacLeod, the incumbent for the riding, told the Citizen editorial board that her stand was not only because of her constituents' adamant opposition to the project, but stemmed also from a fundamental objection to Liberal clean energy plan, which she claimed was contributing to high hydro rates in the province.
9 Sep 2011

Wind turbines churn rural votes

Schmidt says when she's at home she can't sleep, has migraines, feels dizzy and nauseous, and often vomits. She has come to the conclusion the only solution is to move, but asks: "Why should I have to leave home so big companies can make a lot of money?"
9 Sep 2011

Sierra Club questions ill effects of turbines

"If the municipalities had an opportunity to see that they were properly placed maybe the position of Arran-Elderslie council may change. If (Bennett) is indicating they are a good thing and there are lots of places in the provinces that want them then that would be a good place for them to go. The council of Arran-Elderslie is saying they are not welcome here."
2 Sep 2011

The fight over the future of renewable energy in Ontario

"The problem is, is that we actually have surplus electricity. We're giving away our electricity to our neighbours and at the same time we are going to be charging individual Ontarians for their own power at a higher rate than they had before." The turbo-charged subsidization of one sector can come at a cost to others, Miljan said, tying some of Europe's recent financial problems in part to "heavy" subsidization of green technology in certain countries.
1 Sep 2011

Opponents target lake wind station

Councillor Paul Ainslie will ask Mayor Rob Ford's executive committee to order hydro to tear down its anemometer, a fridge-size device that measures wind speed and direction from a platform about one kilometre off the Scarborough Bluffs. Ainslie, who represents the area, also wants the city to slap a moratorium on wind turbines in the lake.
30 Aug 2011

Wind farm south of Montreal scrapped

The wind farm near Saint-Valentin, 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal, would have had 25 turbines ...But the community was starkly divided over the proposal, with some residents supporting wind power while others, including the mayors of some local municipalities, organized an opposition group to protest the scheme.
20 Aug 2011

Panel denies couple's expert witness

A Wolfe Island couple experienced a setback Wednesday in a hearing to have their property assessment lowered because of nearby wind turbines. Ed and Gail Kenney had hoped to call John Harrison, a retired Queen's University physics teacher, as an expert witness to back their case.
18 Aug 2011

$4M suit filed against failed wind energy company

Entegrity entered the wind energy market at a promising time in 2002, when wind was emerging as a popular alternative to traditional energy sources. Entegrity sold small, 50-kilowatt wind turbines across North America ...It closed its doors two years ago, leaving $10 million in unpaid bills.
16 Aug 2011

Wind farm opposition stiffens

"At the very least," Mahood said, "we hope that it slows the development of these things down and gives time for the community to develop its own plan, its own made-in-Lambton-Shores strategy to deal with so-called renewable energy." Municipal councils in neighbouring Plympton-Wyoming and Dawn-Euphemia Township have also passed resolutions calling for a provincial moratorium and independent health study.
12 Aug 2011

Turbine agreement rejected

Grey Highlands council at its regular meeting on Monday, July 25 turned down a road use agreement for the Plateau Wind Project. In a 4-3 vote council defeated the agreement. The defeat of the agreement doesn't mean much in the long-term picture.
28 Jul 2011

Boone Pickens challenges Canada on green power law

"This clear favoritism disadvantaged Mesa, as well as other wind developers, and clearly violates the spirit, goals and objectives of the North American Free Trade Agreement," Robertson said. Mesa's filing also mentions the "buy local" requirements and challenges the "preferential treatment".
15 Jul 2011

Residents don't want wind

An open house hosted by Wpd Canada regarding its proposal to erect eight wind turbines just west of Stayner attracted several hundred people late Wednesday afternoon. The majority of those that attended the session were against the project.
14 Jul 2011

Group challenges wind farm approval

The group's application for a judicial review alleges numerous deficiencies in the government's environmental review process and its failure to address the cumulative effects of multiple industrial wind developments in the community. "The ministry is ignoring the effects on our health, safety.
8 Jul 2011

Wind turbine warfare intensifying

Current indications are that the Progressive Conservatives under Tim Hudak would oppose widespread development of more industrial wind farms, but the Liberals under now-Premier Dalton McGuinty would intend to stay the present course on Green energy.
7 Jul 2011

Halifax delays wind power decision

Halifax regional council put off a decision on wind turbines in rural and industrial areas Tuesday following a long public hearing. More than 20 people spoke out during the meeting at City Hall. Most of them were in favour of allowing turbines.
6 Jul 2011
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